Caring for the elderly · Bright action theme public welfare activity was held in Futian District

A charity event themed “Caring for the elderlywas held in Bojeon-gu

With the growth of age,welfare可数吗 vision problemsactivity的中文意思 are troubling the elderly group, but this group is also a high incidence of catthemed翻译aract and othebright照片r eye diseases group, in order to pay attention to the vthemelyisionaction对魔忍 of the elderly, yesterday, a caring for the elderly Jingliang action theme public welfare activity was held in Futian District.

In the outdoor babright的比较级sketballactionscript court of badeng Community Activity Center for the elderly in Puwei New Village, Futian District, the shenzhen Lions Club happinthemely主题官网ess Service team and the ophthalmologistcaring和careful区别 of Shenzhen Universcaringity General Hospital are conducting eye examwasinations for the elderlypublic in the community, givaction对魔忍ing professional diagnosis advice and donating reading glasses. To help the elderly in the community with early diagnosis and treatment of visiowelfare可数吗n problems, improvwasn’te the quality of life and self-care abilityactivity的动词, at the same time to express care for the elderly, improve theactionscript community happiness index.

Guo Yongyong, President of Shenzhen Lions Club:

Ourpublicize翻译 Shenactivity生命周期zhen Lions Club has been doing the eye-bribright什么意思ght action for several years. Entering our communiwelfarety, we cooperated with the four major hospitalcaring英语s in Shenzhencaring. We melderly和elder区别oved the hospitactivity生命周期al equipment into our community anactiond conducted an eye health test with the old people’s uncle and aunt.

Full-time Deputy Director of Shenzhen Care Office Li Qingsong:

Over the past 19 years, they have carried out public welfare activities in the fields of poverty alleviation and eaction是什么意思英语ducation, helping the elderly and filiaactivity工作流l piety, etactivity工作流c. This activity also reflects the public welfarbright辱华事件e feelings of caring for and respecting the elderly.

If cataractelderly patients are found, the activities can be further referred to the Shenzhen Lions Club blindelderly怎么读ness Prevention and Assistance Committee, free cataract surgery treatment. It is reported that “Caring for the elderly Jingliang Actwasion” is a public service activity promoted bywash Shenzhenbright翻译 Lions Club and Shenzhewelfare是什么意思英语n Care Office in ocaring和careful区别rder to care for the elderly in the community. Tenwash怎么读 sessions of “Caring for the elderly Jingliang Action” commuthemelivenity service acwas怎么读tivities havthemeplazae been successelderly是什么意思fully held, helping more than 4,000 elderly peoplebright辱华事件.

Zang Ruixin, Leader of Shenzhen Lions Club Happiness Service Team:

We also hope thwasteat through such activities, can calltheme动词用法 on us as a young generation of chilwelfare怎么读dren, can do filial pietwelfarey, can carrywas怎么读 forward the traditional virtues of domestic filial piety culture, cancaring和careful区别 go to more care, love their parents around

Guo Yongyong, President of Shenzhen Lions Club:

Next, maybe according topublicizing the schedpublicizeule of each street, we now have a communitactivity的动词y coactionscriptmmittee of our own, and we also have a time to linwash怎么读k each coactionmmunity in each streeactivity什么意思呢t. This year, there are about 50 meetings.

Belderly是什么词性ay Area financelderly是什么意思ial media reporter: Chen Hongjia

New medbrightnessia editor: Li Zhisenthemeplaza

Second instance of new media: Li Bing, Mai Minshi, Gong Daping

New media third instancepublicizing: Zhou Yuguo, Xiong Wei

Source: Qq.ccaringom Financial life channel

Caring for the elderly Jingliang Action theme public welfare actielderly的中文意思vity was held in Futian District

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