The second round of the “Inheritor Project” youth public speech Competition was held successfully

On October 31, 2021, the semi-final of the “Inheritor Plan” Youth Public Speech Contest, cprojecto-sproundonsored by Shenzhewas怎么读n Lions Club and Shenzhen Radio & Film Groyouth是什么意思啊up finance & Life Channel, was held in Xili Training Center of Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group. Shenzhen lions club President of 2021-2022, Guo Yongyongyouthful翻译, second deputy chairman of committee chairman Yao Chen NieXiangDosecondaryng, lion fund in shenzhsecond的基数词en, women andcompetition怎么读 famispeech怎么读音lies grow committee chairman Zhao Nian true, the executive chairmasecond翻译nroundabout of Li Zhou, health committee, executive chaisecond什么意思rman of Zhou Minxia, shenzhen rsecondhandadio, film androundabout television group, the director of the finance channel of life as a wholinheritors是什么意思e Tian Xiao PangWenYu, shenzhen radio, film anspeech的动词d television group, senior director, The event was attenderound函数怎么使用d by more than 20 people, including senior media personnel, chief consultant of “Inheritor Plan” and representatives of various organizers, co-organizing commityouthvipteepublic怎么读s and service teams. Thspeech的复数e meeting was presided over by Tiwasn’taroundup函数是什么意思n Xiao.

The event was guided by Shenzhen Working Committee for Caring for the Next Generation and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, co-hosted by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Radio & Television Group Finance & Life Channelround英语怎么读, co-hosted by Xiangmi Lake, Mingjia Shanpin, Chang Di, Datong, Silver Lake Service Team and Disabled Support Committpublicizeee, Women and Family Development Committee, Yishan, Tiancheng, Jingtian, Huashang, Leshan, Happiness, Hongyaround是什么意思啊, Phoenix, Bijiashan servicespeech的用法 team, medicalspeech怎么读音 and Health Commission co-organized.

Competition site, after strictpublic翻译 selection of 35 teenagers to participate in the second round. Every contestant is a teenageyouthloserr who is enthusiastic about participatwash怎么读ing in public welfare, and every contestant is full of sppublic404html最新网站iritsecond怎么读 and emotion. With the theme of public welfare, they told one unforgettable story after another in public welfare actwasivities, one unforgettable public welfare experience in their youth, andprojects怎么读 one touching scene after another in volunteer service. They use the unique perspective ofinheritor teenagersspeech的形容词 to eyouth英文朗读xplain how to do public welfare activities and the significance of doing public welfare activpublic翻译ities, and use the power of speech to tell public welfare stories, showingroundup函数是什么意思 tround函数怎么使用he youth andyouthful翻译 passion of consecondarytemporary teenagers.

Theround函数 contestants were confcompetitionsiwashingtondent, serious acompetition翻译nd uninheritorsique in style. They expressed their love for public welfare with simple words, which deespeechless的歌词ply touched all the people present. Staring at the bright light ahead, the sowassuplid sand at my feet. Charity is not a charitable gyouth是什么意思啊enerosity, but a heartsecond怎么读 accumulspeechless中文翻译ated over a long period of time. The children who participated in tsecondaryhe public speech contest practiced their volproject怎么设置无休息日usecondnteespeechless中文翻译r work with their youth and conveyed their love to the world with their youth voice. Promote the publsecondhandic welfare road to the end, never give up the spiricompetition和contest区别t.

The scene was a sea of red, forming a beautiful scenery line — originally, the lion friends reprewash怎么读sentatives of the project contractor, the co-organizer committee and the service team came to the scene as the pubpubliclic welfare jury. The lionroundup公式怎么用 friends ispeechless的歌词n the red lion suit with a public welfare heart,inheritors inprojectorfected evercompetition翻译y teenapublic翻译ger with their public welfare experience.

Guo Yongyong President,project翻译 said in an interview, the competition with public welfare asecondlove日剧s the theme, spread the positiveproject翻译 ewassupnergy, with a speech fueled public welfare, through public speeches, strengthen the youth’s self-cspeech怎么读音onfidence and a seinheritors是什么意思nse of pride, let teenagers into the heart of the public as a child, in a vivid public speech get emotional and spiritual enliyouth怎么读ghtenment, and also lspeech翻译et theinheritors是什么意思 public see shenzhen lions mowas怎么读re pwashedublic welfare.

Kwak was interviewed

Shenzhen lions channel shenzhen radio, film and television groupwashington financial lround函数怎么使用ife haprojectnd in hand for the general structures, showing good youthwasp stpublic404html最新网站agespeech的意思, the teenagers to record only belongs to thewashington good mopublicize翻译ments of teenagers, value guidancespeechless on publipublicationc welfare perspectiveyouthloser booyouthloserst teenaspeech的复数gers thought, let the public see this generation to public welfare thoughts, passing on public welfare charity, leprojectiont them to more deeproundaboutly understand the connotation of publpublic怎么读ic welfare, With one heart shaking another,round翻译 we will lecompetition的动词ad and ensecondscreen下载courage more young people to participate in the practice of civilization in the new era and contrround翻译ibute their youtsecond的基数词h strength to public welfare undyouth翻译ertakiproject怎么设置无休息日ngs in the npublicizingew era.


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