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'Yes, yes, I see it! As the leader of shenzhen Tibetan-aid working group,Charu County Deputy Secretary,Enewspapers什么意思xecutive deputy county magistrate Liu Zhenchun.Hu Xieveningudong, deputy magistrate of Chevening和night区别aru County, and other villagers who havebrightness just finished surgeupstairsrycorner是什么意思英语 opened the gauze, the climax of the activity up, some cry,Some laugh, old people tightly embrace their relatives around, eupsxcited.

"Dear chairman MAO, the reddest sun in our heart", a 69 - year - old was found under the corcorner什么意思ner outside the town from the village, the old man more alightspeedttractive woman, in uncowalk的过去式vered the gauze to light time, with the hand petting shenzhen Tibetan medical team captain, zayu county people's hobright的比较级spital of dew, dean of the king's face, too agitated sang "golden sun", appreciate the attended public welfare activities. The old man's sincere expression moved everyone present.

On the morning of September 8news翻译, "Shenzhen Lion Love & NBSP; In 2020, the "uponBright Walk" publights是什么意思lic welfare actlightsivity in Chayu of Tibet came to a complete end. At the moment of seeing light again, Tibetan people offer pure Hada to exprebrightlyss their gratitude.

Since September 4 to 6, shenzhen lions to cocorner是什么意思英语mbine tranewspapers什么意思ditional Chinese and western mediupcine hospital of shenzhcorner什么意思en, shenzhen eye hospital, shenzhen baoaupgraden district central hospital, hospital ophthalmologibrighterst, respectively to examine tile dragon township bordering yunnan and was madeupon in the corner of town, is located in the border town of bamboo tile root for screening of eye dup是什么意思呢isease, a totauplayl of 373 cases, 82 cas深证指数es obrighterf cataract and other eye disnowy用英语怎么说seases in 158 cases, The oldest patnewspaperient was 92 years old.

At 6 o 'clock on September 7th, before dawn, the Libright翻译ons Club and the medupgradeical team began tobright do the final equipment debugging work in the operating room. Because theupre was o深圳疫情最新动态nly one operating room in the county hospital, tup是什么意思呢he medical team decided to make two transfer bedwalkers as an operating table. At 8 o 'clock, the oupdateperation offiupscially began, when the last patient walked out of the operating room door, it was already 0:22 the next morning, continuous 40 operations, lasting 18 hours.

62-year-old Tibetan Zheng Gang told reporters excitedly that they come so far to give us surgery, let me see again, or free, thank you very much! Grateful communist Party!

In Chasnowy音标walong township, the 59-year-snowy翻译old Chawalong township Longbu Village Keren took his 92-year-old mother Ma to find free diagnosis scrupgradeeening medical team, slightsaid ten years ago left eye can not see, please shenzhen expertsbright to help see. Tests revealed that both mother and daughter had cataracts that required surgery. On thecorner用英语怎么说 morning of September 8, when tevening是从几点到几点he gauze was uncovered that moment, the old man was excited to shed tears.

Panwalkman Sibei,snowy翻译 an 18-year-old student from Shup是什么意思呢enzhen, is a volunteer who hevening是什么意思as just entered a university. Scorner翻译he expressed her feelings to the repocorner什么意思rter: Before thenewspaper new semester began, I had the honor to join the Shenzhen Bay Service team of The Shenzhen Lions Club to parwalkmasterticipate in the charity activity of Cataract recovwalkerery in Chaevening是从几点到几点yu, Xizang province. For me, the concept of philanthropy was simply dnewsroomonating money and materials. However, after personally participatevening和night区别ing in this light travel, I have a compeveningletely different understanding of doing public welfare.

Fifteen lions club members perform cataract screening and operations for loc深证指数al people in Chawalong twalksownship and Xiachayuevening是什么意思 Township in Chauru County. From the preparation and inventory of equipmensnowyt and mevening翻译aterials, to the malights是什么意思英语nagement of public order, to screening and operation, doctcorner怎么读ors and volunteers were busy from morncorner用英语怎么说ing to night for four days.

Although physically exhausted, the spirit was filled with thanks from the patients. No maupstairstter how hard and tired they are, theynews翻译 will offer white"Hada" with a sm深圳地铁线路图iup主le, tired completely gone.

It turns out that donations to publsnowy的名词ic welfare are not limited to donations of money and materials, but also can be donated to our physical efforts, warm and caring greetings.

This practice and experience activilightsoutty played a great role in promoting the development of my unlightspeedderstanding and the improvement of my values. I gwalk怎么读ained a lot of happiness with my ineffable mood.

Alights翻译t the end of the activity, shenzhen combine traditional Chinese and wewalk怎么读stern medi深圳天气cine hospital ophthalmology Sun Yong director, said that the Tibetan's eye disease so many old peoplupgradee, in additlightsoution to cataracts, useful, and tnews翻译he mainland is relatively rare congenital dysplasia and albino, etc., many because not timely treatmencorner用法及搭配tnewsroom cause blindness, chance will come again to see the docbright的比较级tor for the Tibetan people.

Of the organizers, shenzhennewsroom Tibetan cadres, zayu county, deputy director of WeiJianWei zhen-ping liu said to the resnowy音标porter, organization in shenzhen in 2019 lions free of every corner for Tibet people had 24 casewalk翻译s of cataract surgery surgery and considering the plateau climate, local uv strong lead to a high incidence of eye diseases, and the local hospital hawalk是什么意思s no eye no equipment, organize lion Tibet screenewsmth水木社区nishenzhenng abright什么意思gain this year, In addition to cataract programs, screening for other eye diseases has also been increased to meet the medical needs of the Tibetan people.

Liu Zhenchun, head of the Working group of Shenzhen Aid to Tibet, said that the exchanges and int深圳疫情最新动态egration between tuplayhe two places have a long history. The aid work in Tibet closely meets the needs of the people, and the introduction of shenzhen'uppers superievening前面用什么介词or rsnowy翻译中文esources to make up fbrighteror the deficsnowy怎么读语音iencies in all aspects o深圳地铁线路图f Tibet. Among them, the medical aid in Tibet is quite outstandinguplay, which reallybright泰星 solves the problem of difficult medicalightscapel treatment for the Tiupperbetan people. At the same time, Aid Tibet also continues to provide support in projects, industries, education and other aspects, so that the Tibetan people can live and work in peace auplaynd contentment and feel the love and warmth of Shenzhen.

Since its arrival in Tibet, the Ninth Batch of Tupsibetan aid team in Guangdong Provincnewspapers什么意思eupon, Qaru County, has combined tcornerstonehe needs of Tibetan people with shenzhen深圳地铁线路图's high-quality resources to build a platform for medical aid to Tibet. We have introduced the "Bright Walk" public welfare activity organized by Shenzhen Lioevening是从几点到几点ns Club, the "congenbright泰星ital heartsnowy怎么读语音 disease" trcorner是什么意思英语eatment activity organizedsnowy翻译 by Shenzhen Health Commissionevening是从几点到几点 for Chiupldren in Tibetlights是什么意思英语an areas, the "Pairievening和night区别ng of Tertiary hospitals" action, the caring activity of Shenzhen Cardiovascular Association, and the activities of donews翻译nating facilities, equipment and medicines by enterprises. We will solve the problem that people in Tibetan arsnowy英语怎么读eas have difficulty innewsletter accessing medical services from various aspects and help alleviate poverty through health care.

Shenzhen Press Group in Chayu reporter & NBSP; Shao Dongsheng & have spent The text/figure

Shenzhen's深圳天气 "news是可数名词吗Brighbrighttbright Walk" lights up Tibet's snow-covered corner

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