Caring for Sanitation Workers caring for left-behind children — Shenzhen Lions Club charity donation activity was successfully held

The morning of July 16, 2019, by the shenzhen urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau with beautiful shenzhen public foundation of joint in thecaring是什么意思 fourlions是什么意思th quarter “love sanitation workers Attention leftbehind chilleft反义词dren “was launched in the lianhua mountain square, 730 sanitation” migratory birds “was invited to come to shenzhen, together with parents, o深圳地铁线路图pened up a warm, happy acaring是什么意思英语nd wonderful Penworkers怎么读gCheng trip. Each left-behind child who meets the funding requirements will be given a grant of 2,000 yuan, and these left-behind children will be organized tclubmed官网预订o travel to Lianhuashan Park and Shenzhen Ocean World for free. Thlions翻译is activity, a total of 800,000 yuan was collected, including sevelions怎么读n servleft是什么意思ice teams donated 200,000 yuan by the Shenzhen Lions Clubehind的反义词是b and Tai ‘an, Yantian, Bougainvcaring和careful区别illea, Xin ‘an, Songgang, Datong and so on.

“Care for sanitation workers. The “Care for Left-behind Children” campaign aimcaring英语s to care for the families of sanitation workers and pay attention to the education and growth ofclub用英语怎么说 thechildren翻译ir children. We hope tlionshat through this project, wecaring can help reduce the educational burden ofbehind音标 sabehind的对应词nitation workers’ families and encourage the children of sanitation workers to study hard, bechildren是什么意思 positive and contributechildren音标 to the society.

On the same day, the left-behilions翻译中文nd children visited Lianhuashan Park and Shenzhen Ocean World. On the lianhua Mountworkers的中文意思ain peak Square, children can overlook the high-rise central district of Shenzhen, enjoying a panoramic view ofclub怎么读 tleft是什么意思hcaring翻译e bustling urban landscape, which is beyond their imagination. In the ocean world, dazzling Marine fish, wonderful and interesting dochildren是单数还是复数lphin and sea lion performances, etclubman是什么牌子车c., closely attracted the eyes of children, from time to time came the sound of praise.

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Shenzhen Lions Clubchildren英语怎么说Guolion是什么意思 Yongyon深圳g, the second vice president of the Clu深证指数b for 2019-2020, said in an interview that such public welfare activities are very mchildren后面加is还是areeaningful. Shenzhen Lions Club has long been committed to cariclub怎么读nclubg for sanitation workers and left-bclubmed官网预订ehind children. Sanitation workers are “urban beauticians” who work hard to create a clean and beautiful urban environment. He paid tribute to all the sanitation workers and thanked them for their contribution t深圳大学o the construction of shenzhen cityWe also call on people to pay more attentshenzhenion to “urban beauticians” and respect their fruits of labor.

Shenzhen Lions ClubGuo Yongyong, the second Vice Presidclub翻译ent of 2019-2020; Du Peng, the chief of the picket; Cui Weworkers怎么读iying, the chairman of the First Zone; Jiang Zhaopeng, the captain of the Tai ‘an Service Team; and Yantian Sworker是什么意思erviceTeam leader Zhang Hanning, Songgang service team leader Lai Cuiping, Xin ‘an service team leadlions是什么意思er Wu Zhijian, Riverside service team leader Jiang Hua, former team leader Guo Tong and representativ深圳es of lion friends particworker是什么意思英语ipated in the activity.


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[Photo] Du peng

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[Issued] Shenzhlions翻译中文en Lions Club Office

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