Shihu Shenzhen Bay – See rubbish the sixth activity was carried out smoothly

On May 19, 2019, the sixth litter activity organized by shenzhen Lions Club’s 2018-2019 Environmental Service Committ拔牙多少钱ee was held巴彦淖尔天气 at Shenzhen Bay Park. A total of 10 groups of families signed up for the event, distributed in different areas for service, and collecwaspted a total of 50 kilograms of garbage.

During the activity, many parents and their children participated together to enhance parent-child relshihuationship. By walking 2.5km twashedo pick up gashenzhenrbage, more people were influenced to participate in environrubbish的意思mental protection and public welfare activities, wh拔牙多少钱ich greatly promoted the concesixthtonept of environmental protection. Group sharing after the hike, lsixth的基数词et each participant deepen the imsixthtonepression of the activity; Finally, the enviwasteronmental protection project “Fiddler Crab knowledge”, environmental protection pubwaslic weactivity什么意思呢lfare action, environmental protection knowledge.

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Teseenn grouprubbish怎么读英语s of families picked up garbasee的过去式ge on foot in the rocky seaside area, pedestrian road and green belt respectively. Led by lion friends and little lions, the whole team fully displayed the spirit of unity and cooperation, not afraid of dirty and tired. Along the way, passers-by stopped to watch and gave thumbs up praise, some passers-by asked the Lions Club,sixth是什么意思 some passers-by picked up the garbage at hand and packed it, and some pcarried one深圳地铁线路图oplwashingtone joine巴彦淖尔天气dsixth翻译 in the procession of picking up garbage on foot.

Little lions are passionate and discerning. Cigarette bactivity的动词ut释怀ts, large plastic strips and all kinds of plastic products, no matter how hidden garbage, can not escape their hands. Leo cubs are highly motivaactivity翻译ted and focused. The father and mother are working together to pick up litter in the park, setting a great example for their babies.

This activity not onseenly through the form of picking up ga深圳疫情rbage, to promote the public tosixth是什么意思 take care of the environment, fro深圳天气m the concept of environmental protection, but also to teach the pacarried awayrticipants natural knowledge, environmental protection knowl八一中文网edge,释怀 srubbish是可数还是不可数名词o that the participants beseemtter understand nature, lovesixth的基数词 nature, so as to strengthen the aware石灰吟ness of environmentactivity翻译al protection.

The hot weather and sweats didn’t deter the cubs from their enthusiasm. Before the end of the activity, the liwassupon friends arrived at the end of the activcarried怎么读ity with bags of rich “achievements”, sat around to share today’s harvescarried怎么读t, joy, perception, but also put forward a lot of constructive suggestions to the activity. We all agreed that this activity was of extraordinary significance, and believed that as long as everyone put their ow石灰石n efforts into it, pooled their wisdom and efforts to see the “garbage”, the activity would be better and better, creating more and more influence and driving mor是祸躲不过e caring people to join in. Lift a finger, start from the small things around, for the children to instill t拔牙后注意事项he right world view of “do not take evil as small, do not take good as small”, together torubbish怎么读英语 create a common beautiful environmenwassupt.

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Wansixthg Bo, chairman of the 2018sixth翻译-201rubbish怎么读英语9 Environment Committee o石斛的功效与作用f Lions Club shwashingtonenactivity复数zhen, Zeng Meixiang, Sun Jia and Liang Yidong, members鲅鱼 of the woseeminglyrking group, and representatives of Lion Friends from Blue Sky and Songgang service team attended the event.


Article/Grui & NBSP;   Photo/八一影院下载安装Wang Bo,拔牙多少钱一颗 Zeng Meixiang深圳市最新疫情, Liang Yidong

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