In the face of the earthquake, the Shenzhen Lions Club reacted quickly


      May 12, 14 o ‘clock, Sichuan Wenchuan 7.8 earthquake, severe disaster, heavy losfacebook下载ses. The Lions Club of Shenzhen launched an emergency rescue mechanism and issued a proposal to the lion friends to help the earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan Province, calling on them to take actiearthquake什么意思ve action and participate in disaster relief activities.

In the face of the earthquake, the Shenzhen Lions Club reacted quickly news 图1张

      Each district and service team of Shenzhen Lioreacted是什么意思ns Club has started to take aclub用英语怎么说creacted是什么意思tion. On the evening of 13th, Mr. Wang Shao-ming, chairman of the third district, convenedfaceu an emergency meeting with the chairmen of the three sub-disfaceapptricts, the prelionsside深圳市最新疫情nts of the nine service teams and the presidents designate to disfacetimecuss the fund-raising activities for the quake-hit areas. Mr Anthony Cheung willlionsarebig英语怎么读 also be present at the ceremony.

      Li Yuehua, prereached怎么读sident of the C深证指数entral Service Team, also actively contacted the offilionsgatecial office of Sichuan Provinc深圳天气e in Shenzhen toreacted翻译 discuss joinreacted翻译t activities to help people rebuild treacted翻译heirquickly的形容词 homes.

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&nearthquake前面加a还是anbsp;   &nreached是什么意思英语bsp;   &quickly是什么意思nbsp;             &nbreactedsp; &nbspreached同义词;                                                                     &nbreached outsp;           &nbsp深圳天气;             &quickly的比较级nbsp;       &nbspreached什么意思;                     May 13, 2008

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