Lions Club charity gala raised 6.55 million yuan (source: Shenzhen Evening News, Dec 22, 2014, A17)

 Lions Gala raised $6.55 million 
        Sgalahenzhen Evening News (lions翻译中文reporlionsgateter CAI Zhijun) December 14 evening, & LDquo; Cheers for love. The 2015 Lions New Year Charity gala was held in Futian Shangri-La Hotel, raising a total of 6,548,75 yuan.

        Disablcharity形容词ed persons’ fedlionsgateeration, vice director of shenzhen Huangala选手g Chunbin, Song Rmillionaireui, jose homotopy, deputy director of the municipal civilization office, work with the secretary-general tao, city care Chen Li, deputy director of the ofraisedfice full-time international lion jintai international director oraised什么意思f Britain before the meeting, before the appointed directorlions是什么意思 Fan Zuohao, domestic lion federation vice-cha缘之空irman Su Zeran, chiclub是什么酒ef financial officer XiaoXingPing, shenzhen lions Lin Ziyu, the head of 2014 ~ 2015), More than 600 lion friends from Guangdong, Shasource命令anxi, Sgala选手henzhen, Beijing and other places attended the feast. The party is ex圆通快递查询单号clusively sponsored by Domestic Home Furnishraise的过去式ing Co., LTD., which donated 5club是什么意思00,000 yuan to the party and the Lion Forest project.

      &galanz是什么牌子nbsp; A total of 48 items, incgalanz是什么牌子luding painting and calligraphy works, wood carvings and porcelain, were docharitynated by lion friends and social caring people without reserve price. A total of 2.39 million yuan was raised, all of which will be used for the charity service projects of Shenzhen Lions Club. At the same time, Yitian, Main hui, shangbu service team won the eveningalaxyg auction service team of the filion是什么意思中文翻译rst three, Ticharity翻译an Xicharity怎么读ngwang with 250,000 yuan wilion是什么意思ll auction items & LDquo; Thangka & throughout; The winner of the highest single bid of the night. The highest individual auctionsource是什么意思 total of the night. Mr. Charity & RDquo; Wu Zewei & LDquo; Lady Charity & RDquo; Zhao Xiuzhong was awarded & LDquo; Charity Stgalaxy什么意思ar & RDquo; The cup.

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