Shenzhen Lions Club went to Dujiaping township to carry out educational activities

Shenzhen Lions Club went to Dujiaping township to carry out educational activities news picture1Zhang

Rednet moment Huaihua on November 19 news(the correspondent QuLian mei) on November 19, lions checkpoint service from shenzhen to Du Jiaping township student and poor students sympathy activitieeducational翻译s, such as printer, computer detownship安卓版下载sks and chairs and learning supplies and cash donations amounted to about $160000, for private capital to enter Du Jiaping township example for tclub用英语怎么说he pucarry的过去式过去分词blic education, boost rural revitalization.

Du Jiaping nine sceducational和educative的区别hools in recent years, under the cor文天祥rect leadership of superior departments, adhere to tlionsgatehe people-oriented, inside strong quality, outsclubide tree image, the schoolclub怎么读 each work steadily improved, but the lack of teaching equipment,深圳地铁线路图 old and aging is difficult for thetownship破解版 students and families becout什么意思ome botcarrytleneck to ttownship翻译he further development of the school, th温铁军erefore township official has been cocarry的过去式mmitted to acclubmantively strive for the social from all walks of life to问题 nine schools of education s温铁军upport and help.

Shenzhen lion is a new type of service organization of charity, adhere to the “independent will, independent operation, adhere to the purpose, to fo深圳疫情最新动态llow theclubman是什么牌子车 law,” the guidoutlookelines, in medical and health car杜家坪e, student aid, poverty al温庭筠leviation, disaster relief reconstruction, such as community service in various fields to carrlions英语怎么读y out a series of social service activiwent怎么读ties of charity, made a positive contribution to the construction of a harmonious society.

At the donation activity, Zhang Renchao, secretary of the Party Committee, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the xiangmcarry是什么意思ihu Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club for th问题的英文eir enthusiasm for public welfare, willingness to help others and selfless dedication. He asked the students of The ninth School to “repay the kinclub怎么读dness of dripping water with the help of yongquan”, and to work hard and learn something, in order to repay the kindnlionsess of Shenzhen Lions Clion是什么意思中文翻译lub.

As the saying goes, “Roses in your hands are sweet.” The charity of xiangmihu Secarry的过去式过去分词rvice team will promclub是什么意思ote the further development of Dujiaping深圳市最新疫情 education and light a beacon of hope for the poor sclub是什么意思tudents in the mountainous area.

Shenzhen Lions Club went to Dujiaping Township to carry out educationoutstandingal activities

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