The second district affairs meeting of lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully in 2014-2015

  Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015
The second District Council was held successfully
   &nwashbsp;     On the afternoon of November 29, 2014, the second district affairs meeting of 2014-2015 was successfully held in the office of Shenzhen Lions Club. The meeting was attended bylions Lclub用英语怎么说in Ziyu, president of lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015, Lin Tao, First Vice Prheld是hold的什么形式esident, Shi Jianyong, second vice President, Secresecondarytary Generadistrict翻译l Zeng Shiyangclub and oheld中文ther board members, chairmen and executive chairmen of specheld的中文意思ial committees, presimeeting翻译dents of swassupervice teams, secretaries and accountants. The meelions翻译ting was presided over by Zhang Zhih深圳天气e深圳地铁线路图, president of the Conference.
        At the mwasteeeting, Lin Zi深圳天气yu, president of the Committee, made a report on the standard management, committee work, member development, service acti深圳天气vities, training, external exc深圳疫情最新动态hanges and other aspects. Lin Ziyu said that as of November 26, shenzhen Lions Club has paid 3was,807 members, including 2,795 old membeheld是hold的什么形式rs and 1,012 new members. The net growth rate of membership iheld的中文意思s 27.67% and the loss rate is 4.63%. Many figures are the best results since theclub怎么读 club was founded in 2002.
  &nmeetingsbsp;   The first vice President Lin Tao reported the development and retention of members. 20. Completion ceremony of ya ‘an Post-dlions翻译isaster reconstruction projectshenzhen and commendation decision of the second stage of membership development and retention; Shi Jianyong, the second vice president, briefed on the prclubseparation of the community themed Service month and the federation captadistrict词根in forum to be held in December.was是什么意思 Secretarsecondlove日剧y General Zeng Shiylions是什么意思ang briefed on publisecond怎么读city and foreign affairs; Zhan深圳疫情g Hongxiang, chairman of the first memdistrict词根ber Management Committee, briefelion是什么意思中文翻译d the situation of the abnormal service team and the recmeetingtencentcoment work of the membership working group; Yu Qian, chclubman是什么牌子车ilions怎么读ef Financial Officer, reported the preparation of the New Year charity party, the collwash怎么读ectiowash怎么读n of membership dues and the ussecondscreen下载e of funds forsecond什么意思 yunnan Ludian Project. Executwasteive Deputy Secretary-General Gao Zhou annomeetingsunced the system revision and moclubmed官网预订bilization of pledges. The lion pridistrict翻译ze & throughout; And other matters; Zhao Hua, chairman of the Low vision Project Committee, briefed the rsecond缩写ecent developments of the low vision project.
      Lin Ziyu, president owasn’tf the Company, expressed herheld怎么读的 gratitude to the lion friends who took time out of thmeeting是什么意思中文翻译eir busy schedule to attend the meeting. All the work in this year has achieved good results, and sclub翻译he especially thanked the lion friends who have made great efforts. Subsequently, Lin Ziyheld的原型u together with other leading lion friclubmanends, in order to obtain & LDquo; Passsecondarying on love ” Lion frienheld的意思是什么ds of the Member Developmemeetingyou是什么意思nt Excellence Award an深圳风险等级d the Member Retention Excellence Award presented the MEDALS and posed for photographs.

By Lin Wenjie & NBSPwas是什么意思;   Photo/Lin Zeyun

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