100,000 public welfare fund reward! Yang Yuying as “Heritage Ambassador” to raise the public interest youth boom

On November 18, by the shenzhen municipal working committee for the care of the next generation, disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen, shenzhen lions with shenzhen radio, film and television group fifundnaheritage可数吗ncial lif央视发文祝贺edg夺冠e chfundsanpublic404html乱nheritageel “plan on” child activities hosted by the “public welfare, is the YOUNG 2021 annual” youth public speech contest “finals and award ceremony was held in radio and television group,heritage的意思 800 studio. Thfundingirteen teenagers from hundrefundds of applicants competed in the finals to make their voices heard for the public good.

Different from other public speaking competitions, “Charity, This YOUNG” fully encouragedheritage怎么记忆 contestants to “practice charifundraiserty” and encouraged children杨颖 to express their sincere feelings about char样组词ity. Thirteen teenagers stood out from hundreds of applicants and made tfundamental翻译heir voices hearfundedd in the final. During thereward是什么意思 two-hour competition鱼英语, from vo育婴师证怎么考需要什么条件lunteer service to respecting the elderly and helping the disabled, from anti-bullying on campus to teaching in rural villages, the participants presented diverse and warm public welfare themes, which conveyed thheritagee attitupublicize翻译de of “Kindness is small, but doing is good”. In the end, the first, second and third prize winners will receive 100,000 yuan of public welfare fund provided by the organizer, and help realize public welfare wishes and pass on public charity.

On the day of the event, famous singer Yang Yuying, as the “inhfundamentallyeritance Ambassador”, recorded a VCR for the teenagers. She told them that public welfare is more than one sharing and one service, and encouraged the teenagers to pass on public welfare in the future.

The paper Plane Project, a member of Harvard University’s Innovation Lab, also released a handbook on Adolescent Mental Health at the event, providing a two-way mutual help for non-professional health workers to guide adolescent mental health. As a link to build an effective connection between teenagers, families and srewardsociety under the Inhfundamentallyeritor Plan, the杨鸣 youth mipublicnd class “Healtfundamental翻译h, This YOUNG” will jointly carry out a series of activities with Shenzhen Customs Commission, Tencent Growth guard platform and “Paper Plan阳的笔顺e Plan” to escort the meheritage的意思ntal health of teenagers.

Through various forms such as “public welfare + speech”, “public welfare + practice”, “public welfare + classroom” and “public welfare + health”, the “Inheritor Project” has created a young development model of public welfareheritage英语怎么读, which has changed fheritage怎么记忆rom a simple ceremony driven by goodwill in the pastreward用法 to an attractive lifestyle in itself. As the organizer of this event, Shenzhen Finance & Life Cwelfare是什么意思英语hannel has always taken public welfare as an important matter, and i阳的笔顺t ispublic404html最新网站 an obligatory responsibility toheritage可数吗 care foreward是什么意思r the next generation. Guo Yongyong, president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2021-2022, said that he hope育婴师d to build a more diversfundingified, t杨幂hree-dimensional and YOUNG industry atmosphere for public welfare from YOUNG people, and ufundamental翻译se the youngest “Shenzhen powefundamentallyr” to run the “Shenzhen speed” of public welfare undertakings in Chi央视发文祝贺edg夺冠na.

Writing: Nandu reporter Zhang Xinyi

Editor: Dai Yue

[Source: Southern Metropolis Daily client]

Original link: 100,000 public welfare fund reward! Yang Yuying as “Heritage Ambassador” to raise the public interest youth boom

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