The launching ceremony of “National Myopia Prevention and Control Campus Public Service Tour & Campus Warmth Project” was successfully held in 10 schools

The launching ceremony of “National Myopia Prevention and Control Campus Public Service Tour & Campus Warmth Project” was successfullservice是什么故障灯y held inmyopia翻译 10 schools

On March 15, 2017, the launching ceremony of “National Myopia Prevention andnationalities Control Campus Public Service Tour and Campus Warm Pmyopia翻译roject Service” was successfully heldcontrol的过去式和过去分词 in Bantian School affiliated to Shenzhen Uninational怎么读versity Teachers College in Longgang District. The event was jointly organized by Shenzhencontrols Lions Club, The Fitness Center of the Working Committee of Cnational怎么读aring for the Next Generation in China and Lceremony怎么读onggang Education Bureauservice是什么意思中文翻译, bantian School affiliated to Shenzhen Unnational是什么意思iversity Teachers College, Huaxia Eye Hospital and six service teams of Shenzhen Lions Cluceremony的音标b, including Oriental Rose, Bright Pupil, Xiaotong,myopia Main club, Fenghuang and Pingdi. 6 service teams incluservice是什么意思ding Shecampusno1kou, Blue Sky, Jceremony翻译ingtpublic翻译ian, Yantian, Diwangnational空调 and Charity Collection.

Han Garden, standing Cpublicommittee member of Longgang District people’s Congress, Li Xiang, Director of Health Center of Domestic Working Committee for Caring for The Nexservice和serve的区别t Generation, Chen Zhangpeng, Director of Officontrolledce of Party Working Committee of Longgang District Education Bureau, Zhang Ruibo, health tpublicationeaching and Research member of Longgang Distcontrollingrict Education Bureau, Wu Yinghu, projeccontrol什么意思t member of Health Center Project Committee, Deep normal college sakata affiliated school prservicebioincipal deputy pricampusesncipal jin-hu wang li-xin feng, as well ascontrol歌曲 the “national myopia pr栾城evention and control public campus line” 10 representatives of public welfare pilot school, shenzhen liopublic404html最新网站ns ShiJianYong, the head of 2016-2017, tcontrol的过去式和过去分词he secretary-general Zeng Shi, chief financial officer Ma Min, the second partition,public404html最新网站 community service commi栾城ttee chairman, chairman of tpublic404html乱he generation of the macro, the 32nd district chairman Peng Damyopia怎么读ojcampus是什么意思ian, Director Zhang Shijun, Chairman Du Juan of low Vision Prceremony的名词oject Committee, Executive Chairman Hcontrolleduang Lisheng of Commpublic404html最新网站unity Servcampus读音ice Committee and representativeceremony用什么介词s of var栾城区合并村规划图ious service teams, teachers and spublicize翻译tudents of Bantian School affiliated to Shenzhenceremony和celebration的区别 University Teachers College in Longgang District nearly 200 people attended the event. The ceremony was presided over by Dai Jihong.

Vice President Wang Jinhu extended a warm welcome to the leaders. He sincerely thacampus读音nked the Shenzhen Lions Club and the Domestic Workservicemaning Committee for Caring for tservice和serve的区别he Nenational祝庆xt Generation for their attention to the problem of youth myopia, and called on all students to make progress and repay the cserviceare of the society wicampus是什么意思th practical actions.

Laceremony是什么意思ter, represecontrol键是哪一个ntatives of lion friends came to thecampus是什么意思 stage to read theceremony怎么读 “National Mserviceyopia prevention and control campus public welfare walservicebiok” initiative, calling on the whole society to join the action of campus myopia prevention and control. Director Li Xiang and President Shi Jianyong awarded六安城南疫情 lpublicicenses to 10 pilot schools of myopia prevention and control in Longgang District. Director Chen Zhangpeng presented the flag to the Health Center of the Working Committee of Caring for the Next Generatcontrolledion, the Lions Club of Shenzhen, the Low vision Project Committee of the Lions Clulaunchingb of Shenzhen and the Community Service Commpublicizingittee of Shenzhen respectively.

Han Gar乱成语den standing Committee, Director Li Xiang, President Shi Jianyoncontrol歌曲g, President Du Juan respectively delivcontrollableered a speech. Presidcampus翻译ent Shi jianyong expressed his heartfeltnational是什么意思 thanks to the teachers and students of the schoolprevention who stronmyopiagly supported this acservice是什么故障灯tivity, and praised the sercampus读音vice team, the Low vision Project Committee and the community Service Coceremony复数形式mmittee for their selfless dedication and generosity. He said the worsening myopia among young people has become a social issue ofceremony是什么意思 concern to the whole society. Stronnationalitiesg youth is strong in China. It has become a top priority to alleviservice是什么意思ate the problem of myopia among teenagers and make them grow up more smoothly. In order to help more children improve their eyesight, the charity activity greatly expanded the scope of donatiocampus复数n, and promoted the dynamic visicontrollableonceremony造句 monitoring APP for students in 10 pilot schools to help parents observe their children’s eyesight at any time. To donate 1,300 to 2,000 pairs栾城区合并村规划图 of reading and writing goggles forceremony的名词 myopia prevention to each school, which can be applied by students whomyopia need vision improvement; Donate a health lighting rooceremony的名词m for each school’s graduating class. He wiscampus本子hed all the children to develop a good habit of using their eyes, learn something and be positivpublic翻译e. He hoped that the Shenzhen Lions Club acampus造句nd the Working Committee of Caring for the Next Generation would open a new chapter of campusmyopia翻译 publcampus是什么意思ic welfare work together.

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] MAO Xia

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzpublicizinghen Lions Club Office

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