The charity organization once again entered jiuwei community care and sympathy for the elderly and disabled

The charity organization once again entered jiuwei community care and sympathy for the eld九尾之夜我一拳打爆尾兽玉erly and disabled

Source: Hong Kong Commercommunity英语cial Daily


[Hong Kong Commercial Daily] On October 13, it was organized by Shenzhen Lions Club and Jiuwei Community Party Committee of Hangcheng Street, Bao 'an Districcommunityt, shenzorganization和organisation区别hen. It was jointly organized by Shenzhen Lions Club Zhcommunity是什么意思engdao Service Team, Lion Love Football Service team, Handin Hand Serviceagainmylife team, J九尾狐传inxiu Service team and Shenzhen Qiaoyuan Association, and co-organized by various caring enterprises andonce英语怎么读 associations. Sponsored by Fang United Health Management Technologycaregiver (Shenzhenagain是什么意思译) Co., LTD., tonce英语怎么读he large-scale care and condolence activity of respecting the elderly and helping the disabled in Jiuwei communcareity was successfully held in Jiuwei Commusympathy和empathynity Square, Hangcheonce电影ng Street, Bao 'an District. Thagainst的用法e theme of this activity is "We all grow old, we all respect the elderly". This is the tcaregiverhsympathy的形容词ird time that Shenzhen Lions Club has walked into jiuwei community for caring and caring九味羌活丸 for tcommunity collegehe elderly and disabled. This activity is the largest in scale, tonce引导什么状语从句he largest number of beneficiaronce引导什么状语从句ies, the highest service funds, the most donations, thentered怎么读e most units and individuals invcharity怎么读olved in the love, the most service personnel, a record of many! A total of 300 elderly and disabled people doagainst的反义词nated nearly 100,000 YUAN (RMB) of praagainmylifectical materials such as standing medicineagainmylifes, blood pressure monitors, health care products and daily necessities. The total expenditure of service funds is more than 74000 yuan; Nearly 400 people aged over 60 and disabled were provided with health consultation, free physical examination and screening for diaborganizationallyetes ancharity的内涵意义d hypertension. On the scene, more than 20 disabled artists from the DISABLED Persons' Federation of Calligraphy and Pacharity和love区别inting Association set up a "Collection of Love" -- Disabled people'九尾狐图片s Callorganization动词形式igraphy and Painting Love Markecharity-mindedt, and helped disabled artistagain怎么读s to collect more than 4,000 yuan from the charity salcommunitye. More than 40 actors and actresses performed for the elderly andorganization动词形式 the disabled. (Gao Ling, Fang Xiaorong, Deng Xiangfei, Qiu Hongying)

[Editor in Charge: Intern]

The charity organization onconce againe agaisympathy是什么意思njiuwei entered theonce upon a time Jiuwei community to respect the elderly and help the disabled care and condolence

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