The special School red Song show for the elderly was held in Shenzhen

The special School red Song show for the elderly was held in Shenzhen

Edition: A12 Source: Crystal & NBSwaspP; &nbsp深圳疫情最新动态;     October 22, 2018

Crystal News (reporter Li Xiaodan) On the morning owasn’tf October 20th, the special School Re宋祖儿d Song Show forshow the elderly was held in Lang Lang Music Wred怎么读orheld中文ld. The Spelderly和old的区别ecial School was jointelderlyly launched by Shenzhe送你一朵小红花n Children’s Hospital, Shenzhen Volunteer Federatiheldbackon and Shenzhen Lions Club mile Service team in Novemberred是什么意思 2011. This non-profit project aims to provid宋应星e free preschool education anshow的过去式d social ielderlynterv宋雨琦ention for children with cerebral palsy in Shenzhen. There are about 20,000 children with cschooldayserebral palsy in Shenzhen, most of whom are taken care of by their grandparents. The red Song for the Aged will inv深圳风险等级ite these elderly people to perform red songs to arouse the whole society’s attention to cerebral palsy children.

The school aims to fil送茶叶代表什么意思l thspecialtye gap of preschool education f宋应星orwash怎么读 children with cspecial翻译erebral palsy through free admission and unlimitelderly近义词ed household registration. The special school runs twice a year and has so far developed five teac深圳hing sites, including children’s Hospital,redis Baoan Women and Children’s Hospital, Longhua Women and Children’s Hospitschool是什么意思al, Henggang Qingchun Hospital and Junlong Hospital, serving 260 children with cerebral palsy. As of September 30, the school hadspecial翻译 helped 1,281 children with brain injuries, among which 179 had graduated, 168 had seamlessly entered ordi宋雨琦nary kindergarteschoology官网登录ns and schools, and 11 had entered speciashow怎么读l schools in shenzhen.

The special Schoreductionol red Song show for the elderly was held in Shenzhspecial翻译en

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