Torch relay dream – The 57th Lions Club International Southeast Asia Annual Conference torch relay successfully ignited

Light the torch. Passing the dream – Lions International 57th Southeast Asia Annual Conference torch relay successfully lit

The torch relay celions翻译中文remony for the 57tclub是什么酒h Liinternationally歌曲ons Club Internclub翻译ational Southea退婚后大佬她又美又飒st Asia Annual Meeting was held in Lianhuashan Park marking the 30th anniversary of Shenzhen’s reform and opening-up in Sheninternationalzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province, Oct. 18, 2018. Thedream是什么意思 event is organized by the Lions Association of China (hereinafter referred to as “lions Association”) and otorch五项是检查什么rganized by the Lions Club of Shenzhen. Lclubmaneaderasias of the Domestic disablrelay怎么读ed persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’lion是什么意思中文翻译 Federation and lion clubs in various regions atteinternationalismnded the ceremony and presented a flower basket to the bronze statue of Comrade Dengtorches Xiaoping, deeply remembering his brilliant thoughts and great achievements.

The 57th Lions Asia Convention is tlions是什么意思he first time lions International has held a grand event in mainland China in its 100 ytorch什么意思ears of existence. It is the first large-scale irelayernternational conferclub翻译enlions怎么读ce hosted by lions Insoutheast是什么意思 its 13 years of existence and the largest evsoutheastern怎么读er hosted by a Chinese civil society organization. The thsoutheastern是什么意思eme of this year’s conference is “Serve, Share and Progress”international是什么意思.

Before the fire ceremony, stclub用英语怎么说udents from Nanshan Experimental School of Arts and Sciences presented the wonderful program “Peace Ode” with youthflions是什么意思ul and energetic dance, to congratulate the Domestic Lions Association for hosting the annual conference, but also con褪黑素vey the golions读音od wishes of the domestic people love peace.

At the ceremony, Chairman Jia Yong extended a warm welcome to the lion friends representatisoutheast翻译ves and thanked shenzhen Lions club for preparing the fire ceremony. He said that Shenzhen is a piointernational是什么意思neer in China’s reform and opening up, and the Lions Club shenzhen is the first fire planted by the international Lions Club in the mainland of Chclubman是什么牌子车ina. It is of far-reaching significance that the torch relthinay will be hclubmed官网预订eld in Shenzhen as the first launching event of the annual convention. He hopes that all regions wasian读音ill take back the fire obtairelay怎么记ned today and pass it on to more lion friends, so that the spark can start a prairelay翻译rie fire. A month later, in Hainan, it will gather a fire of warm service for others, a fire of sharing the fruits of China’s refasian翻译orm and opening up, a fire of progress symbolizing the unitsoutheast翻译y of domestic lion friends and the continuousinternational翻译 development and improvement of the Domestic Lion Association, warm the lion friends in Southeast Asia and warm the pesoutheast怎么读ople in need of help in the motherland.

All things are difficult before they are easy. Tang Xiaoquan, chairman of founding lions Association of China, xieinternationalworkers’day怎么读 Jianwen, chairman of Founding Lions Association of Shenzhen and Guo Deloitte, chairelayerrman of Founding Lions Association of Guangdong lasian读音it the first torch.lions是什么意思 Due to the drizzle on the day of the eveninternational怎么读t, the fire work was extremely difficult. When the torch, which symbolizes peace, frienddream头像ship, light and hope after many twists and turns, was finally lit, the scene broke out into thunderous appla同花顺use.

Gathered into a fire, scattered as stars. Tang Xiaoquandream hrelayeranded the torch to Jia Yong, the chairman of trelay怎么记he Association, symbolizing the passing of the torch of the Southeast Asia Annual Conference, and alsoclubman symbolizing the launch of the lion dream again. Chairman Jia Yong held high the burning torchrelayserver翻译 and liinternationally歌曲t thetorch8项是指哪八项 torch of 14 regionsrelay, passing on the concept of “service, sharing and progress”. What he passed on was not only a glory, but also a heavy responsibility and mission.

Love relay racasian意思e. Representatives from 14 regions will carry the flame to different places and carry out torch relay activities in accordance with ldream怎么读ocal conditions. The torch relay will gather in Hainan in Novembesoutheast翻译r for the annual meeting of Southeast Asia. At present, the lions clubs are also in full swing to carry out the torch subscription workrelay, subscription of tlion是什么意思he torcinternationalcupidh will be used as the preparatory funds for the Southeast同花顺 Asia annual conference.

After the ceremony, Chairman Jia Yong and his delegation climbed to thtorch翻译e top of Lianhua Mountain and presented a flower baskesoutheasternt to the bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China’s reform and opening up, in memory of deng xtorch火花塞iaoping’s noble style of unremitlion是什么意思中文翻译ting struggle for thlions的音标e cause of the Party and the people.

Conference organizing committee, domestic disabled persons’ federation, cinternational labour day翻译hairman of the party members, deputy director, President of cib Gu Yong, honorary President of the annual meeting of the organizing committee, national disabled persons’ federation, chairman of the original, the fedesoutheast是什么意思英语ration of koizumi, domestic YouLiang, director of the international dclubmedepartmentlion是什么意思 ofrelayer disabled persons’ federation, the international cooperation everywhere long course of pretty o陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ften, domestic lion federatisoutheast是什么意思英语on chief representative in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of hou her, Conference organizing committee executive chairman, deputy chairman of association Lin Ziyu, conference organizing committee executive chairman, deputy chairman of association manifold with the male, the annual meeting of the organizing committee executive vice chairman, deputy chairman of association ming-fei guo, the annual meeting of the confederrelay怎么记ation of the organizing committee executive vice President and cclubmedhief financiallions读音 officer MaiSiMing, the annsoutheast是什么意思ual meeting of the organizing committee, execclubmed官网预订utive vice President, cib supervthisortorch火花塞 Su Zeran, vice chairman of the organizing committeedreamweaver of the 9th annual meeting, cib hainan office chairman, wang jinsong, Ma Mdream我的世界in, 2018-2019dream是什么意思 Presidtorch火花塞endream是什么意思t of Shenzhen Lions Club; Zheng Degang, Supervisor; Tian Wangxing, former President; Weng Hua, First Vice President; Xieinternationalworkers’day怎么读 Jianwen, Founding President; Du Hengkun, Acting Secretadreamingry-general; Luo Jinsong, Chief Financial Officer; Peng Daojian, Chiesoutheast翻译f Inspector;dreamboat什么意思 Zheng Guoping, Executive Deputy Sasiaecretary-genedream我的世界ral; liao Ronghui, Du Peng, Regional Chairmadream是什么意思n; District chairmeclubsn Tan Fei, Chen Guangxi, Ru Chlions是什么意思unxurelayserver翻译, Chen Qunhao, Li Chunchang, Sun Mingxia, Luo Junping, supervisors Gao Ling, He Xinru and representativessoutheast翻译 of lsoutheastions clubs, shentorchlightzhen Lions Club comtorch火花塞mittee, sersoutheast是什么意思vice team and more than 100 lion friends participatesoutheastern怎么读d in退婚后大佬她又美又飒 the activity. The activity was hosted by Dadreamboat什么意思i Jihthoughong.

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin

torch怎么读 Photo 】 Su Zhuangbin & NBSP; Huang Shenradream图片n

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

【 Tlionsypesetting 】 Yang & NBSP; hin

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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