“Passing on Love · Guarding the Sunset” and “Passing on Love? “Thanksgiving for Mothers” community theme service month continued

The activities of “Passing on Love, guarding the sunset” and “Passing on Love, Thankincommunity造句g Mothers” continued

On February 12th, in response to “love relacommunityy, watch the sunset”, “love relay, grateful motthanksgiving怎么读her” ththemely主题官网eme community servicsunsete month, lions in baoan district in shenzhen shajing, fuyong, songgang street, rock sympathy actserviceivities, tservicebioo 79 empty nester, 55 single mother factions to send 2000 yuan solatium respectively, a total ocommunity怎么读f 268000 yuan. The event was initiated by Shenzhen Lions Club and co-sponsored by Shenzhen Luohu District Civil Affairs Bureau, Nanshan District Civil Affairs Bureau, Yantian District Civil Affairs Bureau, Bao ‘an District Civiservice翻译l Affairs Bureau, Yantian District Wmothershipomen’s Federatiotheme动词用法n, Bao ‘an District Women’s Federation and Shenzhen Chao Ren Golf Club.
Abypassingt 10 am, Lsunset翻译i Aijun, chairman of the 17th District of Shenzhen Lions Clulovely翻译b, and Wan Fei, leader of fuyomothers翻译ng Service Team, respectively led the donation ceremony to Shajing Street and Fuyong Nursing home. A total ocommunity是什么意思英语f 40 emptguardiansy nesters and 25 single mothers in difficulties were funded.
On the afternoon of the sservice是什么意思ame day, Gao Zhou, executivguarding是什么意思e Deputy secretary general of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, and Sun Xiaowei, chairman of theguarding是什么意思 Committee for Poverty Alleviation and Assistance formothersday英语作文 the Disabled, led a team to songgang Streetguardians and Shiyan Street respectively to hold a donation ceremony, and handed out condolence money and gifts to 39 empty nesters and 30 single mothers.
At the evethanksgiving怎么读英语nt, lion friends, on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club, sent holiday greetings and best wishes to the elderly and single mothers, hoping that in the New Year, the elderly will be as happy as the East China Seathanksgiving day翻译 and livservice怎么读e longer than the southern mountains. Mothers are in a beautiful mood and always young. The leadersunset歌曲s of the street office and the women’s Federation expressed their gratitude to the shenzhen Lions Club for its care and help tsunset是什么意思o the vguardianulnerable groups in tsunset中文意思he cguardingvisionommunity, and wished thethanksgiving翻译 lions a happy New Year and a safe life.
After the donatiguarding是什么意思英语on ceremony, Wan Fei led Shiyou to visit the homthemelye of single mother Ms. Chen;thanksgiving是什么节日 Gao Zhou, Sun Xiaoweiservice是什么意思中文翻译 and Wen Zhongbin led shi You to vguardiansisit single mother Ms. Chen, empty-nester ye Lao and Chen’s Hometown respectively.
Shenzhen lion “love relay, watch the sunset”, “love relay, grateful mosunset歌曲ther” themservice和serve的区别e community service month activity scommunityince Feb. 10 start, lasted three days, in luohu district, yantian district, nanshan district, baoan district dguardianshiponation ceremony held 9, service for morthanksgivingintheunitedstatese than 130 tenmothership thousand yuan, after the Spring Festival is expected to continue in longhthanksgiving怎么读英语ua district, futian distrimothers是什么意思ct, to carry out thecommunity造句 activities, The total service funds amounted to more than 2 million yuan.

By Cheng Zhaohua & NBSP;   Photo/Lin Zeyun

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