“Strong brother” climbed into the university with his hands and Shenzhen people helped him stand up with love (source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily A4 edition February 13, 2015)

“Strong brotherclimbed into the university on his hands and shenzhen people helped him stand up with love

Yu Chongle, a 22-year-old sunshine boy, has been able to crawl on his handsclimbed怎么读 since a fevpeople怎么读er four months after he was born completely lost the strengbrother的中文意思th of his lower limbs. However, it is in such a cashistory着魔e, hhistory着魔e is still s深圳风险等级trong in the face of the suffering of life, stubbornly climbed into the university with both hanpeople翻译ds indomitable schoolhandshaker安卓下载, become guangxi Normal University Lijiang Institute of a student深圳风险等级.

The photo of Yu chongle crawling to school has touched countless netizens online, who prabrother打印机怎么换墨粉清零ise huniversityim as “Yu Strong” and “strong brother”. Zhang Weinto1成员ntuniversity什么意思ao, duniversity用a还是anirector of the sports medicine and rehabilitation Department at Peking University Shenzhen Hosphands翻译ital, also saw the photos, and he and his colleagues at the hospital decided to help the tpeople是单数还是复数ough student get back onhandshake his feet. A lovshenzhene relay was launched in Shenzhen. The day before yesterday, with the help of caring people in Shenzhen, Yu Chongle successfully underwent surgery athandshaker安卓下载 Peking深圳疫情最新动态 University Shenzhen Hospital.

Crippled bpeoplesy illness, you have to ppeopleursue your dreainto怎么读ms

Yu Chongle, 22, is a native of Shilong Town, Zhongshan County, Hezhou, Guangxi. Ever since I was a kid, I had to crawl on my hands. Yubrother是什么意思‘s parents are illiterate vege深圳疫情最新消息table farmers, butstronger they wauniversity用a还是annt their children to go to school. When Yu Chongle was nine years old, his younger brother was old enough to go to school.

Although his home is only a few hundred meters away from his scclimbed的原型hool, it is a long way for Yu, ahistory4近距离爱上你nd it takes him halfpeople英语怎么读 an hour to climb the few hundred meters. Little Chong Le’s hands were often gro深圳风险等级und bloody. His grandfather felt sorry for chongle and made him a pair of wooden props like horseshoes so that he could climpeople是单数还是复数b with his hands.

Yu never gave up his dstrong的名词ream ohandsome怎么读f studying, even though he had to go to school on a difficult journey and met strange stares from others. “He has a good temper and even when others putpeople是可数名词还是不可数名词 him down and labrother是什么意思ugh at him, he jhis系统ust laughs it off.” The second son said.

Yu Chongluniversity什么意思e cherishes the opportunity toclimbed怎么读音 study very much and has been doing very well suniversityince he was a child. The first semester, two younger brother seuniversity用a还是ane hohandsome翻译me difficulties decidpeople英语怎么读ed to drop out. Soon, his parents left home to grow vegetables in Shenzhen, and he began to go to school and take care of himself alone. Later, a classmatbrother打印机e surnamed Dong offered Yu a helping hand and took on the tasintok of cookstrong的比较级和最高级ing for five years until Yu’s third brother entered the same school in his senior year of high school.

To return the kindness of others

In 2014, Yu wintoas admitted to the Department of Economics, Politics and Law at Lijiang College of Guangxi Normal University. When yu entered the univpeopleersity, he said, his classmate深圳疫情最新消息s gave him a lot obrother音标f help. When he chechands-onked in, they fought over his tuition feestrong and helped him make his bedhistorical. The school also moved his dormitory to thehands-on first floor and even arranged his classroom on the lower floor. The owner of the school’shandspank的视频vk b深圳arber shop was kind enough to give him 800 yuan a month for living expenses. The help made his mindset more sunny.

In college, Yu chongle actively participated in深圳地铁线路图 various community activities. He joine深圳疫情最新动态d thands-onhe Youth Volunteers Associclimbed是什么意思英语ation, the Legal Aid Association, and the Gratitude and Encour深圳天气agement Association of the local disabledbrother people’s organization. As a volunteer, hepeople的复数形式 taught pri深圳疫情最新消息mary schools in poor mountainous深圳疫情最新消息 areas aclimbed用英语怎么说nd encouraged children wit深圳疫情h his own experience. He even donated tstronglyhe d深圳疫情最新消息ozens of yuan huniversity怎么读英语e saved from frugality to a welfare hombrother是什么意思e.

A series of photos led to a series of love storbrotheries

Zhang Wentao, director o深圳天气f the Sports Medicistrongerne and Reuniversity什么意思habinto1ilitation Deparpeople怎么读tment of Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, was dee深圳天气ply moved when he saw the photos of Yu Chongle on the Internet. Seeing a photo of Yu climb深圳天气ing down the stairs with both hands, he was worried: “This position is too dangerous, and always upside down like this will affect the heart and lung function.” Director Zhang Wentao studied Yu chongle’s photo carefully: “Legs seem to be able to strabrother1819ighten, I wonder if it is possible to help h深证指数im stand up?climbed怎么读音” So he sent two doctors to Guangxi to examine Yu.

Last Decepeople是什么意思mber, Kory brought Yu to Shenzhen and worked out a treatment plan for him. After two mstrong怎么读语音onths of training, Yu wasstrong怎么读 able to stand up on crutchclimbed怎么读英语es and shuffle along hospital corridors. This made him and the doctors vpeople是什么意思ery happy.

Due to spinal cord injurstrong是什么意思y since childhood, it is impossible for Yu Chongle to recover the strength of his lower limbs, but orthopedic surgery can help him walk upright with crutches. Director Zhainto怎么读ng Wentao told reporters that Yu Chongle underweinto1nt surgery to adjust to the internal test, so that he can prstrong是什么意思ovide a little ground strength when he wapeople怎么读lks on crutches in the future.

The deputy secretary-general of shenzhen lion takasu through things learned YuChonintogLe WeChat circle friends, and friends深圳疫情最新消息 in lhistory着魔ion WeChat circles launched raise operation for YuChongLe love relay, quickly get everybody’s response: shandsome翻译henzhen lions to donate 25000 yuan, riverside service to donate 20000 yuan, Liu Jingxiang lions, brother company zendai speed also donated 15000 yuan. The hospital also reduced many of yu Chongle’s treatment costs, so that his treatment costs have been covered.

The morning before yesterday, qiu Guixing, an orthopaedic authoritybrother的色带和国产, xiao Deming深证指数, president of Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, and Zhang Wentao, director of the hospital, completed the orstrong怎么读语音thopaedshenzhenic sur深圳疫情geruniversity前面加什么冠词y for Yu Chongle. Doctorbrother音标s told reporters that Yu will be able to try to get to the ground in auniversity和college的区别 month, and the next step will be to make a walking support for him so that he can walk up and down stairs with crutches.

Shenzhen love relay helps Yu Chongle (left) stand up. Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper reporter Xu Yezhou correspondent Chen Huiyan photo

“Tough brother” climbed into unpeople是什么意思ihandsversity with his hands. Shenzhenhis系统 people helped him stabrothernd up with love

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