Love returned Overseas Chinese to send warmth, Respect and help the elderly and warm the world — the first section of respect for the elderly service into Shenzhen New Ma Overseas Chinese Friends Association

Love returned Overseas Chinese to send warmth, Respect and help the elderly and warm the world –love直播软件安卓下载– the first section of respect for the elderly service into Shenzhen New Ma Overseas Chinese Friends Association

On January 3, 2019, the Lions Club of Shenzhen held the “Spring Festiwarmth怎么读val Worship for Returned Overseas Chinese” in Yuanling Spring Man Woverseas和oversea的区别orld Restaurant in Futian Districreturned怎么读t. The returned overseas Chinese and their fachinese意思milies from Shenzhen New Malaysia Overseas Chinese Friends Association were invited to participate in the New Year’s worshihelp是什么意思英文翻译p activitiessend的过去式, and they were presented with commeoverseas和overseamorative scarves, and each of 66 returned overseas Chinese veterans and eldelovelyrly returned overseas Chinese in difficulties was given 500 yuan as condolence money, and the service funds were 50,000 yuan. Among them, Shenzhen Lwarmth词性ions cluelderly的中文意思b contributlovely什么意思ed 20,000 yuan, main club service team contributed 10,000 yuan, Yantian service tsendyournametomarseam contributed 5,000 yuan, Bagualing, Oriental Rose, Bright pupil, Huayuan, nature service team contributed 3,000 yuan each.

In the morning, the old Chinese and threturned怎么读eir fahelp是什么意思英文翻译milies came one after another. Ren Guihua led the organizing group shi You to tie red scarves for the old people and guide them to sigchinese意思n in and sit in. Conference chairman, general manlove最新版官方下载agwarmth的形容词er Tan Fei meticulhelpful是什么意思ous division of labor, asked lihelpon friends must takerespect的名词 good care orespect的名词f the elderly. Lion friends walk through the taoverseas是什么意思ble, pour thelp怎么读ea and wine for the old man, pick up dishes, accompany the oldsend什么意思 mchinese读音an to talk about daily life. The scene was warm and peaceful.

Lai Zhiping, chairman of Shenzhen New Ma Overseas Chinese cllovealarmub, exoverseas是什么意思英语pressed his hesend2026artfelt thanks to shenzhen Liooverseas是什么意思英语ns Club for holding the activities of returning overseas Chinese reselderly前面加a还是anpecting the elderly for two consecutive yearswarmth什么意思中文, and expressed his high respect to the warm-hearted kindness of the lions club for caring for the returned old overseas Chineoverseas翻译se.

President Tan Fei gave a speech, thanking Shenzhen New Ma Overseas Frhelplessiends Association for provsendingiding a platform for the lion friends to care for the lion friends, thanking all the service teams fohelplessr their support and cooperation, and thanking returned overseas Chinese and lion friends for adding luunreturnedster tolovely this activreturned是什么意思ity. He saidelderly近义词 that tlove直直播apphe Overseas Chinese are the mother of the revoelderly和elderlution. He hoped that through this event, the whole society should cherish the current good life, pay attention to and care for overseas Chinese and friends, and crlove最新版官方下载eate a good atmosphere of “loverseas用法ove, protect and support overserespectingas Chinese”.

Mr. Ma Min, president ofelderly的中文意思 the Lions Clove直播手机版app下载lub of Shenzhen, gave a warm speech praising the selfless dedication of the returned Chinese in the hard times of their country.sendyounametomars官网 She said that shenzhen Lions Club will adhere to the service of respecting the elderly, to furthhelpfuler create a good atmosphere for the whole society to respect the elderly, love the elderly, support the elderly. Latsend什么意思er, Ma Minchinese意思, chairman of ccPIT Xiamen, presented condolence money tochinese读音 the returned soldiers and the retulove直播破解版rned overseas Chinese in difficulty, and sent New Year wishes to threspectivelyem.

Some sang about thehelp怎么读 simplehelp的用法 local conditions and customs, ewarmthyulogized the bright future of the motherland, and some presentchineseed a song and dance show full of Southern customs..respect什么意思中文. It shows the happy life of returned Oveoverseas风格rseas Chinese. In the laughter, lion friends were also led to the stawarmth和warm区别ge to sing duet and dance with overhelpedseas Chinese friends, further activating the atmosphere of the scene.

During the activity, lion friends met Chen Guanyu, an old man knownoverseas是什么意思 aslove直直播app “living Lei Feng on the Strsend怎么读eets of China and Britain”. Nearly 80 years old Chen Guanyu cheerfully led 5 lion brothers to performhelp “railway guerrillas”. She was wearing a military celderly的中文意思ap, a belt, a pistol, holding a broadsword, a morespect的名词ve is very in place, the performance is orderly, let the audience respect. Chen Guanyu has been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings for decades, promwarmth怎么读otreturneding patriwarmth翻译otism and Lei Flove直播手机版app下载eng spirit. He is in the same line with the lion friends’ practice of “fouhelperr out” and adhere to the concept of “helping others and serving the society”. He is a model for the lisendyournametomarson Friends to learn from. Chen Guanyu spoke highly of the lion friends’ service spirit and encchinese意思ouragerespect什么意思中文d them to contreturned怎么读inue to spread love and positive energy.

The event was organized by Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen New Maelderly近义词 Overseas Chinese Friends Club, And Overseas Chinese Federation of Yuanling Street, Futian District. Led by Shenzhen Lions Club, the first division, the main club, Yantian, Eighchinese new yeart eight Ridge, Oriental Rose, Bsend翻译right Pupil, Huayuan, natuoverseas是什么意思re and other 7 service teams jointly undertook the event. More than 200 lion friends, inunreturnedcluding 2018-2019 President Ma Min, Supervisor Zheng Degang, loverseas翻译ast president Tian Wangxing, Secretary General Du Hengkun, Chiefoverseas风格 Financial Officer Luo Jinsonoverseas是什么意思英语g, Chief inspector Peng Daojian, Chairman Liao Ronghui of zone 1, Cchinese翻译hairman Tan Fei osendyournamef Zone 1, returned overseaschinese读音 Chinese from Singapore and their families arespect网络用语什么意思ttended tlovelyhe event. Lai Zhiping, Tan Fei served as the chairman of the conference, Tan Fei served as the general coordinator, Chen Qiong, Ding Hongzhe, Wanlovely翻译g Hua, Wang Yibing, Yin Qigai, Yang Lihua, Li Xueqin served as the executive chairman, Zhu Xinrespectrusendyournametomars served as the secretary of the conferenceelderly的中文意思, Zhu Qingqing served as the financial affairs of the conference, Ren Guihua served as the group leelderly近义词ader, presided over by Chen Qiong.

Huang Junping

[Photo] Hong Shenglong, Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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