Wanli to help jiangyou disaster areas

2008-06-15      Shulong News & NBSP;     Cao Yang reporter: Chen Yuansong/万历十五年article

      Lions Club International donated 253 tents to Gongping Village in Wuduhelpful Town of Jiangyou City挽联 on The morning of Apriareas怎么读l 14. Lio挽联ns Club International Executive Director Peter. Lynch, vice President of the Domestic Disabled persons’ Fearea是什么意思derat酱油炒饭ion and Chairman of the Domestic Lion Association Shen Zhifei, former president of the D碗莲的种植方法omestic Lionwanli Association, leaders of provincial and municipal disabled persons’ federations and lion friends from all over the country attended the donation ceremarea是什么意思onyhelp的用法.

“512” after the earthquake, Wudu town bhelp outy the aftermath of the impact of heavy los姜幼安墨扶白ses, casualties 485 peoareas读音ple, amohelp的用法ng them, 30 people died, seriously injured 46 peop酱油鸡le. Factor蒋友柏ies shut down, agricultural houses collapsed in large areas, roads and Bridges were damaged, preliminary statistics of the town’s dhelplessirect economic losses as high as 1.9 billion. In the worst-hit gongping vill碗莲的种植方法age of 94 households in five groups, 100%help怎么读 of the houses were damaged and 95% of them collapsdisaster的形容词ed. The disaster酱油最好三个牌子 was highlighted by People’s Daily, and Lio万历十五年ns Decided to donate 253 ten万里ts to the severely affected villages in Wudu Town, one tent for each of the five groups in Gongping Village. Gongping five groups of affected villagers have said that lions Internadisaster的形容词tional’s kindness greatly enhanced their conarea什么意思中文fidence and courage to ohelpvercome thareas是什么意思英语e disaster, will be able to overcome酱油炒饭 all ddisasterifficulties, united as one, undisaster是什么意思英语ited as on酱油炒饭e, to win the earthquake relief, reconstruction of the home comprehensive victorhelp怎么读y! It is understood that Lionshelpful Club internationadisaster怎么读l was founded in 1917 by Moyun Zhong Shdisaster翻译i, is the world’s largest service organization. It has 46,000 clubs and 1.4 mil蒋友柏lion members. Members are distributed in 193 countries. Headquartered in the Un碗莲ited States.

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