Lions buys teacher services to help kashgar children

Lions buys teacher services to help kashgar children

Source: Shenzhen Evening News & NBSP; &nbhelp怎么读sp;     Auserviceshellgust 31, 2018

Shenzhen evening news (shlionsenzhen press group in kashgalionsgater X.h.) on August 30, deep cut social work slions翻译tation, shenzhen lions yantian service and follows the welfare, kashgar in urban and rural social welfare support center – funbuy三单ded by liochildren是单数还是复数ns in shenzhen yantian service agreement is signed, to directly purchase the language teacher post material in the form of donbuy什么意思中文ation and love, Assisting needy chilteachers’daydren in Kashgar Children’s welfare Homes; Shteacher翻译enka Social Work Station is responsible for teachers’ daily arranglionsgateement and team management.

The agreement will purchase five Chinese teachers every year for a period of three years to provide Mandarin teaching and education guidance services for children in welfare homes. At the signing ceremony, yantian Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club donated toys and other materials worth 22,000 yuan to the children in the wlions翻译中文elfareservices怎么读 home. It is understood that the agreemelions英语怎么读nt project led by Shenzhen Yuanjiangteacher翻译 front filionsnger coordination and supervision of signing parties, Kashgar urban and rural soclion是什么意思中文翻译ial卡刷recovery教程 welfare support center will be open to the public recruitment of teachers.

Kashgar Childrenteacher的复数‘s Welfare Home is the first batch of xinjiang aid projects in Shenzhen. According to the latest statistics in early July this year, the hospital has adopted a total oflions翻译中文 641 children, including 490 needy children, 131 orphans, 5 cteacher音标hildren living on subsistence allowances and 15 childrenserviceshell receiving five guaranservices怎么读tees. Among them, the most difficult cteacherhildreteachers’officen are children under 6 years old.

Lions club bukashgarys teacher services to help Kashgar children

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