It is because of you that we have the wonderful story of the publicity group of the 2020 New Year charity gala

There is always a kind of dedication, let us tears; There is always a power, let us continue tgroup怎么读英语o move forward; There is always astorybook是什么意思 feeling, quietly blooming at the fingertips; Therebecause引导什么从句‘s always an image that keeps reappearing before my eyes. The publicity team of the 2020 New Year charwonderfulity party is composed of 21 reporters from Shenshi News Agencynew. Secretary Gcharity音标eneral Du Hengkun led the staff of the officharity是什么意思ce to give strong sucharity宽容的爱pport and tacit cooperation. Before, during and after the conference, the publicity group issued 13 articles successively; Assist the party groupublicity怎么读p to preheat the seven-day countdown; Invited 26storybook是什么意思 mainstream media strong coverage; To micro vstory怎么读ideo, easy to show and other popular ways to promote the New Year charity party. The next day after the party, the publicityearningy group immediately rebecause引导什么从句leased an elecgroup怎么读英语tronic photo album wibecauseth more than 140,000 hits.


Under the joint efforts of all members, the party propaganda group strives to break through and innovate, and earnestly implements the responsible person and completion time of each propaganda task. Igroup怎么读英语n order to collect first-hand informationwonderfully of each preparatory group, the publipublicity翻译city group assigned a reporter to assist each group, who was respstory复数形式是什么onsible for collecting phogroup的用法tos and digging into the wonderful stories of each group.  


Nothnew是什么意思ing is easy to move, except thcharity宽容的爱e love rooted deep within; Nothing can easily move people,because怎么读 in addition to scharity音标onorous steyearlypsnew怎么读 forward. How many quiet nights, at the desk to create; How many times to regroupieview and modify, improve the quality obecause是什么意思f manuscript; How many phone calls, how many interviews, how many highlighcharity的内涵意义ts. In order not to miss any of the frontier, menew balancembers of the publicity group at thbecause和so能连用吗e party scene carrying cameras all over the field, even too late to drink water; In order to let the lion friendnews可数吗s enjoy the wonderful photos as soon as possible, the publicity group members transfer filesstory什么意思 until 3 or 4 am; In order to capture the beauty of “returning home”, mewonderfulmbers of the publicity group followed the reception group to participate in the reception work. They took photos from morning to evening, and their second foot was so swonderful翻译中文wollen that they could not walk. He Gang Shi brother, who is iwonderful翻译中文n his 70s, kept on from 10 am to the end of the party. The only thing that stoppedwonderful同义词 him was when hipublicity什么意思s phone ran ougroup怎么读音t of power and turned it off. When the host announced the end of the party, thcharitye newwonderful怎么读s agency reporters finally took off their intensive work and lay down on the cawonderfullyrnewpet beside the stage to rest.


At this point, the publicity work of this party has officially come to an end, and the vivid report has been highly recognized by many libecause缩写on friends. Thank you for your attention and guidance tnews可数吗o this publicity work. All the good inspiration comgroup造句简单estory翻译中文s from the lion friends’ selfless dedication. Thank you for yourcharity宽容的爱 tenacity and optimism to convey warmth. Because of you, we are here.


2020 has set sail. Let us stay true to our original aspiration, look to the future, and continue to forge ahbecause引导什么从句ead. May time be warm to you, and may you embrace the world.


[Text] News Agency Annie Zhao

[Edit] News Agency Chen Meihong

      &nbspublicity什么意思p;   &nbswonderful英语怎么读p;   Officenew的反义词 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP;   peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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