Meticulous and perfect presentation -- wonderful story of 2020 New Year charity Evening Party group

Do you still remember the patriotic feelings that arose spontaneously in our heartspresentation怎么读英语 when we sang "My Country and I"? Do you still remember twonderful英语怎么读he shockyear函数 we felt when cao Yan, the gold medal auctioneer, walked off the stage? Stcharity怎么读ill remember the hundred team will lion scene, a seemingly dull story to bring uperfectspankings moved? 2020 Nenew的反义词w Year charitystory翻译中文 party presented perfectly undwonderful什么意思er the joint efforts of all the preparatpresentation主题参考ory group, and among them, we have to say the party group liyearlyon friends who paistory复数d silently.


From the making of PPT filstoryes, the collection and selection of programs to the planning and design of the overawonderful翻译中文ll program of the party, all of them embody the wisdom and efforts of all party members. Fang Shilei led the partycharity宽容的爱 group to rehearse every detail repeatedly, to tperfectspankinghe worperfectspankingk meticulous, and strivepresentation to achieve perfection. Stage design, a start without considpresentationering the tensile LED some position will takenew的反义词 up the stage, stagenew是什么意思,yearbook party group found that the width of the stage is not enough, but in ordernewgrounds to bring the lion friends dazzle beautiful visual effect, the party group is trying to overcome the tight time and heavy task, such as problems, negotiatstorylinee with construction unit to the rework, Thyear函数e stage that had been built was torn down and then extperfectgonzo30ended and widened. In the appearance design of the auctioneer, the general director Fang Shilei boldly imagined that the stage was changed from separate type to surround type, and thenewgrounds scwonderful同义词reenpresentation的开头怎么说 was designed as a three-section type. The auctioneer appeared from the centestorytellerr of the screen, instantly shocharity翻译rtening the distance between hearts.



Fang Shilei, the party group leader, said that twonderfulhe success of the party group in processyear怎么读 design, program selection and other aspenewlycts is inseparablecharity翻译 from the joint efforts of all partstory复数形式是什么y meperfect是什么意思mbers, but also inseparable from the overawonderful什么意思ll controcharity宽容的爱l of the auction rhythm of the two auctioneers and the wonderful presentation of the art troupe. In the auction, Brother Cao Yan lit the flame of friendship amwonderful前面用a还是anong all thperfectlye lions. The origwonderful翻译inal plan was to takepresentation和demonstration区别 a break after 30 items were auctioned, but with the enthusiastic support of all lion friemeticulous翻译nds, he continued to finish 60 items before walkinwonderfulg off tperfectlyhe stage. His throat was hoarse, his shirt and suit soakedcharity音标, but he smiled like a contented child when he learned that the auction had reached more than $3 million. Mr. Tian took the hammer and continued to presideperfect怎么读 over the austorylinection and successfully completed the auction task. The elderly president, with a pure lion's heart, moved all the people present. The art troupe has specially arranged a lion club program for this eveningyearning party. The art group Lion Friends hwonderfulad planned to take the stapresentation和demonstration区别ge in the middle of the auctnewspaperion because of the extended time, but theyyearcon是什么牌子的 endperfectspankinged upnews可数吗 waitinpresentation的开头怎么说g more than an hour until 21:30. But they have no regrets, 100 team winews可数吗ll lion original sitcom vivid display of each project, let the present lion friends shocked.



Wechat picture _20200110165537.jpg


Because of love, so wonderful; Because of focus, so constanew是什么意思ntly beyond. During the two months of prewonderful英语怎么读paration work, the party team overcame difficulties and cstorylinereated infinite splendor, wnewhich made the party brilliant and dazzling. Thanksgiving pay, the transfcharity的动词er of love!


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