Notice | about declaring the fourth "PengCheng charity award" and the shenzhen list of charitable giving notice

Notice | about declaring the fourth "PengCheng charity award" and the shenzhen list of charitable深圳风险等级 giving notice

Dear fellow lions,

The 4th Pengcheng Charity Award and 2017 Shenzhlisten翻译en Charitable Donation List are accepting applications! Denoticedadline: May 31. Please meet the conditions of lion friends and enterprises in accordance with the "announcement on the launch of the fourth Pengcheng Charity Award selection activities" and "announcement on the launch of the 2017 Shenzhen list of charitable donations compilation work" requirements, their own login declaration website declaration. The main clisten的现在分词ontents of thlist背单词e announcement are hereby notified as follows:

A, & have spent The 4th Pengcheng Charity Award

(1) Selection objelisten的现在分词cts

Fr鹏程om January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017, organizations, individuals and projects (including overseas Chinese, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macaoaward的用法和搭配 and Taiwa鹏城是哪个城市n深圳风险等级, as well as domestic and foreign people, organizations and projects that have madelisten1手机版下载 outstanding contrfourth-gradeibutionsfourth怎么读 to the development of深圳疫情最新动态 philanthropy in The c深证指数ity) have made significant contributions to the public welfare and charitynotice的固定搭配 field and have a good social impact.

(ii) Award setting

(1) Pengcheng Charitable Donation individuallistened怎么读:There will be gold, silver and bronzaboutcge awards, and the number of awards will be limited to 30, which will be mainly based on the amount of money and goods donated by individuals in the selection year (the social evaluation of indnotice过去式ividuals' participation in charity will be taken as reference).

(2) Pengcheng Char深圳天气itable Donation Enterprise:There will be gold, silver and bronze awards, and the numbernoticeable of awards will be limited to 30, which will be mainly based on the amount of money and goods donated by enterprisefourths in the selection yealisten的现在分词r (enterprises' performance of social responsibility and public image will be taken as refedeclaring翻译rence).鹏程杯官网  

(3) Pengcheng Charity moved people:The award is for 10 i深圳风险等级ndividuals who havcharity的动词e used their time, resources and professional skills to praclist翻译tice the concept of publfourth-gradeic welfare or enga深圳ge in charity and public welfare undertakings, and have made positive contributions in the field of chlist背单词arity and public welfare, with outstanding touch鹏程杯官网ing deeds an深圳疫情最新动态d good social impact.  

(4) Pengcheng Charity Model Project:The ncharity和love区别umber of charitabawardsle projects awarded is 20, which have sustained, inf鹏程万里的意思luential and profound efforts in snoticedocial service construction aaward是什么意思英语nd social problem solving, and have demonstrated and promoted the development of c彭城harity in Shenzhen.  

(5) Pengcheng Charity Model Organization:There are 10 social organizatnotice过去式ionaward翻译s that have been engaged in charity and publilistc wlistened怎么读elfare undertakings for a long timfourth的基数词e, have standardized operation and managementlist, open and transparent information, and have high public credibility, and have made positive contributions to promoting the innovation and development of charity undertakings in the cifourth造句ty.  

(6) Pengcheng Charity Promoter:It is used to commend individuals and institutions that have actively promoted and made unique contrilisten的ing形式butions to the construlisten1手机版下载ction of charity ec深圳大学ology, such as the creation of charity environment, the improvement of charitawardedy incentive mechanism and the optimizatiaward什么意思on of social governance by virtue of their own influence. Individunotice的固定搭配als and institutions that have made unique confourth怎么读tributiofourth用英语怎么说ns to promoting the innovative development of phinotice作文lanthropic concepts, technologiesnotice, toolaboutcgs anaward的用法d models, as well as promlistenoting cros深圳疫情最新动态sfourth怎么读-bor鹏程万里的意思der cooperation in philanthropy; Individualscharity宽容的爱 and instituticharityons that have actively explored and contributed to thenotice同义词 development of the Belt and Road initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kongnoticed-Macao Greater Bay Area by setting up charity projects, linking platform resources or innovating charicharity音标ty models. The quota is limited to彭城世家 10.  

(7) Pengcheng Charity Model Area:For each district (including the new district) that has made distinctive, outstanding and special contributions to optimizinabout是什么意思g thaward是什么意思英语e envifourth翻译ronment for charity development, leading tcharity的内涵意义he patdeclaringtern of charity work and promoting chariaboutcg网站ty innovation and development, the quota is 1.

Second,鹏程 & have spent 2017 Shenzhen Charity Donation List

(1) Criteria for inclusion in the list

All donationfourth-grades (including monetary and in-kcharity的动词ind donation discounts) made between January 1 and December 31, 2017, including donations of more than 10,000 yuan byshenzhen individuals, 100,000 yuannotice是什么意思 by entlisterprises, and 100,000 yuan by social organizations, whawardsich meet the following cricharity的内涵意义teria will be included in the corresponding list:      declaring  鹏城;

Penotice同义词rsonal: 1.Donations made locally or outside Shenzhen by individuals with shenzhen household registration or residence permit; Donations made locally by individuals without shenzhen household registration or residence permit;

2. The enternotice是什么意思prise:Donations made locally or outside Shenzhen by companies registered in industrial and commercifourth的基数词al departments of Shenzhen city or district or companies headquartered in Shenzhen; Donated to shenzhelist背单词n by a non-local registered company;

3. Social OrganizationSocial organizatcharity翻译ions reg彭城istereabout翻译d with the Municipal or distrifourth缩写ct civil affairs departments of Shenzhen are social深圳 organiza彭城世家tions atlisten的过去式 the m深证指数inisterial or provinc鹏程万里的意思ial level that receive donations from local or outside the city and have their registcharity的内涵意义ered address in She膨成语nzhen.

(2) List categories

The 2017 Shenzhen List of charitable donations will introduce threenotice过去式 lists, naboutameaward是什么意思英语ly, the list of chaward的用法aritable donations by individuals, the list of charitable donations by e深圳大学nterprises and the list of charitacharity和love区别ble donations by social organizations.

1. Individual charitable Donation list: individuals who donated RMB 10,000 or more in 2017 (including monetary donation, in-award是什么意思英语kind donation anaward和reward区别d charitable trust assets);

2. List of corporate charitable donations深圳地铁线路图: organizations with donations of 100,000 yuan or more in 2017 (including monetary donations, in-深圳疫情kind donations and charitablecharity的内涵意义 trust assets);

3.notice作文 List of social organizatioabout怎么读语音ns' donation income: Social organizations whose donation income (including monetary donations, in-kind donations and charitable trust anoticeablessets)fourthly reached 100,000 yuan or more in 2017.

(iicharity形容词i) Definition of donation data

Donation data refers to tfourth缩写hfourthlye sum ofabout怎么读语音 the money dona深圳疫情ted by the donor and the amount converted into donation in kind. The declaration s深圳疫情最新消息hould be supported by one of the following documents:            

1. Valinoticedd donation bills, including special donation bills issued by legally registerelist翻译dcharity是什么意思 non-profit organizations, institutionsnotice翻译 and people's officials at or above the county level and their departments, receipts stamped with valid official seanotice翻译l of the legal receiving unit, donation certificate or donation certificate, bank transfer vouchers stamped with official seal, etc.;

2. Valid agreement signed by both panotice用法rties (calculated according to the amount actually re深圳大学ceived);

3. Social organizations can provide annual reports,彭程 audit reports and other materials as supporting documents;

4. If the above rnoticeableequirements are not met and dinoticesputes arise, they shall babout是介词吗e discabout是介词吗ussed and agrelistened by Shenzhen Charity Donation List Compilation Office.

Three, & have spent Selection requirements

1. Donation notes:Pengcheng charitabl鹏城e donation individual, donation enterprise prize will be in accordance with the donation voucher submitted by the participaawardednts, as the basis for the statistics of their donation amount. Donation vouchers include special donation bills issued by legally registered non-pro彭城fit organizations鹏程万里的意思, institutions, people's officials at or above the county level and their departments, recei鹏程pts affixed with valid off鹏程杯官网icial seals of legitimate receiving units, donatiolistn certificates or donation ceawardsrtificates, contracts, etc.

2. Award selection:Pendeclaring什么意思gcheng Chnoticeari深证指数ty maward和reward区别oving figures, model projects, model organizatiolisten翻译ns, promlistoters award, Pengcheng Charity Model District Award wiabout怎么读ll be based on comprcharity和love区别ehensive consideration of award setting requirements, selection criteria, etc., by an independent panel of judges to vote on深圳市最新疫情 the evaluation objects respectively.

3. On public notice:The awards will be evaluated by an independent jury and confirmed by the organizing committee before being pubfourth的基数词licized on relevant mfourthedia platforms. During the pub深圳疫情licity period, if the public raises objections to the shortlisted insticharity宽容的爱tutions, individuals or projects due to special circumstancesnotice, the Organiaboutzing Committee has tpengchenghe right to cancel the qualification of the shortlisted institutions, individuals or projects after the of深圳天气fice of the organizing Committee collaborates with relevant depabout翻译artments to verify the problems.  

Four, & have spent Declare means

1. Declaration Method:Recommendation and self-recommendation. The relevant units and the community self-recommendation or recommendation of the district,notice是什么意思 the system of allaward kinds of caring personages, enterprises and institutions, actively participate in the declaration of the relevant awards selabouttime免费观看ection.

2. Application Carrier:Fill in tfourth-gradehe online form mainlaboutcgy. Self-recommendation and recommendation for the fourth "Pengchshenzheneng Charity Award" Are required to log in shenzhen home online ( or the domestic public welfare charity project communication exhfourth造句ibition websfourth-gradeite (www.cncf.aboutcg网站, click on the "PengCheng charity award" or "shenzhen charity d鹏程onation list online declaration" & hav鹏城是哪个城市e spent Online application link, according to the situation of the corresponabout后面动词什么形式ding awards and provide relevant materials (including deeds proof matelisten翻译rials, donation vouccharity的动词hers, medcharityia reports, pnotice作文ictures, etc.), onlcharity怎么读ine application. If the application documents cannot be submitted online due to the particularity of the application documents, the attachments can be sent to the selection oflist翻译fice by expnotice用法ress denotice同义词livnotice的形容词ery.  

3. Declarati彭程on time :& NBcharity和love区别SP;From this day forward. Maylisten1手机版下载 31, 2018.  

4. Contact information of organizing Committee offic深圳市最新疫情e & NBSP;
For mlistenore info鹏城rmation, call 0755-25832727, 22313676&NBsp;

Email: NBSP;

Address: Room 1404, Block A, Zhongmin Times Square, Sunglisten1手机版下载ang Road, Luoaward翻译hu District, Shenzhen.

In addition, you can also call or email the organizing coaboutcgmmittee office to provide the deelisten的现在分词ds, information and clues of cari鹏城是哪个城市ng people, enterprises and organizations, so that the organizing committee onoticeffice can collect and follow up information.

Hope the彭城世家 lion friends pay attention to this activity, actively declaaboutre, promote the lion spirit.

Shenzhen Lions Club

May 28, 2018

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