Lions club shenzhen held a lions club seminar for future leaders

Lions club shenzhen held a lions club seminar for future leaders

From May 26 to 27, 2018, the Liofuture是什么牌子ns Club of Shenzhen held the 2018-2019 Lions Club Club Club Club Seminarclub是什么酒 in Dongguan Kaijing Hotel. At the seminar, lively and interestiseminar什么意思中文ng outreach activitiheldbackes enhaleadershipnced lion friends' friendship, wonderful speeches deefuture4200pened participants' understanding of 2018-2019 work plan, carefully planned case group discu深证指数ssion helped eacleadership英文解释h committee, each divisiseminaryon and service team to clarify theirfuture responsibiliti深圳大学esfuture是什么意思 and formulate detailed annual work plan.

On the morfuturelearnnifuture bassng of 26th, lion friends arrived at the seminar site early and participated in the development activities on time. Centering on the annual theme of "New energy深圳天气, new lion generation", the lecture groleaders是什么意思英语up guided lion frlion是什么意思中文翻译iends tlions是什么意思o get to know eachheld的意思是什么 other and help each other in the ice breaking game through warm-up exercises such as healseminar什么意思中文th song, lion love handshake and lion love hug. In the "Big Waseminar教学模式ve Actiolion是什么意思中文翻译n", more than 700 leaders join深圳疫情最新动态ed into four concentric circles, unlions翻译中文der the leadership of "Wave head", raised their hands and stood up in turn, formiseminar怎么读ng a series of wavesclubmed官网预订, showing their vigorous spirit.leadership翻译 Then, all lion friends formed tlions的音标wo washenzhenlls, accompanied by the Theme song of the World Cup, began the exciting kicking game, lion friends in a pass to enhance theld怎么读的he lion friendship, passing the new lion generation of new kinetic energy.

In the afternooseminar的意思n, the semclubinar began. Weng Hua, president of the Conference and first Vice President designate, extended a warm welcome to the leaders attending the conference. He was moved by their enthusiasm for learning, and thseminar英文解释anked the leaders for their dedication to the preparation of the semileadershipnar, as well as the sponsors. He said theclubs two-day trleadership英文解释aining provided a platform for lion friends to share communication and resources. He hoped thatleadership everyone wouldheld怎么读的 chleadershiperish the training opportuniheldbackty and cooperate closely withleaders翻译 the lecturers to complete the learning tasks in evseminar翻译ery link. Serious study, in the study of interaction, communication, common progress; Discuss and think about the problefuture是什么意思ms of the service team closely, explore solutions to the problems, and share the tra深圳疫情ininclubmed官网预订g results wleadership是什么意思ith more l深证指数ions club members, and cheefuture糖果r for thuphelde wonderful New Year of lions Club.

Disabled persons' federation party secretary of shenzhen, shenzhen lions established for 16 years, the director hou her profound analysis revealed the social organ深圳市最新疫情ization of the inevitable contradictioseminary是什么意思ns and problems, put forward from the pofuture4200int of volun深圳大学teer organization or social olions的音标rganization volunteers lionslions characteristics, according to the requirements of domestic disabled persons' federation and domestic lion federation the深证指数 recseminar什么意思中文tification work earnestly, Ufuturehendrixnswervingly follow theld的中文意思he rheldoad of lions club development with domestic characteristics. Slions翻译he put forward several suggestions on the transformation and development of Shenzhen Lions Club. First, Shenzhen Lions Club should strengthen its political awareness and give full play to the roseminar什么意思中文le of深圳疫情最新消息 party members as vanguardlions怎么读 models and ideological leaders. Second, perfect the system and mecheld的中文意思hanism to create a brand of Shenzhen Lions Club with domestic characteristics; Third, improve standardfuturelearns and promote the transformation of the development model from Shenzhen speed to Shenzhen quality; Fourth, it is open anleadershipd transparent to make Shenzhen a world-futureclass public welfare organizationhelden. She hopes that all lions club members will nevelions怎么读r forget their original intention o深圳疫情最新动态f "serving the society" and make lions Club afuture翻译n organ of love in Shenzhen.

Mr. Liaclubmedo Manxiong, vice president of lions Club of China, shared his experience as the chairman of Lions club of Guangdong. He believes that the traiclub怎么读ning is a good learning soil forheld的意思是什么 lion friends to enhance their sense of responsibility and mission. He h深圳风险等级opes that through the training, the lion friends will be clear about "who I am, what I want to do, how to do, what will happen if I do well, wha深圳疫情最新消息t will happen if I don't do well" and other issues. At the same time, he hoped that under the leadership of Ma Min, the future president of Lions Club shenzhen, all lions club members would stick to politics and stick to the development patfuture bassh of lions Club with domfuturehendrixestic characteristics. Good at learning, constantly improve the lion service abilitylions英语怎么读, to make contributiheld的原型ons to the organization construction; We will set anfuturehendrix example andclub是什么酒 talions的音标ke the lead in all our worfuture是什么意思k.

At the seminar, President-elect Ma Min introduced the work plan for the New Year. In 2018-2019, shenzhen Lions Club will foheld中文cus on the annual theme of "New Momentum, New Lion Generation", take the slogan of "New Momentum of lion Exhibition sharing the New Lion Genlions读音eration", and take t深圳大学he overall plan of "Two emphases, three s深圳地铁线路图trengths and six persistence" as the woseminary是什么意思rk plan, clean up and standardize the daheld过去式和过去分词ily operation acco深圳疫情最新消息rding to regulations. Promoting the power of culture, development and service; Adhere to the Leadership of tlions读音heleadership的中文意思 Party, adhere to domestic characteristilionsgatecs, adhere to stseminars什么意思andardized management, adhere to the membership, adhere to servileadersng the community, adhefuture bassre to poverty alleviation. She called on all lion friends to深圳大学 make concertedclub是什么酒 efforts for the constrfuture怎么读音ulionsction of the service t深圳市最新疫情eam and the steady development of Shenzhe深圳大学n Lions Club.

Lu Z深圳市最新疫情hiqiang, the second vice president designate, explained the outline of the main ashenzhenctivities ofleaders the district Council in 2018-2019 to the participants. He classified the main activities of the district council, the district Council, training, annual meetifuturelearnng, tribute and inauguration ceremony, charity evening and Huashishi Festival, etc., so that everyone had a clear understanding of the main activities of the yeaheldenr.

Xiao Xingping, executive vicfuture4200e president of Z深圳天气hongshi Public Welfare Institute, shared "Improving thelions是什么意思 Effectiveness an深圳大学d Influence of Service Projects", analyzed the stages and methods of project management, and introduced the elementleaders什么意思s of impro深圳大学ving the influeseminarnce of service proj深圳地铁线路图ects through classiclubman是什么牌子车c cases such as "Red Action". Wu Zeweilions读音, the lecturer of the lecture group, shared "Innovative Thinlions的音标king of public welfare", encouraging lion friends to innovate publfuturehendrixic welfare thinking, improve public welfare belions是什么意思nefits, and promote sust深证指数ainable development of public welfare. Wufuture Zhijian, the deputy leader of the lecturing group, explained how to balance the social welfare of lion深圳疫情s Club and the profit of Lions Club with the title of "Left Hand enterprise and Right hand Public Welfare". The lecturers' wonderful speeches won the unanimous recognition of the lion friends present.

On The 27th, the seminar was held in the way of group discussion of duty cases, whilions英语怎么读ch was divided intclubmano eight groups: team leader 1, Teamseminary是什么意思 leader 2, First vice leaclub翻译der, second vice leader, third vice leader, secretary groufuturep, finanupheldcclubman是什么牌子车e group, diseminar什么意思中文strifuture怎么读音ct council and committee group. The lecturers focused on the 2018-2019 work plan and guided the groups to analyzeclub是什么意思 and discuss from regular meeti深圳市最新疫情ngs, membership development and retention, service projectclubmed implementation, training, fundraising, etc., through well-designed caseminarses. Committees, divisions and service teams have developed clear, detailed and pragmatic annual work plans.

In the case study and work plan exhibition, zhang Lseminar的意思i, Ru Chunxu, Chen Qunhao, Cui Weiying, CAI Min, aleadershipnd Wei Xinxin, Luo Guanqi, Tang Quanhui, Chen Weihao, and Sun Chuanxiang, representatives of the district chairpersons designate, showed and shared the proposed annual work plan respectively. Lion friends responded w深圳风险等级ith warm applause to show high respect and deep recognition.

President Tian Gave a thumb深圳地铁线路图s-up to all the lion members whoseminary是什么意思 participated in the seminar and recognized their enthleadership的四种类型usiasm. Helions翻译 said that the work of thisclubs year is coming to anfuturelearn end, and he hoped that all the team members of this year's service team would stick to the last post, without stolions英语怎么读pping the steps of service深圳大学, and do a good job in financial su深圳疫情最新消息mmary and handover. He encouragedlions读音 the lion friend深圳疫情最新消息s to brilion是什么意思中文翻译ng what they had learned back to their service teams and iseminary是什么意思nspire more lion friends to be active and grow up together tlions翻译中文hrough preaching and practical applicationlions是什么意思. He hfuturehendrixoped that all lions friends would cherish the development platform of Shenzhen Lioshenzhenns Club and make joint efforts to realize the beautiful blueprint of thfuture4200e New Year.

President-elect Ma Min delivered a spleaders是什么意思英语eech, expressing warm congratulations to theheld中文 students who graduated深圳疫情最新消息 successfully. She would likeleaders to thank all the leaders who particclubman是什么牌子车ipated in the trainileaders是什么意思英语ng,leadership的中文意思 the lecturing group and the preparatory groups for their silent efforts, all the lion friends for giving her strength and encouraging her to move forward, and Presi深圳天气dent Tian Wang Xing for his efforts, which laid a good foundation for the New Year's work. She hopes that the lions friends will trust and support each other, work together to complete the work plan of the New Year, and work together to integratefuture是什么牌子 their love for Shleadership的四种类型enzhen Lions Club into public welfare undertakings, and constantly promoclub怎么读te Shenzhen Lions Club to a new level.

The seminar also arranged a fellowship dinner for lion friends. Shenzhen Lions Club lecturing Group, art troupe and lion guide group prepared wonderful programs. All lion friends singing and dancing, carnival, talent show, wonderful

Ma Min, 2018lion是什么意思-2019 President-elect, Tian Wangxing, 2017-2018 President oclubmedf Shenzhen Lions Club, More than 700 people attendhelded the meleadership是什么意思eting: Weng Hua, first Vice President elect 2018-2019club; Lu Zhiqiang, Sec深圳ond Vlions的音标ice President elect; Zengseminar的意思 Shiyang, Secretary-general efuture是什么牌子lect; Luo Jinsong, Chlions翻译中文ief Financial Officer elect;lions Guo Yongyong, Chief Picket Officer Elect peng Daojian; Zheng Guoping, Standing De深圳大学puty Secretary-general Elect Gclubmed官网预订overnors and chairmenseminar怎么读 of深圳疫情 various committfuture糖果ees and reheld的中文意思presentatives of various service teams. Liao Manxiong, vice President of Domestic Lions Association, Hou Yisha, President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Wu Xiaoming, supervisor for 2017-2018, Shi Jianyong, president for 2018-2019, Zleaders翻译hang Hongxiang, deputy Supervisor for 2018-2019, suseminars什么意思per深圳疫情visseminary是什么意思or and mentor for 2018-2019 were presefuture翻译nt at the meeting.

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