The 2018-2019 Board of Directors of Lions Club shenzhen was successfully held

The 2018-2019 Board of Directors of Lions Club shenzhen was successfully held

On May 25th, the 2018-2019 Board of Directors of Lions Club shenzhen was successfully held in Kaijing Hotel dongguan. The directors designate reviewed andwaste approved the 2018-2019 work plan, activity outline, board structure and divislions翻译中文ion of work, financial work plawash怎么读n, administrative funds and service budget oflion是什么意思中文翻译 Lions Cllionsub shenzhen.washed They liboardwalkstened to the list of advlions怎么读isor, swassuppecial assistant to the president, and specialwaste working institutions, the preparation of the tribute meeting and inauguration ceremony, and the noclubmed官网预订tification of the standing diresuccessfully patched是什么意思ctor and deputy secretary-general on the list of special working institutions and the collection of membership dues.

Ma Min, president-ewashlect oboardgamef ccPIT Xiamen, made a welcome speech. She thanked all the leaders for attclubmedending the meeting despite thboardwalkeir busy schedule, and president Tian Wangxing for leading the council members in 2017-2018 and laying a gosuccessfullyod foundation for the work of the New Year. She hoped that idirectorshipn the new Lion year, all the directors willlions的音标 workboard怎么读英语 together to lead shenzhen Lions club tunsuccessfullyo a new chapter. She alsoboardwalk wished the ulionspcoming lions Club Leadership Seminar a great success.

President Tian Said that the new board of direclub用英语怎么说ctors is vigorous asuccessfully是什么意思nd has injected new vitality and strength into shenzhen Lions Club, andboard是什么意思 he will fully support the worlions翻译中文k in the New Year. He hoped that under the leadershlions读音ip of president-elect Ma Min, all the directors would unite and ma深圳地铁线路图ke contributions to tlion是什么意思he construction of a harmonious society and open up a better future for Shenzhen Lionclubmeds Club.

Presideclub是什么意思nt-elect Ma Min explained the work punsuccessfullylan for 2018-2director是什么意思英语019. In the New Year, shenzhen Lions Club will take "New Msuccessfully patched是什么意思omentum, New Lion Generation" as the themesuccessfully造句, "Lion Show new momentum share the new Lion generatiolions读音n" as the slogan, "Two key points, three sclubmed官网预订trength, six adhere to" as the oveclubman是什么牌子车rall plan of work, cleaning up and regulating the daily operation according to regulations; Promoting the power of culture, development and service; Adherewasp to the Leadership of the Party, adhere to domestic characteristics, adhere to standardized management, adhere to the memberswassuphip, adherclub是什么酒e to serving the coboard的中文意思mmunity,board翻译 adherclub是什么酒e to poverty alleviation. She expressed her hope that thedirectors是什么意思 new era brings about a new mission. She hoped thatlions all lions club members woulclubsd work togetherdirector是什么职位 to explore and innovate the development path of lions Club with Dlion是什么意思omestic characteristicsclub怎么读, anddirector什么意思中文 let Shenzhen Lions Club become a practitioner and pboardsromoter of building a深圳天气 community with a shared fusuccessfullyture fdirector是什么软件or mankind!

Finance Minister-desi深圳地铁线路图gnate, Mr John Lo, introduced the financial plan for the New Year. In the New Year, the financial work of Shenzunsuccessfullyhen Lions Club will inherit the previous financial work expedirector属于什么职务rience, continue to improve the two funds control and account cancellation work, and standardize the financial management of the district club and service telion是什么意思am. Actively cooperate with the teaching group to carry out financial training for the service team; Strengthen division of labor and cooperation among financial staff of district council to improve work efficiency; Promote the construction and manawassupgementsuccessfully怎么读 of financial informatiwasn'ton and the comprehensive use of lion business cooperation system.

When Luo Jinsong, President-elect of Finance, mentioned the shortage of administrative funds in the New Year, Ma Min, Jing Miaojun, Luo Jinsong, Peclub怎么读ng Daojian, Chen Nianzhong, Guo Yongyong, Zheng Huoping, Zhou Ting and others took the lead in donating administrative fundsclub用英语怎么说, and many other directors confirmed that they would donate after the meeting. This spirit of dedication to shenzhen Lions club deserves our appreciation.

Leaders at the meeting held heated and full discussionsdirector什么意思中文 on membership development and retention, brand service project inheritance, administrative cost reduction, lion cooperation system operation, etc., and pooled their wisdom and sugge深圳风险等级stions for relevant work.

Zhedirector是什么意思英语ng Degang, the supervisor designateunsuccessfully, praised the work plan of the Nlionsew Year council for its high position, clear direction, acwastecurate positioning and good measures. At the same time, he notified the focus of tdirector属于什么职务he work of the Board of Supervisors in the New Year: one is to improve the work discipline, rules of procedure, supervision process of the board of supervisors system; Second, adopclub用英语怎么说t the "supervision + gdirectorshipuarantee + service" way to improve the supervisoryclubmed官网预订 mode of the board of Supervisors; Thirdsuccessfully怎么读, the party building, finance, the quality of members into the focus of supervision; Fourth, estboard翻译ablish the consuclub翻译ltation mechanism between the board of directors and the board of supervishenzhensors; Fifthly, strengthen the capacity building of the board of Supervisors by carrying out the training of supervisors' ability to perform their duties; Sixth, we will strictly carry out pre-event and in-process oversight. He said that the board of Supervisors and the Board of Directors "have no division of labor", and the board of Supervisors will con深圳天气tinue to improve the supervision system in the New Year to escort the healthy development of Sboardgamehenzhen Lions Clclubmanub.

Lin Ziyu, vice President of Lilions的音标ons Assocclubmed官网预订iation of China, spoke highly of the work arrangement of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2018-2019, and affirme深圳风险等级d that the work plan of the New Year has been inherited and innovated, whiclub是什么意思ch is refreshing in terms of slimming down specialized work organizationsuccessfully怎么读s and integrating brand service projects. She hoped that in the New Year, all sboardgamehenzhen Lions would make concerted efforts anboardd have the courage to take responsibilitwassupy, support the association in cleaning up and preparing for the 57th Southeast A深圳天气sia Annual Conference, and steadily promote the healthy development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

President-elect Ma Min made a concluding speech, expressing gratitude for the company and support of the lion Friends. She hoped that all the council members would adboard是什么意思vocate the joint election of the service teams or change thlions是什么意思e term of the service team, and respond to the call of the Joint Industry and Economy Association to promote the service team to co深圳mpletedirector是什么意思 the collection of dues. She hopes that all shenzhen Lions club medirectors翻译mbers will be awestruck, grateful and podirectorssiti深圳地铁线路图ve, take the steady developmentdirectors of Shenzhen Lionsboarding Club as the top priority, and strive tunsuccessfullyo create a shenzhen Lions Club with "Shenzhen quality".

The meeting deepened the understanding of the 2018-2019 work plan and goals of the board mshenzhenembers, helped theboardgamem further clarify their job responsibilities, and laid a good foundation for the smooth developmendirector什么意思中文t of the work in thesuccessfully翻译 New Year.

Ma Min, 2018-2019 President-elect, Tian Wangxing, 2017-2018 President of Shenzhen Lions Cluclubman是什么牌子车b, The meeting was attended by 36 directors elect from 2was018-2019, including Weng Hua, The first viceboard翻译 President elect, Lu Zhilion是什么意思qiang, the Sdirector属于什么职务econd Vice President elect, Zeng Shiyang, the Secretary-general Elecboard怎么读英语t, Luo Jinsong, The Chief Financial Officer elect,was是什么意思 Guo Yongyong, Peng Dao-jian, and Zhen深圳疫情g Guoping, the Standing Deputy Secretary-gwasn'teneral elect. Lin Ziyu, vice Psuccessfully造句resident of Domestic Lions Association, Zhenwasteg深圳大学 Degangdirectors, 2018-2019 Supervisor designate of Shenzhen Lions Club,director是什么软件 Xiao Xingping, former president designate, Zhang Hongxiang, deputy Supervisor designate, supervisor designate and mentor designate att深证指数ended the meeting. The medirector是什么意思eting was chaired by深圳市最新疫情 Zeng Shiyang.

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