Invitation letter for the second “Nanshan Cup” Charity Mountaineering Contest


Service teams, enterprises and public institutions and caring personages from all walks of life: & NBSP;      charity翻译           &second的基数词nbsp;                  
      Thank you for your continuletterboxous support to charity ansecond的基数词d pub南山铝业股票lic welfare undertakingscup是什么意思! The second “Nanshan Cup” Charity mountaineering Contsecondaryest will be held on the ainvitationsfternoon of December 5th. “Nanshan Cup” charity fund will accept donations from November 16 to December 5.
      “Cups”invitation翻译 of nanshan mountain love charity competition is by the shenzhen nanshan district and street agencinvitation的动词形式y for sh簇拼音enzhen lsecond怎么读ions central service sponsored sports and charitnanshany activities, held annually, and set up the “invitationscup南山铝业” of nanshan charity funds, fusecond怎么读nds condominium accoucup是什么意思nt both sides, throcontest的中文意思ugh sport climbing competition people from all walks of life to the society and enterprises to raise funds, It is ussecond的基数词ed for public welfare projects such as pension and rellettersief, medicalletter and e南山集团ducatiletter钢琴谱on, charity assistance and poverty asecondhandlleviation.
      Since the first “Nanshan Cup” Charity Mountaineering Competition was held on December 12, 2009, To raise the money is mainly used for investment promotion streets jurisdiction for disabled persons of fair competition and the most needy family life in the New Year sympathy, 100 people with disabilities in Hong Kong, children’s disabledcharity是爱的意思吗 children’s garden get-togethers, send warm, sympathy for low extremely needy in lianping satin embroidered town HongXing Village disabled friends, garden series of acti南山集团vities such as the second Olympic Games finvitation的动词形式or the disabled, Helping peoinvitation的音标ple iinvitation和invite的区别n dire ninvitationcode=nulleed.
      The ancients said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Today, people say, “Whencontest是什么意思 you give roses to others, you leave fragrance in your hands.” We warcontest怎么读mlyinvitation的音标 invite you to join us and contribute your love to “Nanshan Cup” charity Fund. We sincerely invsecondlyite you to participate icharity的动词n the “Nanshan Cup” Charity mountainvitation怎么读ineering Contest to be held at 14:30 on December 5th at Shekou Sea World Square. At that time, we will invite leaders from all walks of life, the general public and the media to witness your loving actioncup; We will make your ccontest是什么意思英语harity into activity naming right and donation enterprise billboard; We will accuinvitation的动词形式mulate your charitable donations and send them to those in need.
      Let this activity become our organization, our enterprise, our unit, our team love gatherinletter纯音乐g platform! No matter you are money, contribution, we will also record your love action.
  &nbsinvitation怎么读语音p;   We look forward to your participation and we look fcharity是什么意思英语orward to your response!
      Coninvitation怎么读tact person: He Liang簇拼音hai
      Contact number: 268275醋泡黑豆70&NBsp; 26864225 (facsimile)
      For more information:

  Shenzhen Nanshan District Merchants Street officecharity怎么读
  Shenzhen Lions Clucontest翻译b Central Distrisecond的基数词ct Service team
&nbsecondlysp; November 10, 2010

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                    Entletter纸张尺寸大小ry Form (Individuasecondl)

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