96 certified guide lions successfully completed their courses

96 certified guide lions successfully completed their courses

From October 19 to 20, 2018, the 2018 — 2019 Certified Lion Guide training hosted by Shenzhen Lions Club was圭的拼音 successfully held in Dongguan Jiahui Xi Yue Hotel.successfully A total of 96 current or former capcourses怎么读tains from various service teams participated in the training and successfully compltheir是宾格还是主格eted their courses.

Scourse厦大henzhen lions in 2018-2019 President long Zheng Degang Ma Min and supervisors, tcompleted翻译he last Prcourses翻译esident tian wang, first deputy chairman WengHua, former President of jin-liangcertified是什么意思 wang, long acting secretary-general Du Hengkun, picket Peng Daojian, delions是什么意思puty secretary-general Zheng Hehua, deputy secretary general, the guide of the lion Li Feng lion frietheir是什么格式nds visit training scene such as leaderguidebookship, to encourage asuccessfully怎么读nd blessing for the students. The training specially invited zhang Zhe, chairmancomplete的过去分词 of the Organization and construccompleted怎么读tion Committee of the Domestic Lion Associacomplete等于什么tion to attend thetheir是什么意思 lecture.

President Ma Min affirmed the work of the Guide Lion Group thicertified翻译s year, and at the same time describecourses是什么意思英语d the logical way ofguidebook the “golden圭的拼音 circle of thinking”, and sharedcourses中文 his experience as a guide lion; I hope you will cherish this learning opportunity, become a qualified guide lion, and make a positive contribution to thecompleted翻译 establishment of new service team and support of abnotheir和they的关系rmal service team.

Supervisor Zheng Degang, former president of Tian Xing, First vice President Of Weng Hua, former presidecertified翻译成中文nlions读音t of Wang Jinliang and chairman of Zhang Zhe gave speeches on stage respectivelycourses怎么读. They hoped that the students would conscientiously learn the sktheir的名词性物主代词怎么写ills of lion guide and guide the service team to standardize management and develop healthsuccessfullyily as an excellent lion guide.

Guide lion group dep龟的拼音uty head Qitheir是什么格式 Kelin, Ouyang Fan hosted the training, trcertifiedaining ceremony, confetheir是什么格式rence chairman, chief lecturer, class teacher Li Feng bcertified是什么牌子ell after the meeting, that is, the certification guide lion (CGL) curriculumcompleted system, and announced the formal start of the training.

During the two-day training, the Guideunsuccessfully Lion Group arranged龟的拼音 a variety of courses for the sttheirselvesudents. President Ma Min shareguided the “Lions Club with Chinese Characteristics”, Presidenlion是什么意思t Zhang Zhe taught the “Positcourse是什么意思英语翻译ioning of the Lion Glions是什么意思uide – Lion Club Cafe”, and Leader Li Feng gave lectures on “Enabling the Lion Guide” and “Rcertified翻译成中文obercourses怎么读t’s Rules of Procedure”. Wang Cheng, deputy head of the lecture “become an information expert”, “development servcourse是什么意思中文ice team cadre guidance team”, “Planning the future and achieve excellence” and “lion guide resources” and other courses, Qikelin, deputy head of the lecture “design service tealions读音m cadre training”, Zhang Jinghua, decertified是什么认证puty head of the lecture “successful lion guide role”…… The wonderful course covers excellent lion guide skills, lion guide vision,their mission, values, lion club etiquette, financial system, team creation process and norms, companionship and guidance, etc. In combination with the current situation of Shenzhen Lions Club in team creation guidance, lion service standards and localized services, lecturers optimize the coursecourse什么意思s of lions Club Certified lion guide. Through vivid cases and rich knowledge framework, studentscompleted是什么意思英语 can master the skills of lion guide throughlions interactiguidebookon, role playing, case atheirselvesnalysis and other experience methods.

At thcompleted怎么读e graduation ceremony, Mr. Weng Hua, the last president of Tian Xing and the first vice president of Tian Xing awarded the certificates of completion to the students and congratulated them on their successful glions翻译中文raduation.

Li Feng made a sumlions是什么意思mary of the training. He thanked tcourse什么意思he leaderscomplete的用法 for their attention and supcompleted怎么读port to the training, thankecertifiedd the lecturers for their wonderful sharing to empower the students, thanked the students for participating in tguidelinehe training in theguidebookir busy schedule, and jocertified翻译intly created antheir是什么格式 equal, relaxed and happy learning atmosphere. At the same time, he said that this year, the guide Lion Club was specially established to provide a learnitheir的名词性物主代词怎么写ng platform for the guide lilionsons ancertified是什么认证d promote the guide lions to grow together.      

96 studenttheir是什么意思s successfully ctheir的名词性物主代词怎么写ompleted the course, of鬼的拼音ficially starting thelions翻译ir road of lion guide. After sublionsmitting a certified lion guide assignment to Lions International, they will be certified as a certified Lion Guide and will be responsuccessfully造句sible for mentoring new and irregular service teams for the next two years until the mentees can delions是什么意思velop independlions读音ently. Wish all the students can become an excellent guide lion, guide the healthy devesuccessfully造句lopment of the service tesuccessfullyam, let Shenzhen Lionssuccessfully造句 club go further, will do better service!

[Text] Lin Wenjie

[Photo] Wang Haibin, Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfenrecertified

【 Typesetting 】 Yang & NBSP;   hcourse是什么意思中文in

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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