The fourth batch of relief materials donated by The Lions Club of Shenzhen to Henan was delivered

Read special client Shenzhen News Network on July 29 (reporter Tao Qian) flood ruthless, deep lion love. On the morning of July 29, theclubmed官网预订 fourth batch of disaster relief materials donlions怎么读ated by Shenzhen Lions Club for Henan wafourth用英语怎么说s delivered at Longhua District and Shenzhen Airport respectively. Up to now, the amount of donated materials has reached 1066,740 yuan, and the emergency procurement of Shenzhen Lion深圳疫情s Club is still contidonate的名词nuing, and there wifourth翻译ll be a fifth, sixth batch of relief materials…

It is understood th河南科技大学at thclubmed官网预订e recipients of the materials are the Erqi District Charity Federation of Zhengzhou, the Zhongyuan Dmaterials lettersistrict Charity深圳疫情 Federationrelief怎么读 of Zheng河南职业技术学院zhou and the Weichuan People’s government of Kaifeng city. From the initial convenience food, dridonate的意思nking wa河南理工大学ter, to th深圳市最新疫情e raincoat raifourthn, flashligclubmanht, quilts, disinfectant, masks, thermometerelief形容词rs and other daily supplies, to thbatch什么意思e life jackets, g深圳疫情最新消息enerator, pbatches是什么意思ump, rubber boats, interphonshenzhene, road resclionsgateue and relief goods and materials, cleaning equipment, such as shenzhen lions continuously henan flooclubmedd area based on the actual demand, timely adjustment of disaster relief matedonate的名词rials procurement category, Make the most ofourth-gradef what you donate.

Shenzhen lion head Guo Yongyong as shenzhen lions henan flood in the ematerialsmergmaterials studioency disaster rerelief翻译成中文lief servicedonate的用法s leadership tmaterials什么意思eam leader, he in an idonate的意思ntervielions的音标w with reporters said, when in the media see floods and the surrounding citie河南理工大学s of zhengzhou, at that moment, deeply affects the shefourth缩写nzhen lions every friends and a l河南科技大学ion’s heart, lions in the first time in shenzhen set up flood services leadership team shen河南zhen lions in henan, And launcrelief翻译hed the “ruthless flood, deep lion love” flclubood relief henan public welfare project. In just eight hours, 135 service teams donated money, with a total of 1,135,476 yuan. “Ilions的音标 believe that with the河南医学高等专科学校 efforts of all Chinese, the disaster will soon be over.” Guo Yongyong said.

Shenzhen Lions Club has the qualification of trelief动词形式ax-free association and tax deduction for public welfare donation, and is rated as a 5A social organization by Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. Over the past 19 yearelief怎么读rs, it has carried out a series of social public welfare charitybatchsize service activbatches是什么意思ities in medical anbatchsized health care, student assistance, poverty alleviation, disaster relieflions翻译 and reconstruction, community services and other fields. The service activities amounted to more than 9000 times. In 2020, it won the fifth Pengcheng Charity Award “Pengcheng charity 40 years salute unit”.

The fourth batch of disaster relief materialhenans donated by Shenzhen Lions Club to Henan provincclub怎么读e was reclubmanleased

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