The fourth batch of materials from Shenzhen Lions Club to support Henan has been sent out

Fast to help Henan, deep lion help. On July 29, 2021, the fourth batch of donated materials for henan disasterlions的音标 relief were delivered at Hongfu Industrial Park in Longhua District and Bao ‘an Airportfourth. By the evening of July 28, shenzhen Lions Club had collectmaterials怎么读ed 1,565,399 yuan in donations from 127 service teams. In addition, service teams such as Diwang, Yishan, Li深圳疫情最新消息angtong, Jinmilions翻译中文ng Art, Boya, Tai Lai and enterprises of Zhang Zhiyu Shi Brother donated materials worth 431,712 yuan, a totalmaterials影响因子 of 1,977,support111 yuan.


Nlions是什么意思ie Xiangmaterials什么意思dong, the second vice President of Shenz深圳天气hen Lions Club in 2021-2022, and more than 2河南职业学院被拍卖0 directors, including Xu Qiubin, Wen Yabeenzinooli, Chen Xusheng, Li Xiaofeng, Lian Chuhai, Lin Xiaoyi, Tang Xueyong, Yu Xiaoping, Chen Gang, Wu Manqiong, Fei Jun and Lv Guiqin, participated in the service activity. This activity donated 20 generators, 20 pumps, 400 automatic sprayers, 10 road cleaning equipment, 500 insulation barrels, 500 thermometers, 200 sets of sorting garbage cans, 40 sets of loudspeakers and other materials to the Charity Federation of Erqi Distsupport翻译rict of Zhengzhou. Donated 1,000 cotton blankets, 400 cases of mineral water and 94 cases of disinfectant to Weichuan Townbeenthrough歌曲, Weishisupport用法 County, Kaifeng city, 2beenthrough歌曲0 generators and 20 pumps to The Charity Federation of深圳疫情最新动态 Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, amaterials翻译nd 10 tons of refined salt to the Comprehensfourth是什么意思ive Service Center for the Disablefourth是什么意思d in Hebi city, Henan Province, and the Disabled’s Fedbatches是什么意思eration in Xbatches是什么意思inxiang City, Henan Province, respectively, with a tsupportiveotal vfourth用英语怎么说alue of RMB 476,933.



Activities as a whsupport是什么意思中文ole NieXiangDong always said thank you service with the support of enterprises, in the disaster relief services, shenzhen lionbatchno什么意思在药上s in the first plamaterials什么意思ce flood service leading group was set up in henan, launched a “flood merciless, liomaterial什么意思中文翻译ns have love” rescue of henan flooding public welfare prbatchesoject, the lion friends respo深圳天气nded positively, making donations, to mobilize all the resources of emergency, Four河南科技大学 batches of relief materials have been sbeenent to the disaster-hit arlionseas in Henan. At the slions读音ame time, The Lions Club of Shenzhen is also adjusting the purchase of disaster relief materials in accofourth造句rdance with the actual nfourth是什么意思eeds of thfourth怎么读e disaster-hit areas in Henan pro深圳天气vince, and other emergency supplies wclubmanill be deliverematerial是可数名词吗d to the disaster-hit areas.


The vice President of the eventbeen是什么意思, Chouwan Yaoli, pointed out that Shenbeenetworkzhen Lions Club actively maintained close contact with thefourth的基数词 relevant local units and departmentsbatchat蝙蝠, and learned about tlionshe urgently needed supplies in the disaster area, helped the people in the affected areaslions的音标 to resume normabatchno什么意思在药上l l深圳风险等级ife as soon as possible, and contributed more to the flood relief.

The Lions Club of Shenzhen will pay cbatch什么意思lose attention to the situation in the disaster area and pfourth的基数词rovide timely help to the areas and people in need, hoping that the aclubsffected people can tide over the difficulties as soon as possible. For the next step, Lions Club shenzhen will actively participate in the post-disaster rbatch怎么读econstruction work and make a modest cbatch什么意思ontribution to the recovery and reconstruction of the disaster area.


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[Photo] Su Zhuangbin Shen Shi News Agency wanglions翻译中文 Haibin

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