Sharing the beautiful “vision” world, making life more “eye” color — AI and ARTIFICIAL intelligence combined with ophthalmology Charity action to Send Light into baihua Community

On July 30th, sponsored by Shenzhen Love and Care Office, Yuanling Sub-district Office, Futiworldwide翻译an Dis默认网关trict, Shenzmaking翻译hen and Shenzhen Lions Club; Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital (city Second Hospital), Shenzhen Lions Club Blindness Prevention Committee, Shenzhen Lions Club Shenzhen Bay, Changyuan, Shande service team, Shenzhen Futian District Yuanling Subeyesight-district office, Nantian Community Party Committee undertook the activity “Into the community to caremakinglovers for the elderly eye disease send light public welfare action” in Baihuasharing中文谐音怎么读 community. Ophthalmology, Translational Medicine Research Institute, Geriatrics department, rhemoreoverumatology Department, ultrasound department and other medical staff came to support the activity.





This activity aims to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of domesvision怎么读tic, the response to the party’s call, condensed voworldwide翻译lunteer force, mean it do good for the populace, does the practical work, into a line position, in bayi army day approaching to thelife是什么意思 flowers of the community the veteran to express holiday greetingsvision什么意思, veterans and mworld什么意思embers give consolation money to diffivisionculties, for the community residents to carry out an eye disease, rheumatism, geriatrics And internalsharing中文谐音怎么读 medicine and other professionmaking造句al free diagnosis and health guidan李锋张雪免费读ce, and to thecolor翻译 communitycolorkey to bring advancevision怎么读d AI artificial intelligence and ophthalmology combined with diabetic retvision翻译inopathy (hereinafter referred to as “sugar nmakingloverset”) screening technology, for diabetes patients fundus disease examination.




Ophthalmology Institute of Shenzhen Second Hospital and Harbin Institute of Technology carri52sharinged out a sueyesgar mesh screening project combcoloredining AI and ophthalmology

Sugar mesh is one of the most common and serious complicatioworld什么意思ns of diabetes mellitus, with a prevalence rate of about 65% in the diabetic populatiomaking怎么读n. It is the leading blinding disease in the working age population. As a commlifespanon and multibeautifulfoot崇拜ple disease, sugar net has no obvious clinical manifestations in李菲儿 the early stage, and the blindness rate increases year by year withvisionstreetwear the prolongcolorosed course of李峰张雪四海集团 disease. Early and timely dmaking用法iagnosis and treatment can reduce the risk of blindness by 90%. Therefore, prevention and screening ocolorfulf seye怎么读ugar webs in elderly patients with diabetes is very important. However, the current grassroots hospitals are short of equipment and physician rebeautiful是什么意思sources, and the popularity rate of sugar screen screening is low. About half of diabetes patients cannot receive fundus examination when they see a doctor.


The ai-diagnostic technology of sugar mesh screening for dilsharing中文谐音怎么读ated fundus phmakingsoup中文翻译otography developed by the Ophthalmology Institutsharinge of Sheeyelidnzhen Second Hospital, Combined with Translational Medicinemoreover Research Institute and Harbin Institute of Technology, helps to provide patients with complete and avision怎么读ccurlifeate supporting services, and solves the current problems of insufficient ophthalmology doctors in China, time-consuming ma魔人布欧nual fmoreilm revision什么意思ading, strong subjectivity and hlife是什么意思igh requirements for doctors. With the continuous progress of this pro李锋张雪免费读ject, it is expected to be widlifespanely used in early screening of sugar net and risk assessment in thmore翻译e future, benefiting diabetes pati李锋张雪免费读ents all over the country.


Thecolor Ophthalmology department of Shcoloredenzhecoloros12n No.2 Hospital is a key disciplilife是什么意思ne of the hospital. It has a number of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment,vision什么意思 such as femtosecond laser refbeautifulbox官网下载ractive correction system, CENTURION Phacoemulsification instrmakingsoupument, Covision什么意思nstellsharing英语作文ation anterior and posterior segment vitrectomy machine, multi-eybeautifule compmakingloversrehensive analysis and diagnvision翻译osis system, German Roland multieyelash-focal electrophysiological system, Zeisbeautifulfoot崇拜s non-dilated fundus fluorescein angiography instrument, etc . The hospital islifespan the feyeirst hospital in Shenzhen to carry out v魔人布欧itreoretinitis surgery, phacoembeautiful翻译usharinglsificatbeautiful的副词ion of cataract surgery, and the feyebrowirst public hospital in Shenzhen to carry out excimer laser correcmore是什么意思tion of refractive errors, the technical level is in tbeautifulfoot崇拜he leading position in Shenzhen. With cataractcolor是什么意思翻译, fundus disease, ocular trauma and optometry as the focus of development.


Translatcolorosional Medicine Research Institute of Shenzhen Second Hospital

The Translational Medicine Reworld音标search Institute of Shenzhen No.2 Hospital is a mu魔人布欧nicipal tranworldslational medicine research platform, mainly responsible for the basic research of translateye怎么读ional medicine and the transformation of medical scientific abeautiful翻译neyesdmaking翻译 technologiccolor是什么意思翻译al achievements. The Institute establishes李菲儿 and developsharing怎么读的s a chain reaction innovation model of “clinical demand – scienworld翻译tific resmoreoverearch – clinical validationsharing是什么意思英语 – promotion and application”, anworldwide翻译d provides a high-end technical service platformeyes英语怎么读 for basic medical research and translational medicine research and development by integrating, integrating and optimizing scientific and technological resourcevisionpro是什么软件s, integrating superior resources and cooperating with relevant entbeautiful翻译ersharing怎么读的prises.

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