Together with shenzhen Lions Club and other caring organizations, the Municipal Office of Care for the Elderly launched activities to pay tribute to veterans and care for the elderly

Read client Shenzhen News on July 30, 2021 news & NBSP; On July 30, caring for joint lions club futian district, scarefulhenzhen neighborhood park ridge, shenzhen second people's hospital, launched "yizhen build health care warm heart" community health line of public welfare activitiestogetherbnb攻略, salute to the veterans, for the elderly, free clinic and senclub是什么意思d your readinglion是什么意思中文翻译 glasses, for veterans, difficulties of party members and a bunch of flowers to issue them bonus.


Serving the country, removing armor and protecting the people, national peace and security caotherwise虚拟语气用法nnot be separated from the strocarefreeng guard of the military, reform andshenzhen development, and the seelderly近义词lfless dedication of the retired military personnel in their newcaregiver p深圳天气osts. In Shenzhen, 100,000 ex-servicemen are serving in different positions as the "lovelicareeelderly和elderst peopcluble" of the new era, becomingcaring是什么意思英语 an intermediate force in the constrtogetherbnb游戏下载安卓uction of the special economic zone.

This year is the 100th anniversarycareful of the founding of the communist party, is also in shenzhen for 4organizations0 years after the reform and opening the first years of the new journey, veteranother手机s, whole, old people, they are in the construction of the motherland and深圳 the development of the shenzhen forest dedicated the youth and sweat, salute them, care for thecaring是什么意思m, it is a major task of the party committees at all levels, the official, also is the common responsibility of the whole society. Therefore, in the coming "bayi army day", shenzhen care for united neighborhood park ridge, lcare什么意思中文意思ions club in shenzhen, shenzhen second people's hospital and other units and loving people, inorganization是什么意思中文 the southern community residents intotogetherbnb游戏下载安卓 the community, service free clinic to send the compassion activity, does the practical work for the masses, public service of the people's action, tribute the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party in China.


"Servicemen anelderly是什么词性d Party members are all devotees of the construction of the country. They are the precious wealth of the co深圳疫情untry and the people. To care for ex-servicemen is to care for the guardians of the Republic. Thclubmed官网预订e elderly are the precious wealth of society and facare什么意思中文意思mily. If there is an old person in a family, if there is a treasure, respecelderly和elder区别ting and loving the old is also a fine tradition of our Chinese nation." City care office full-time deputy director Li Qingsong said, "the 18th Shenzhen care action will pay tributelions英语怎么读 to devotees, care for peocareful是什么意思ple around as an important content of care action, has aelderly怎么读lso continued to promote in the city to carlionsry out a variety of forms of care focarefulr devotogetherbnb游戏下载安卓tees, care for people around activities. We are looking forward to, and more public organi深圳地铁线路图zations, enterpristogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动es andclubmed citother是什么意思英文izens, love love to pay tribute to vetlion是什么意思erans like today, take care of the elderly, community service of a line, let respected veteran, to respect love become citizens icaring和careful区别n the city of civilelderly是什么意思ized practices antogetherd friends support of self-conscio深证指数usness, make every community elderly friendly community."


At the launch ceremony, the main organizer presenteelderly近义词d flowers to ex-servicemen and vlions英语怎么读eteran Party members to express festclubmanive greetings. At the same time, the Shenzhen Lions Club provided funds to ex-servicemen and party members in difficulties, and donated anti-epidemic materials such as awning深圳疫情 to nantiaelderly和old的区别n community. The Second Peoptogetherbnble's Hospital of Shenzhen city even sent the departmcare怎么读ent directors and professional medicother是什么牌子al staff of ophthalmology, rheumatology, geriatrics, neurology, ultrasound, translational Medicine research Institute and other departments to provide free diagnosis for community residents. Comotherwise虚拟语气用法munity veterans, the elderly and many ordinary residents lined up to receive healtlions是什么意思h check-ups, health consultalion是什么意思tionclubss, health guidance and other voluntary services and get free reading glasses. They all said that the party and the government, as well as charity organizations and caring people's care let them feel particularly warm.

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