Shiyou visited the poor child in Guangzhou (source: Shenzhen Evening News, Dec 22, 2014, A17 edition)

 Lion friend guangzhou to visit the operation of poor children
      &source是什么意思nbsp; Shenzhen evening深圳疫情 news (reporter Cai Zhijun) on December 18, in the afternoon, the shenzhen, small,source是什么意思 checkpoint with three lionschildren是什么意思 Lord will sersourcedvice the lion of the friends, under the guidance of President Liu Lebin and Mr James tien pei-chun, came to guangzhou nanfang hospital visit complete bone marrow transplant shenzhen pauper Hu Junxin, Hu Xuankai, and res广州地铁图线路图pectively send 50000 yuan donation for them.

      Hu Junxin, 12, underwent two bone marrow transplants in September and November. Hu Xuankai, 5, who received a bochildhoodne marrow transplant from a Felsourcelow Taiwanese in September, is recovering well.

  &nbsp深圳疫情;   As & other; Fuel Action & RDquo; One of the organinewszers, the Lions Club ofsource翻译 Shenzpoorhen, was awarded the Fuel Fund & RDQUO; Donations of 500,000 yuan, including the main association, Sweet honey Lake, mileage, small and four service teams pledged 250,000 yuan.


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