Invitation for bids: Shenzhen Lions Club Baise Street Lighting Project

Shenzhen Lions Club has donated 200 street lamps to Baise City, and now plans to invite bids for this project. The relevinvitationant matterclub是什么意思s are hereby announced aclubss follows:

I. Project Overview

1. This project is: Shenzhlions翻译en Lions Club Baise Street Lamp Project procurestreet怎么读英语单词ment project

2. Publicity period: the publicity period is 7 days from the stlighting接口art of the Internet connection. The procurement documents will be obta深圳大学ined from December 28, 2021 to January 4, 2022street怎么读. The deadline for tender documents anlions是什么意思d bid opening is 3 PM on January 7, 2021.

3. Project Contact person: Su Zhuangbin 15915444117

4. Bid opening Place: Room 1308, Building D, Huaqing Yuan, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

5. Site investigation will not be organized for this project. The construction site is Baise City,streetwill and thclubmede specific ashenzhenddress will be arranged after winning the bid.

6. The bidder shall provide the bidding documents in triplicate. The bidding documents shall be sealed witlions翻译中文h the company’s official seal or validbaise signature on the sealed pabids翻译ckage.

7. The tenderer shall深圳 not accept the paper bid documents that are overdue or not delivered to the delighting数据线signated place.

8. Bidclub是什么酒der qualificbid是什么意思啊ation exabid是一天几次什么时间mination method: examinstreet翻译ation atbid是什么意思啊 bilion是什么意思d opening.

9. Contract signing: within 20 days after the letter of acceptance is issued.

10. The biddinlighting是什么意思g documents include the following parts: commercial bid part, technical bid part and p百色市天气rice bid part

1lightingroom手机版1. Bid security is not required and joclubmanint bids are not ainvitation怎么读语音llowed.

12. If the bidder decides to bid aftebid是什么r reading the wechat official account or official websiinvitation是什么意思中文te oflionsgate Shenzhen Lions Club, he/she shaproject是什么意思ll fill in the attached “Bid Application Form”, scan it and send it to szlions_pub@163.c深圳风险等级om as the conditions for shortlisting the bid. Deadline for registration: 17:00, January 4, 2022 (Beijing time).

Ii. Project bid evastreet怎么读luation mclub用英语怎么说ethod

In line with the requirements of national street lighting, shenzhen Lions Club investment amount is the best bid.

Iii. Qualification requirements and compliance inspprojectdollection

1. The Bidder shall be an independent legal entity registered and legally operated within tstreet怎么读英语单词he terribid是什么医嘱tory of the People’s深圳市最新疫情 Republic of Chilightingservicena. The scope of business should at least include the production or sale of street lamps.

2. Subcontracting or subcontracting is not allowed for this project

Equipment bidding itemized list and technical requirements

1.&nbsinvitation的动词形式p; LED smart solar street lamp (time control required)

2.  Power: 80 w

3.  Polycrystalline silicon solar panel 80W

4.  Color temperature: 6000 k

5.  Lithium iron phosphate b白色相簿attery 3lion是什么意思中文翻译.2V/50AH

6.  Solar street lamp special controller 20A

7.  6 meters solar street lamp pole, Q235lightingroom手机版 glionsgatealvanized stebaiseel, thickness 2.0mm

8.  With 6 meters light pole floor cage

All accessories required (such as cable, baprojects怎么读ttery box, solar panel bracket,lions翻译 etc.) shall be provided.

After signing the contract: 7 days for delivery

Transportation: Freeprojection delivery to designated location

Installation: The supplier shall provide installation s百色疫情ervices

Provide warranty service according to relevant national regulations.

V. To inquire about this tender, please contact us in the following ways:

1. Tenderee information

Name: Shenzhen Lions Club

Address: Room 1308, Building D, Huaqing Garden,clubman是什么牌子车 Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District深圳疫情, Shenzhen

Contact: 0755-25688257


2. Project co深圳风险等级ntact information

Project contact: Su Zhuangbin

Telephone: 0755-bid是什么意思医学25688257



Shenzhen Lions Club

December 28, 2021


Invitation for bids: Shenzhen Lions Club Baise Street Lighting Project news 图1张Shenzhen Lions Cllions是什么意思ub to carry out the Baise street light project bidding form. Docx

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