The Lions Club of Shenzhen, Yunnan Ludian Earthquake Relief Vanguard Returned safely and triumphously — The Lions Club of Shenzhen, Yunnan Ludian Earthquake Relief Briefing (iv)

Lions Club of Shenzhen yunnan Ludian earthquake relief vanguard safe triumphant return
— — A Brief report on earthquake Relief in Ludian of Yunnan province by Lions Clubrelief用法及搭配 of Shenzhen (IV)

     relief和relieve区别   At 19:00 on August 8th, when the team of yunnan Ludian Earthquake relief pioneers of Shenzhen Lions Club entere深圳d the No.1 Silver Lake, the scene immediately rang out waclubsrm applaulions是什么意思se and cheers. The heroes of the earthquake relief vanguard fin云南ally came back safely! Linrelief给挚爱的你 Ziyu, President, Lin Tao, Firrelief翻译成中文st V云南大学研究生院ice President, Z深圳风险等级hou Ting, chief inspector, Tian Xingwang and othlions读音ervanguard使命召唤 council memberludians and representatives of li云南财经大学on friends came to w云南农业大学elcome the heroes. & have sp深圳天气ent        

    &returnednbsp;  &ldqurelief给挚爱的你o; 8.3 throughout the &; Yunnan Ludian earthquake disaster, affecting the hearts of all members云南 of thereturned怎么读 Shenzheclubn Lions Club. Threlief给挚爱的你e Li深圳ons Cluearthquake是什么意思英语b of Shenzhen immediately set uprelief翻译 the Organizing committee of Yunnan Ludian Earth深圳市最新疫情quake Relief, urging the service teams and lion friends to donate money and materials to the people in the earthquake-stricken area of Ludian, Yunnan. Meanwhile, the Lions Club ofvanguard华润万家 Shenzhen yunnan Ludian Earthquake Disasclubmed官网预订ter Relief Vanguard team was establishvanguard-sounded to organize rellions英语怎么读ief materials to be sent to the front. Shouldering the grerelief动词形式at trust of more than 3,400 lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club, this 13-member pioneer team successfully completed the task of transporting深圳风险等级 relief materials and sending the love of lion friends to the victims after深证指数 four days of tenacious and hard fighting. From 19 o ‘clock in the evening of Augreturnedust 4, the vclubaclubmed官网预订nguard team took supplies to the disaster area, to the safe return on August 8, lasted a full 96 hours. & have spent       &nrelief给挚爱的你bsp;
       Lin Ta鹭点烟汀o, the first vice president of Sh云南疫情enzhen Lions Clubearthquakes, warmly welcomed the members of yunnan Ludianclubmed Earthquake Disaster relief Pioneer team back from the earthquake disaster relief. Your great love and kindness is an inspiration toearthquake怎么读 all lion friends. & have spent       &云南白药nbsp;
       Shi Jianyong, the leader of the Pioneer team and云南大学研究生院 the second vice president of the Sh鹭点烟汀enzhen Lions Club, was deeply impressed by his exp云南民族大学erience in the disaster areearthquake可数吗a. He went to the disaster area云南白药 for the first tearthquake翻译ime in hrelief是什么意思啊is life, witnessed the disaster of the peoplearthquake可数吗e in the disaster area, the pain of losing loved ones, feclub是什么酒lt the helpclubmedlessness oludianf the victims, the mood of grief. Along the way, he discussedrelief翻译成中文 with Capvanguard使命召唤tain Peng Kun how to ens云南疫情ure everyone’s s鹭点烟汀afety and how to get supplies to the victims. Visiting the local disaster situation, the vanguard team bought a batch of urgently needed supplieslions翻译中文 on the spot and sent them to the victims. Complete delearthquakes翻译ivery of the goods, after consid鹭点烟汀ering the road badly damaged in the disaster are云南大学研究生院as, undelionsgater tumble hurt at any time, rescue work should be carearthquakes翻译ried ovanguardnewsut byvanguard是美国啥公司 the professional rescue teams and troops to rescue, and disaster area with rain again, the aftershocks of the six or s深圳天气o to the weather forecast, threatens the outbrea云南民族大学k, in order to ensure the safety of everyone penku鲁甸天气n captain decisively decided to return. The decision proved to be a good one. But when the decision to leave and very sarelief动词形式d and relrelief动词形式uctant, the heaclub是什么酒rt is still concerned with the safety of the people of深圳市最新疫情 the disaster area鹭点烟汀. & have深圳 spent &nbclubmed官网预订sp;      
       Peng Kun, tvanguardhe leader of the Lions Club, said that the Shenzhelions翻译中文n Lions Club responded quickly to the disaste鲁甸县委书记r and was the first to arrelief是什么意思啊rive in the disaster area among the 10 regions of the Lioclubman是什么牌子车ns Club in Chearthquake怎么读ina. The rescue operation, the vanguard benefited from betclub翻译te陆佃r rescue equipment, first of all to ensu鹭点烟汀re the safety of the pioneers, not to the disaster area, while successfully completing the task. In the next step, it is suggested to set up a Shenshi emergency vanguard team capavanguard怎么读ble of recruirelief给挚爱的你ting and fighting well, selectively recruit and train the team members, and conduct semi-militarvanguardization of the mission, so as to come at aearthquakes moment’s call, fight when you come, and win when you fight. Hope to further strengthen the vanguard equipment深圳地铁线路图, more effective to ensure the safety of云南农业大学 the members. & have spe云南疫情nt
       The pioneers shareturned是什么意思red their feelings about participating in the Vanguard operation. Vanguard vice captain ma day is legendary service sea captain, he salions翻译中文id to the disaster relief is anunreturned unforgetearthquake什么意思table experience, this several days in the affected areas, admire ShiJ云南白药气雾剂ianYong team leader and penkun captain’s sense of responsibility and have the courage to bear, the rear of the lions PshenzhenALS ‘attention to their safety, deeply feel the lion lion friends friendship. & have spent   &n深圳风险等级bsp;  
       The vanguard vice captain Qu Jie is the only onerelief怎么读 to participate in thyunnane action of the Shenzhen Lion emergency vanguard team members. When hvanguard是美国啥公司e received tclub是什么酒he notice that the vanguard would go to the disaster area, he packed up and set out immediately without saying anything. On the way there, the air conditioner in his SUV broke, so he drove all the way back in the heat. His co-pilot was not long enoearthquake什么意思ugh to drive for a long time. He drove more than 3,000 kilometers of the four-thousand-kilometer journey. He didn’t say much, but said modestly: I just tried my best, not a hero. & have spent        
    &nbspreturned;  Vanguard vice captain He Guoxiang is tai ‘an service team lclub是什么意思ion friearthquake翻译ends, through this action, he fe云南疫情lt the value of life. Herelief动词形式 believes that i云南大学f you want to go to the disaster area as a volunteer, you should have professional emergency rescue ability, do not rush t云南大学研究生院o the disaster area. Suggest shenzhelions读音n Lions club to set up a well-trained emergency rescue team.云南疫情 & have s鲁甸县委书记pent        
       Liang Yalions翻译n, a member of the team, is a friend of a lion brother from Ludian, Yunnan. When I heardrelief形容词 that lio鲁甸县ns would send a vang深圳疫情最新动态uard team to the disaster area, I immereturned怎么读diately asked to go together and be a guide. By taking part in this action, very moved. She saw with her own eyes h云南大学ow the Shenzhen Lions Club云南大学, as a non-governmental charity organization, participated in the rescue, visited each site, and delivered materials to the victims. She felt that thshenzhene Shenzhen Lions Club was doilionsgateng practical things. She thanked the Shenzhen Lrelief怎么读ions Club for the earthquake relief in her hometown, and said that sh云南白药气雾剂e wovanguardnewsuld pa深圳rticipate in more lions club activities in the future. & have spent        
    &nclub翻译bsp;  In recognitionclub怎么读 of the pioneer team’s contribution to the earthquake relief work, President Lyunnanin Ziyu awarded the pioneers &LDquo; Chapter President & throughout; . Fvanguard华润万家lowers and applause belong to the brave pioneers, please remember their n鹭点烟汀ames: Shi Jianyong, Penclubsg Kun, Ma T云南财经大学ianmu, Qu J深圳大学ie, He Guoxiang, Li Tracy, Liu Weiqiunreturnedang, Li Youzhu, Lin Bo, Liang Yan, Pan Heqing, Yu Chengshou, Yan Fang. & hlions是什么意思ave spent &nearthquake翻译bsshenzhenp;     &nbsp云南农业大学;
       President Lin Ziyu spoke highly of the vanguard’earthquake可数吗s outstanding performance irelief翻译n the earthquake relief front line. The Pioneers exemplified the Lions Club with their actions. Is helping otearthquake翻译成中文hers and servilions英语怎么读ng the society. The spirreturnedit of the Lions club is displayed. Contribute, contribute, be present ” The spirit of the four, is the heart of all lion friends & LDquo; The sweetest person &rdq云南农业大学uo; And made outstanding contributions to the major stage victory ofclub the earthquake relief struggle for the people in disaster areas. Pioneer team in the disaster area of the day and night, all lion freturnedriends always concerned about and worried about the safety and hclubmanealth of the pioneer team, for the team members from the good news and joyclubmed官网预订. The heroic feat of the pioneers won high praise from the local authorities and the masses. All lion friends are proud of the pioneer tvanguard使命召唤eam. & have spent        
       As of 21clubman是什么牌子车:30 on August 9, the service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club anrelief怎么读d their friends actively responded to the initiative of donating money for the earthquake-stricken area ivanguard翻译n Ludian, Yunnan Province. 91 service teams participated in the donation, with a torelief是什么意思啊tal amount of深圳天气 3.951 miearthquake什么意思llion yuan. Two batches of materials with a total value of over 1.26 milliearthquake英语怎么读on yuarelief给挚爱的你n were delivered to the disaster area. & have sp深圳风险等级enearthquake翻译成中文t        
       Tearthquakeshe Chinese nation is a strongearthquake是什么意思英语 alions翻译nd unyielding nation that has endured many harlions翻译dships. Blood is thicker than water. The common suffering gives us the common strength and faith, we believe that all thvanguard翻译e disasters will become the past, Ludian, we areclubs with you! ​club用英语怎么说


Shenzhen Lionsearthquake怎么读 Club
August 9, 2014

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