Shenzhen Lions Club love ludian love calligraphy artist generous donation deep friendship

Shenzhen Lions club love ludian love calligraphy artist generous donation deep friendship

With shenzhgenerous怎么读en as the center, lions Club shenzhen ha深圳大学s carried out more than 6,000 service activities throughout China, with an investment of 180 millionlions翻译中文 yuan.

            On August 8, the inaugural ceremony and charity gala of the Shenzhen Lions Club punch Service team was held in Shenzhen. Lions Club shenzhen begancalligraphy怎么读音发音 to continue to appear on the stage of ci鲁甸地震viclubmed官网预订l charity organizations in China, opening a new page for the development of Lions Club International, the largest charitclubmed官网预订y organization in thlovely翻译e world, at ho鲁甸县me and abroad.calligraphy怎么读 Calligraphy work “Love my Cclub是什么意思hina” donate深圳d by Dr. Zhu Peixing, hclub是什么酒onorary president of深圳天气 the Domestic Calligraphy agenerous翻译nd seal Cutting Art Relions翻译中文search Instidonation怎么读tute
            In the 12 years sinlions翻译中文ce its elion是什么意思stablishment, asclub是什么酒 of June 2014, Shenzhecalligraphy怎么读音发音n Lions Club hartist的名词as 97 service teams with more than 3,000 members. According to incomplete statisdonations是什么意思tics, with Shenzhen as the center, Lions Club shenzhen has spread its lovclub怎么读e trail acro深圳ss China, with more than 6,000 service activgenerous什么意思ities and a service fund of about 180 million YUAN. Among them, more than 1鲁甸县8,000 cases of cataract surgery were perartist怎么读formed for free, more than 65 million yuan in dodonation动词形式nations for disaster rellove is gone英文翻译ief and reconstruction, more than 9 million yuan in donagenerous什么意思tions for the diclubmansabled and orphans, and morelions读音 than 40 lion schools were donated, beclub是什么酒nefiting 40 million pedonationsople. Shenzhen Lionslove直直播app Club has been awa深圳疫情最新消息rded the official award of Shenzhen municipality for two consecutive yeacalligraphy怎么读rs. Pengcheng Charity Organization Awalove is gone英文翻译rd & RDQUO; In recognition olions读音f individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributionsgenerous to shenzhen’s charitable undertakings over the past 30 years. Pengcheng Charity Outstanding Contribution Award (Group) & RDquo; Has been widely concalligraphy翻译cerned by the whole society.
            I深圳疫情最新动态n the past 2013-2014calligraphy是什么意思翻译, the Shenlions翻译中文zhen Lions Club revolved around & LDquo; Because of the future The theme of the y深圳地铁线路图ear, insistgenerous什么意思 on & LDquo; Based in Shenzgenerous的名词hen, serving the community & RDquo; The concept of actively carrying out sichuan Ya鲁甸张正聪 ‘an earthquake post-disaster reconstruccalligraphy翻译tion, & LDquo; Red action &rdqcalligraphyuo; Lion blood donation month and other series of seclub是什么酒rvice activities.
           深证指数 At 9:00am on July 26th, Shenzhen Lishenzhenons Club and Xingning Veterans Association came to visit xingninglions怎么读 vartisticeterans in diffi深圳天气cuartisticallylties and families olions是什么意思f martyrs in Meizhou on the occasion of August 1st Army Day. And held a large art performance in Xingning city, which received atartistic&co.株式会社tention and affirmation from the society of Xingning!
    &ngenerous什么意思中文翻译bdonations是什么意思sp;       On August 8 in the evening of the charity party, southeast Alove is gone英文翻译sia, domestic pyrography artist pyrography, calligraphy, seal cutting honorary President of the calligraphy seal cuttingenerous什么意思中文翻译g art institute, Dr Zhu Peixing or her on the spot, donated his “jiangshan p鲁甸张正聪icturesqu陆佃e scene writing深圳疫情最新动态 calligraphy and pclub用英语怎么说ainting works, as well as the representative calligraphy works of” love my China “and pyrography, evoke a strong repercussion among the audiegenerousnce.
    &n鲁甸天气预报bsp;       Zhu Peixing after the meeting in an interview with the dodonation翻译mestic network reporter said: & LDquo; The Chinese nation is a strong and unyielding nation that has endured many hardships. Blood is thicker than water. The common suffering gives us the深圳疫情最新消息 common strength and belief.深圳疫情 We believe that all the disasters will eventually become the past. We hope our love can help the people of Ludian. Throughout tartistry是什么牌子he &;
            As of 21:30 on August 9,lovely什么意思 the service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club and their friends actively resdonation怎么读ponded to the initartisticallyiativeartist翻译 of donating money for the earthquake-strickegenerous反义词n area in Ludian, Yunnan Province. 91 service teams participated in the donation, with a total amlions翻译中文ount of 3.951 million yuan. Two batches of materials with a total value of over 1.26 million yuan were delivered to the disast深圳疫情er area.calligraphy是什么意思翻译

(Lead Editor: Wu Jing)


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