Shenzhen Lions Club donated to help Leizhou Yangjiatixia Primary School project completed (source: August 17, 2014 Zhanjiang News)

Shenzhen Lions Club donated to help Leizhou Yangjiatixia Primary School project completed

        &club是什么酒nbsp;     Zhanjiang News network: On thelperhe morning of Audonated怎么读gust 16, The Tixia Primary School in Yangjia Town, Leizhou city, was bustling. The Lions Club of Shenlionsgatezhen, the elitlions是什么意思e service team held aprimary school simple ceremony for the completion of the infrastructure renovation of the school. More thprimary翻译an 300 students, teachers and studentshelpful是什么意思 on summer vacation, villagers b深圳天气usy with faprimary schoolrm work and lion friends from Shenzhen witnessed the exciting moment together.

            It is understood, ti priclub翻译mary school coclubmanndiclubmantions are relatively poor, there is nhelplesso fence, football field, long built teaching building doors and Windows seriously damageddonate的名词, no library, computer room & Heschoolboysecretsllip; … The hardware infrastructurprimary是什么意思e is very poor. On a winter day last year, some 130 students from different grades were shocked tlionsgateo see them sitting in a classroom with bare Windows anhelpd mirrors, suffering from the cold wind. Afthelplesser that, the service team decided to donate 300 thousand yuan, help Ti under prima雷州rydonate的名词形式 school infrastructure renovprimary是什么意思ation project, mainly including whitewashinghelp是什么意思英文翻译 teaschooldayschschooling building walls, installing neprimary的中文意思是什么w doors and Windows, buildiprimary副词ng school walls anprimary读音d gates. After a period of docking and construction, the implementation of wall whitewashing, Windows and doors installationlions读音, wall and gdonated怎么读ate construction of the first phase of reconstruction andonate的固定短语搭配d construction of the project has been basicallyprimary和prime区别 completed.
        On the same day, the lion friends of the Diwang Service team who came from thousanhelp的用法ds of miles toprimary participate in the activity saw the tangiblschoolbage resulions的音标lts oprimary是什么意思f help,school怎么读 and shared the joy whelperith teachers, sprimarytudents and villagers. At tclub是什么意思he same time, they sashenzhenid they would continue to track and improv雷州市龙门镇疫情e the public toilets, drinking water for teachers, school roaddonate的名词形式s and other help projects. Together to tdonate的名词形式he elite service team also decided to join the rankhelp outs of help, together with the donation o雷州f help relay school construction, for Ti under the follow-up reconstruction of the primary schoohelperl project to work out, after bhelpingeneficial help action, for leizhou backwarlion是什么意思中文翻译d village education out of point force.

Li Lei State student travel joy overflclubmed官网预订ow campus

A scene of joyful activity under the hot sun

A blions翻译中文atch of study stationerydonate读音 was also presented to the students

A plaque was presented as a tokschool是什么意思en of appreciation

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