Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 Annual tribute and 2015-2016 Inaugural Ceremony


          On July 19, 2015, lions Club of Shenzhen held its 2014-2015 tribute and 2015-2016 inaugtribute词根词缀ural ceremony in Hall 5 of Convention and Exhibition Center.annual Lions clubs internainaugural address课文ppttional meeting Wen Jinhuan, Fan Zulions读音ohao, director of the international, domestic lion federation President YouHong, vtributeice President of LeiJianWei, Su Zeran,inauguraladdress课件ppt Xu Wushun, Liu Lianteng, the lion fund Zhang Guojun chairman, chief financial of深圳ficer XiaoXingPing, secretary-general liu, adtribute结尾的单词visory committee, wear wtributeith xintribute怎么读, vice President of shenzhen, chairman of the disabled persons’ federation, the domestic lion federation chief representative Zutribute怎么读YuQin in shenzhen, Shenzhen lion federation vice President ofclub the federation and dclub翻译omestic representtribute词根词缀ative in shenzhen Huang Chunbin, vice President of the federation of shenzhen Song Rui, shenzhen city civil affairs bureau,inaugural address thtribute怎么读e municipal administration of social organizations, charities and other relevant unit leaders antribute词根d guests, Hong Kong and Macao, guangdong, dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, shenyang, zhejiang, sichuan, shaanxi, Harbin, htributesainanannual翻译, yannual翻译unnan leadership lion friends, More than 1300 people, including representatives from alannualsl walks of life an深圳疫情最新消息d shenzhen Lions Club, attended the ceremony.
&lionsgatenbsp;         Mr. Shi Jianyong, the chairman otribute结尾的单词f the conference and the first vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016, rang the bell andretribute gave a welcome speech. He warmly welcomed all leaders, ginaugural address翻译中英对照uestinaugural翻译s and lions. Zhao Xiuzhong, geneinauguraladdress课件pptral coordinator of the conference anclub是什么意思d chairman oinaugural是什么意思f thattributee Annual Membersh深圳风险等级ip Management Committee (inauguralCentral District) of Shenzhen Lions Club 2015-2016, introduced the leaders and guests attending the party.


The transmission of love


      &nbsinauguralp;   Over the past year, the shenzhen lions under Lin Zclub是什么酒iyu chairmalions读音n, under the support of the friends of the lion, around thelions的音标 theme “love transfer” year, successfully finished allinauguraladdress课件ppt thelions翻译 work targets, with “sustainable developlion是什么意思中文翻译ment, happy service, standardized management, transmission lions, love” for the slogan, completes th深圳地铁线路图e membership development and retention, inheriting brand project, deepenshenzhen the community services, promote the construction of stribute怎么读yste深圳疫情最新消息m, Standardizilions翻译ng lion management, inheannual的名词riting lion culture, and promoting communication and fellowship, the company has achieved graannual翻译titening results: the annual net growth rate of memattributebership is 41.88%, the retention rate of membership is 97.18%, and the membership loss rate is oannualizednly 2.82%. A total of 1 division and 32 service teams have achieved zero loss. He has won the Lion Pride Gold Award, theinaugural address课文ppt Lion claw Award and the International Prize of Excellence in the 27th Internationaltributes Peace Poster Competition. At thclubmede same time, it has actively carried out more than 500 service activities su深证指数ch as educational assisttribute翻译ance, assistance to the disabled, medical and health care, disastetribute怎么读r relief and construction assistance, poverty allevannualiation and community servic深圳市最新疫情e, with a serviceclub是什么酒 fund of over 30 million yuan, and a per capita service fund (excluding administrative funds generated by service activities) of more than 7,000 yuan. Membannual英语怎么读ers have participated in mortribute词根e than 10,000 times of service, benefiting more than 100,000 people.

          In order to carry forward the lion spirit, lions Club Shenzhen will commeintributend t深圳he oannual翻译utstanding lion friends, service teaminaugural address课文ppts, caring enterprises and outstanding service projeinaugural翻译cts in 2014-2015. The recognition will be divided into four parts: The first part will award the awards awarded by Lions Club International in 2014-2015, including: Lin Ziyu was awarded the “Pritributesde on Lions” Gold medal aattributend the “International President award”; Awardclubed the “Service Team 100 percent Mervyn Chclubmedung Award” to the upstep Service Team; 10 members, including Liannualn Ziyu, Lin Tao and Shi Jianyong, were awarded “Outstalion是什么意思nding President’s Team award”; GMT/GLT lapel badges were awarded to Lin Ziyu, Lin Tao and Shi Jianyong. Awardannuallyed “Internatiotributenal Peace Poster Award” to Huang Yinhao, recommended by Shenzhen Lions Shekou Service Team; Zhang Hongxiang, Zhang Cheng and Zheng Anping were awarded the “Excellent District Chairman award of the fclub怎么读irst quarter”; 14 people, incllion是什么意思uding Zhang Hongxiang, Zhang Cheng and Zheng Anping, wclubmedeinaugural addressre awarded the “Third quarter Excellent District Chairman A深圳ward”;annual怎么读 Outstanding Service Team Award was awardeannual怎么读d to 19 service teamstribute词根词缀, including The Main Association, Bijia Mountain and Poai; Awarclubded xianhu, Mileage, Yit深圳疫情ian and other 8 servi深圳ce tretributeeams “year award”. In the sectributeond part, the awards for the 2014-2015 awards awarded by the Domestic Lion Association include:clubmed “Special Contributannual是什么意思ion Award” awarded to Huang Chunbin, Zheng Degan深圳风险等级g and Dai Tongxiannual怎么读n; Awarded “Pass on Love” series of communitclub用英语怎么说y theme service month activities, youth Stat深圳天气ion “Outstanding Service Project Award”; Award the outstandinannual同义词g Service Team Award to 6 service teams including the Main Club and Miltribute词根词缀eage; Awarded zhang Hongxiang, Peng Kun and other 38 peotribute是什么意思ple “outstanding memclubber award”. In the third part, awards will be given to 12 awards, such atributess “Ten years outstanding Regional Development Group Award” and “ten years Top 100 Metribute翻译mber Award”, which won the 10th annilions英语怎么读versary commendation of Domestic Lions Association. In thannual同义词e fourth part, 36 awards such as “President’s Special Contribution Award” and “President’s Companion Award” were presented forinauguraladdress课件ppt lions Club of Sheninaugural翻译zhen in 2014-2015.

15.14-15 Annual Recognition 3.JPG

      &nb深圳疫情最新动态sp;   Lin Ziyu, president of Lions Clutributeb of Shenzhen, made an emotional speech,tribute是什么意思 reviewilions英语怎么读ng the lion work activities in the pastlions读音 year, and on behalf of Lions Club of Shenzhen, expressed her deep respect to the members of the board of directors, board of Supervisors, committee and service team boclubmedatributesrd of directors of 2014-2015, as well as the lion friends who made outstandinglions读音 contributions in the se深证指数rvice activities and fundraising activities. Tolions thank them for their dedicannual怎么读ation and llionsove to shenzhen Lions Club in the past year.

4. Lin Ziyu delivers a speech. JPG

        &nbspclubman;   The lions clubs of Hong深圳天气 Kong, Macao, Guangdong, Qinannual同义词gdao, Beijing, Shenyang, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Harbin, Sichuan, Hainan, Yunnan and Shenzhen paid tribute to Ms. Lin ziyu and the members of the board of Directors, supervisory board, committee and service teannual怎么读am of the year 2014-2015.12. Lin Ziyu led the 14-15 Council members in accepting the tribute. JPG


Walking with your Dannual同义词reams


      &clubsnbsp; &nbsinaugural address翻译中英对照p; New journey, new dream. After seeing off the year 2014-annually2015, The Lio深圳天气ns Club of Shenzhen ushered in the year 2015-2016 when the peach blossoms were in full bloom.

          At the handover ceremony, Lin Ziyu, president of the year 2014-2015, solemnly handed over the sash and the badge of authority to Lin Tao, President of the year 2015-2016.annual的名词 In his inaugural address, Preinauguraladdress课件pptsidlions英语怎么读entannual同义词 of Lin Tao, first of all to ctributeare about, support the developattributement of the shenzhen lions lioclub用英语怎么说ns club inteclub是什么意思rnational, domestic lion federalionstion and thank the leadership of the relevant departments, and to the Lin Ziyu Presidentribute怎么读t’s council and successive pay homage to the formeannualizedr President, she says, the New Year, shenzhen lions determines the annual theme of “travel” and dreams, With “growth, innovatitribute翻译on, passing on” for the annual values, to “a visit to a day, a wing of a battalion, linktribute怎么读age of three” for the annual key work plan, encourage service based on community, actively create their own brand of public service projects and to give contlion是什么意思中文翻译inued sintributeupport, improve深圳风险等级 service quality, comprehensive, practical, c深圳疫情ontinue to p深圳天气romote the implementation of the annual work plan.

      &nlions英语怎么读bsp;   Later, President Lin Tao wore ribbons for the new memberclub是什么意思s of the council, and issued letters of appointment to senior advisor,lions是什么意思 special assistant of presidentinaugural address翻译中英对照 Lin Tao and commitannual英语怎么读teeclubs members. The 2014lion是什么意思中文翻译-2015 Board of Directors, Mentor, special Assistant to thetribute翻译 president and committee of Lions Clclubsub shenzhen were solemnly inaugurated.

10.. 2015-2016 Inaugural Pledge of the Council.. JPG

          Witnessed by President Lin Tao and former President Linaugural是什么意思in Ziyu, the new and old captains of 117 servicelions teams held a handover ceremony to annouattributence thlions翻译e official inauguration of the new team leaders.

          In the evening, five service teams, nainauguralmely Zhenhua, Bclubsoya, Yuecheng, Yangfan and Oneness, were established. President Lin Tao presented the flags to these five service teams and awarded the “Pioneer Gold Medal”clubman是什么牌子车 medal to the new team leaders.

 tribute是什么意思 &n深圳地铁线路图bsp;   &inaugural翻译nbsp;   In order to feel the history and inherit the tradition, this yearannual怎么读 we planned the “Big Return visittribute of public welfare Projects” activity. Representatives of Datong Service team and Central District Service team read the proposal of “Walking with dreams” on the sinaugural address课文pptpot and won thattributee pennant awarded by President Lin Tao. Later,tribute是什么意思 Chairman Lin presented the flag to the service team of Gaoxin, Longcheng and Bao ‘an, which went to Tengchong, Yunnan province to carry out the “Bright Long March”clubmed官网预订 project.

          To congratulate President Lin tao on his appointment, representatives of lions clubs presented gifts to him.
      &nclub翻译bsp;   Xie Jianwen, founding President of Lions Club of Shenzhen and chief Supervisor of 2013-2014, delivereannual同义词d a speech on behalf of Wang Jinliang, cinaugural翻译hief Supervisor of 2014-2015, and commended the memannual造句bers of board of Supervisors for their outstandin深圳市最新疫情g performance in 2014-2015, awarding liu Guoliang and Zhong Guangming “Outstanding Supervisor Awarlionsgated” and Xiao Weiguang “Outstanding Contriburetributetion Award”. Afterwards, Xie jianwen handed over the ribbon tinauguraladdress课件ppto Sun Yun, the chief supervisor深圳疫情最新消息 of 2015-2016. After the handover ceremony, Msannually. Sun yun delivered her inaugural speech. She thanked President Lin Ziyu’s team folion是什么意思r creating unlimited glory fattributeor Lions Club in 2014-2015. She congratulated President Lin Tao’s team for thclub翻译eir future ambitions and tannual同义词he successful inauguration ceremony. She said that in the Neclubmedw Year, she would strengthen communication and exchanges with lions clubs around the counttribute词根ry, lead the board of Supervisors to conscientiously perform their duties, fully support the work of the board, and escort the healthy深圳 and stable development of Shenzhen Lions Club. Laterlions翻译中文, she awarded ribbons to the new members of the board of Superclubmed官网预订visors, and led thannual英语怎么读e crowd to read thannual怎么读e letter of unannualsdertakin深圳疫情g.

        &nbtribute结尾的单词sp; On behaintributelf of the National Lions Association, You Hong, president of the National Lions Association, co深圳风险等级ngratulated Lin Ziyu’s team for their excellent achievemeshenzhennts and expressed her confi深证指数dence in Lin Tao’s team for a better future in the comininaugural address翻译g year. Lion, stribute结尾的单词he saidinaugural address翻译中英对照, shenzhen set up 13 years, under the guidance of successive President, adhering to the “our service” the spirit of loving people from all walks of life, in health, disaster relief, disaannualizedster relief, aid the student, youth education an深圳市最新疫情d community service, alions英语怎么读nd other fields has carried out a series of effective social service activities of charity, made aattributectivlions读音e effclub是什么酒orts to build a harmonious society. Especially in t深圳大学he past year, under the lea深证指数dership of President Lin Ziattributeyu, Shenzhen Lions Club has noannuallyt only done well ilions翻译n traditional service projects, but also paid more attention to the construction of brand service projects and the inheritance otribute是什么意思f lion culture. She believes that in the New Year, under the leadership of President Lin Tao, Shenzhen Lions Cretributelub will focus on the annual theme of “Walking with dreams”. Made solid progress “a visit to a day, a wing of a battalion, three linkage” such as the key work, must be the lion cclub翻译ulture inheritaninaugural address翻译中英对照ce,attribute the deepening of community service, promote the dclubman是什么牌子车evelopment ofinaugural address翻译 members, specification and carry forwarannual翻译d the spirit of the lion lion service construction aspects to mainaugural翻译ke greater progress, to enhance the group cohesion and social reputation of the lions cl深圳地铁线路图ub in shenzhinaugural address翻译中英对照en, to lay a solid foannual翻译undation, under the influence of her firmly believe, Shenzhen Lions club can pass on “love” and “walk with dreams”.   &inaugural addressnbsp;  

Speech by You Hong, president of the Association

    &n深圳疫情bsp;     Chairwoman Zu Yuqin, on behalf of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, etributesxtended her warm congratulations to Presidtribute是什么意思ent Lin Tao and the members of the board of the New Year, and paid high tribute to President Lin Ziyu and heannualsr team. I would like to pay tribute to the leaders of Lions Club shenzhen who have made outstandclubman是什么牌子车ing contributions in the past year. She said that in the past year, the Lions Club of Shenzhen, centering on深圳疫情最新消息 the theme of “passing on love”, has strengthened its lion service cclubman是什么牌子车onstruction and achieved gratis results. The number of members, the net growth rate of members, the retention rate and the membership turnover rate have set thetribute是什么意思 best record in history. Through continuous efannual同义词forts, the organization system of Shenzhen Lions Club has become more and more mature, and the mem深圳疫情最新消息bership team has become more and more stable. As the competent department, we affirm and appreciate the achievements made by Shenannual英语怎么读zhen Lions Club. She hopes that in the New Year, shenzhen lions under Lin Tao President, continue to adhere to the lion federation and the guidance ofinaugural address翻译 thannuale coannual怎么读mpetent department of the domestic, around the “inauguraladdress课件ppttravel” with the dream of the annual theme, adhere to the “based in shenzhen, community service” cclub怎么读oncept, pay atannualtention to tannual同义词he creation of service brand, to further strengthen the organization construction, tinaugural addresshe member of team constrclub翻译uction, the basic system construction, stribute是什么意思ervice ability construction, Fulfill our mistributesion, remember our greannual是什么意思at trust, and march towards a better future!

2. Zu Yuqin speaks. JPG

    &nbannual英语怎么读sp;     Wen Jinhuan, former directribute结尾的单词tor of Lions Club Internationatribute词根词缀l, said in her speech that in the past 1深圳0 years, the development of Lions clubs in China has been vigorous, and the nu深圳疫情最新动态mber of lion friends in Slions翻译中文outheast Asia, Japan, Sinaugural address课文pptouth Korea, Taiwan and other places is on the rise. In the near future, she hopes, the region will become the深圳风险等级 world’s number one member. , ‘she said at t深圳疫情he annual meeting of the 98th international at the end of June has carried on the reform to tinauguralhe international council of, the future will redulions的音标ce three international director of the United States, among them, the two places willlion是什么意思 be allocated to India and Africa, a quota allocation to southeast Asia, that means we will have more opportunity to participate in inclubmanternational excinauguralhanges, includinannual造句g the 2018 southeast Asian cinaugural address课文pptonference held in our country. Finally, she wished the national Lions Association, Shenzhen Lions Club and other lionclub用英语怎么说 friends across the country a new peak and a prosperous lion movement.

3.1. Speech by Wen Jinhuan, former International Director. JPG

          On behalf of the organizing committee, He expressed his gratitude toannual同义词 all the leaders, glions的音标uests and lion friends who came to the scene. He also expressed his gratitude to the lion friends and enterp深圳天气rises who sponsored the party. At thclub用英语怎么说e same time, he also expressed his gratitude to theclub是什么意思 members oclubsf the preparation group for their hard work and selfless dedication.


        &nbs深圳大学p; Smile with gratituannualde, solemn wiclubmedth moved. Although the party came to an end, love never stops, the dream has just begun, one pin, one ribbon, inspired深圳疫情最新消息 the lion friends walking haannuallynd in hand, lion love road to encourage, good toinauguraladdress课件ppt others plantannualed in the heart.
&nbsshenzhenp;   &深圳市最新疫情nbsp;   &深圳疫情nbsp; Since its establishment, shenzhen Lions Club has carried out a series of public welannual造句fare and charitable activities inannual的名词 the fields of medical and health care, educational assistance, poverty alleviation, disaster relief and reconstruction, and community serviceslion是什么意思.
          As of June 2015, shenzhen Lions Cinaugural address翻译lub has 1inaugural address17 service teamstribute怎么读 with 4231 members. According to incomplete statistannuallyics, in the past 13 years, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has carrieinaugural address翻译d out more than 7,000 selions怎么读rvice activititribute结尾的单词esclubs withtribute结尾的单词 220 million RMB funds. Among them: more than深圳大学 40,000 cases of free cataract surgery flions英语怎么读or poor patients, donated more than 80 million yuan for disaster relief and reconstruction,深圳风险等级 raised more than 18 million yuan for the disabled an深圳疫情d orphans, dontribute翻译ated more than 40 lion schools, the number olions是什么意思f beneclubmedficiar深圳ies reached 40 m深圳illion. Shenzhen Lions club has been awarded the “Pengchtribute翻译eng Charannuality Award” by th深圳市最新疫情e Shenzhen municipal government for twoinaugural address翻译 consecutive years, in recognition of the special zone for 30 years to make outstanding contributions to shenzhen charity and pshenzhenublic welfare individuals and organizations, won the “Pengcheng charity outstanding contribution Aclubmanward (group)”, widely concerned by the whole society.

By Cheng Zhaohua/Lin Wenjie

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