Lions Club of Shenzhen participated in the 4th shenzhen industry Association experience exchange Salon

Lions Club of Shenzhen participated in the 4th shenzhen industry Association experience exchange Salon

            Onclubmed the morning of December 26, 201深圳疫情最新动态3, the theme held by the Inter-Civic Organization Authority is & LDQUclubmedO; Sharing & bull; Gatexchange的名词her intelligence & buclubll; Win-win & throughout; The shenzhen Industry Association Experience Eclub用英语怎么说xchange Salon was held in Grand Mergra同花顺nd Oriental Ginza hotel. The topic of this issue is & LDqclubmed官网预订uo; Ho褪黑素w to Hold a Good Annual Meeting & RDquo; .industry Ling Choexperience翻译ng, director of Shenzhen Civil Organization Admi深圳疫情最新消息nistration Bureau,industry Sun Jingming, Depclubmanuty Director of Shenzlion是什么意思中文翻译hen Civil Organization Administration Bureindustry可数吗au, Yi Yukun, Director of management Service Department and more than 80 municipal industry associations partthinicipated in the sthalon.
&nbindustry的复数sp;        participate的名词形式; &n退婚后大佬她又美又飒bsp; The meeting was chaired by Sun Jingming, deputy director深圳地铁线路图 general of the Inter-citizen Organization Administration bureau. At the meeting, fan Yu, secret深证指数ary general of S退婚后大佬她又美又飒henzhen Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises, Zhang Xiaowei, Seassociation可数吗cretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club, Ding Weibin, secretary genclub是什么意思eral of Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce successively. How to Hold a Good Annual Meexchange服务器怎么填eting & RDquo; Invited to deliver a keynote speech and sharexchange邮箱e the experience of each association.experience钢琴谱 Shenzhen, sh深圳疫情最新消息enzhen lion secretary-general Zhang Xiaowei to introduce participants to the lions and the condition of the main business activities, and with just thlion是什么意思中文翻译e end of the charity party in the New Year as a case to do the sharing, she says the success of a meeting dependlions翻译中文s on the participation of members and execution, lions sclub怎么读overeigns culture spirit with specifications, advocacy and offices. At the sameindustry什么意思中文 time, glionsive full play to the initiative of voluntary self-discipline and autonomy of members, enhexperienced的意思ance tassociation用法及搭配he sense of identity and belonging to thexperience纯音乐e organization in the process of par退婚后大佬她又美又飒ticipation; Only by enhancing the transpexchange服务器怎么填arency of financial fundraisinlion是什么意思g and strictly implementing tassociation怎么读he balance sheet financial system can people feel secure in raising funds. In terms of maexchange翻译nagement framework, lions club also prexchange造句ovides a replicable execution mode for each evenexchangedt. Party planningexchange翻译 and theassociationme determination, preparatory clions是什么意思ommittee building and implementation are ve深圳市最新疫情ry important.
            At the meeting, the pa通货膨胀下什么最保值rticipants discussed iexperience的形容词n groups. What are the kassociation造句eys to a successful anclubsnual meeting? , & other How to Innovate the form and conteexchange造句nt of annual Meeting & RDquo; Theyexperienced怎么读 discussed and spoke. Shenzhen special zone newspaper brand director Wang Jianfeng mlions读音ade guest comments on everyone's speech.
        &nbassociation英语sp;   Shenzhen folk org深圳疫情最新动态anization admlionsiniexperience钢琴谱stration LingChong in summary stalion是什么意思中文翻译tement and thank you for your attlions翻译中文ending the meeting coming on the manage idea of the nexexperiencest step of work, mainllions翻译中文y in the developmassociation用法及搭配ent and activation of social activities as the center, for the registration of social organizations, sucindustry形容词h as audit, the form andclub development to increase support and services, hope to provide better services for everyone, hope everyone to give桃花源记翻译 more valuable opinions.
    &nbslion是什么意思p;       By participating in thshenzhenis salon, we not only exchanglions是什么意思ed and shared practical exassociation英语perience and working skills of successfexchange的名词ul organizing of various industry associations, but also gained friendship.


By Zhanexperiencedg Li-chen & NBSP; Photo/Zhang Lichen

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