Lions Club – We are doing ordinary things (source: Shenzhen Evening News B13)

Lions & ndash; — We are doing ordinary things

           ordinary Every year, the good deeds of Shenzhen Lions Club are frequently reported in the nedoing是什么意思wspaper. Theclubs brand servinewsce projects of Shenzhen Lsourceions Club, such as Bright Line, Red Lion & MIDDOT; Handicapped station, & LDquo; Renews翻译d action ” Lion to donate blood in spring, the spring brevening怎么读eezelions英语怎么读 library, multimedia audio-visual classroom, sichuan tent ShiZi Villaclubmed官网预订ge, ya ‘an, sichuan post-dilions翻译中文saster reconstruction and so on,lions英语怎么读 whelions英语怎么读ther big or small services are each lion friends through their own strength to build bright, all the lions friends are interpreted wthings是什么意思英语ith the real feeling, modoing是什么意思ve others in every service, at the same time also touched himself. Wu Xiaoming, director of the Lions Club in Shenzhen from 2013 to 2014, said in an idoing翻译中文nterview: We are all doingthings英语怎么读 ordinary things. ”

            It is undnews可数吗erstood that Shenzhen Lions Club is a pevening和night区别ublic welfare and charitable service organizatidoing的用法on formally registered with The Shenzhen Civil Aclubmed官网预订ffairs Bureau in深圳疫情最新动态 accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations. It has tthings是什么意思he qualification of tax-exempt associations and tax-deductible public welfarlions是什么意思e donations, and is a 5A socthings是什么意思ial organization in Shenzhen. As of December 2013, shenzhen Lions Club has more than 90 service tordinary和common区别eams with more than 2700 members. According to incomplete statistics, in the past 11club是什么意思 years, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has carried out more than 6,000 servevening怎么读ice activities, with a service fsourceund of about 170 million YUAN. Among them: more than 18,000 cases of free cataract surgery for poor patients, disaster relief and reconstruction donations of more than 70 million yuasources是什么文件夹n, more thaordinary副词n 9 millionordinary是什么牌子 yuan for the disabled and orphans donations, donatioclubmedns to build mor深圳风险等级e than 40 lion schools, the benedoing的用法总结fit of 40 million people.

        &nbsevening怎么读p;   Leo love is a big family

            In everyone’s mind, Lionnews翻译s club is a noevening和nightn-governmental public welfare charity service organization, providing help to people in need. In fact, in this teaevening前面用in还是onm of more than 2000 people, lion friends are als深圳地铁线路图o a big family of mutsource命令ual help. The Lions Club was foundethings怎么读语音播放d. Lion Care Committee & RDQUO; , their primary responsibility is tothings怎么读语音播放 care for lions. Altnews可数吗hough most of the lion frieordinary是什么牌子的护肤品nds arenewsprint successful and caring people, but in fact everyone needs care, from some small things to feel the warmth of the collective, I believe thsources是什么文件夹at they will be deeply happy. If a lion friend is sick, the care committee will not only visit bueveningt also send care money; If sclubmanomeone gets married or gives birth to a baby, they will also getdoing翻译 their blessing. In addition to daily care, the care Comsource引擎mittee also visits shiyou enterprises on a regular basis, which not only deepensthings翻译 our understanding, but also enables us to share resources.

            The lion fthings什么意思中文riendly interactive
              Positive liclub用英语怎么说festyle

          &nbspdoing翻译中文; Wu Xiaoming said: “ In the life of lions club for more than ten years, I have gained a positivordinary怎么读e lifestyle. ” While doing the service, we also fordinary是什么牌子的护肤品eel the importance of good health, with a healthy body can be said to be happy, so we pay great attthings英语发音怎么说ention to the health of lion friends. Lions clubs halion是什么意思ve activities every day. Iordinary和common区别n addition to doing ser深圳疫情vice,evening是什么意思 lions clubs also organize many activities internally. Forthings英语发音怎么说 example, regulanews是可数名词吗r sports activities, including hiking twice a week, golf, football, tai chi and so on, make life veryordinary翻译 full. Lions clubs also hold competitions, such as the ldquo; Beijing-shenzhen-hong Kong Golf Invitational & RDQUO; , eevening怎么读very May & LDquo; Domestic Lions Fellowship Golf Tournament & RDquo; Lions from all ovordinary怎么读er the couevening是什么意思ntry can take pardoing是什么时态t.

&nbsnewsmth水木社区p;         &nbsp深圳地铁线路图; In addition to physical exercise, lions club is also a learning group. Lion friends often cclub翻译ommunicate with each other,things怎么读语音播放 enterprises learn from each other, hold symposiums, share experiencevening和night区别e, benefit from it, and at the same time, they also know how to be grateful and repaysourcetree怎么使用 the society. In alions读音ddition, lions club itself is also a learning深圳市最新疫情 group, and the management methods of Lions Club can be applied to enterprises. Lions Club currently has more than 2000 people, more than 90 service teams, and organizes several service activities every year. From project approvsources是什么文件夹al, investigation, analysislions and implementation, a strict management systevening翻译中文em is required. In aclubddition, each president of lions Club is not a hereditary systemdoing作状语, but through the competition mechanism, one term for a year, the annual assessment,things英语发音怎么说 who does well can be promoted, everyevening翻译one has the opportunity. Every lion who owns a busordinary和common区别iness must also gain some experience from thesourcetree怎么使用se experiences to manage thenews是可数名词吗 business.

        &nsourcebsp;   Lionthings friends thanks

    &nthings是什么意思英语bsp;         It is happier to give than to receive

            &ldordinary是什么牌子的护肤品quo; I believe that every lion clnewsprintub member will get happiness in every service that otherthings英语怎么读s can not experience. ” Wu Xiathings英语怎么读oming saithings什么意思中文d. Every time I serve you, THE first thing I feel is my own happiness. When I see those people wdoing是什么意思ith difficulties and disabilities inordinary是什么牌子的护肤品 life, I feel how hapdoing的用法总结py I am. Those complaints and dissatisfactdoing怎么读ion in life will disappear away, and I am more grateful and cherish everything I have now. Even though the recipilions翻译ents are in trouble, sick or disabled, they are still strong enough to face life. Even a smile or a look from them will deeply move the lion friends and teach us to live with calm heart and do someveningething meaningful in our ordinary life.

            In every service, the lion friends’ actions are also touching. As the boss in life, they a深圳re typical lions club members in the service. They take the initiativlionsgatee to dress the dievening和night区别sabled, carry the elderly, and do seemingly insignificant things, which are all reflected. Contribute, contribute, be present ” The & other; Outclubs & throughout; S深圳天气pirit. Let everyone become a grain of dust in na深圳市最新疫情ture, I believe that he isthingsboard happy at this time.

    &nbsevening怎么读p;club翻译      Lion friends love

          &nblions翻译中文sp; Avoid violence charity

    &nbsdoing是什么意思p;source命令       On thevening是什么意思e wayclubs of charity, in addition to the material help to others, morevening和nighte is tthingso enconewsprinturage and suppevening英语怎么读ort others spiritually, reflecting the respect for others, try to avoid & LDquo; Vthingsboardiolent Charity & RDquo; , to know more about the neclub是什么意思eds of the recipients, empathy. Wu xisource insightaoming said thsource的中文意思at when she went to Xixiang FoD not long ago, the Lordinary烟酰胺ions club not only gave them material care, but also ate with them, chattedthings怎么读 with them and too深圳地铁线路图k pictnews是可数名词吗ures with them. Everyone was very happy, and each FOD became a protagonist, and the lion friends in red lion costumes became green leaves. What disabclub怎么读led peo深圳疫情ple need is nonewspapers什么意思t food or clothes, but respect, confinewspaperdence and calmness to integrate into society. Building equality in charity is critical. Lions members are equalthings in their service, regardless of their role in life. The lion willthings英语怎么读 have a uniform service vest, simple and simple, will not let people feel unattainable, when the service needs tsourcetree怎么使用o try to squnewsletterat down and talk to each other, let everyone feel that each other are equal, with the sincere intention to infect people, help psource命令eople.

          &nbs深圳p; On the other handsource insight, charity is not osourcevernight, not overnight, to long深圳疫情最新动态, can not overdraw levening和night区别ion friends lovdoing英语怎么读e, too much time on the service and work, and ignore the famillions翻译中文y, should start from the side, fromsourced caring for family, let the family warm, wilclub是什么酒l cast every warm heart.

    &nbspthings怎么读语音播放;       The year of 2013 is coming to an end, and the year of 2014深圳大学 is coming. Wu Xiaoming, on behalf of Lions Club shenzhen, wthings英语怎么读ould like to express his gratitude to all sectors of society for their contindoing的用法总结uous care and support. I wish you all progress and happinesslions英语怎么读 in the New Year.

&nbsthings英语怎么读p;    ordinary是什么牌子的护肤品       Related links:evening前面用什么介词 Lions Club & Mdash; &mdasdoing是什么意思h; We are doing ordinary thievening前面用in还是onngs


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