The 4th “Red Lion Costume · Red Action” enters campus (source: B13 edition of Shenzhen Evening News)

The fourth & other; Red lion suit & middot; Red action ” Into the campus

      &nsource是什么意思bsp;     Shenzhen Evening News (reposource引擎rter: Wang Xiaofang, Yu Junjie, correspondent: Meng Fan) 26th, shenzhencampus Blood Center, Shenzhen Liolion的中文意思ns club co-hosted thcostume翻译e 4th ldQUO; Red lion sthoughuit & middot; Red action ” Enter Shenzhen Polytechn笔趣阁ic of Information Teenter是什么意思chnology. A tota北京天气l of 233 people donated 79,000 millicampusno1liters of blood.

            Thissourced is not thecostume中文 Shenzhen Lions Club. Red lion suit & middot; Red action ” The first time to walk into the campus. Back in December of last year at the 3rd session. Red lion suit & middot; Red action ” It will beenter是什么意思 heldenters on the Universiade Campus. During the opening ceremactionsony, Wu Xiaoming, director of Shenzhen Lireduceons Club 2013 ~ 2014 and Lu Liang, deputy director of Shenzhen Blood Center awa百度官网rded ldQUO to Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology. Love gas station ” Thelionkk signboard.

            Fourth this year & LDQUO; Red lion suit & middot; Red action ” The treduceheme is “ Every bloolion复数d don哔哩哔哩or is a hero. , a laaction的动词rge number of blood donors with practical actions to interpret this moving words. At the same time as entering tlion的中文意思he campus, Red lion suit & middot; Red action ” And into the business district. Sponsored by Pengzheng Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Cluaction的动词b and Shenzhen Bay Street Business District jcampusno1ointly with party Committee. Red actentersleepmodeion into shenzhen Bay Street business ciredmircle ” In the Nanshan District Shenzhen Bay Street business circle smoothly.

            Under the joint efforts of more than 1costume中文0 lion friends of Shenzhen Lions Club pengzheng Service Tecampus英语am andcostume volunteers organized by sh北京天气enzactiongirls女兵人hen Bay Street Business district united Party Committee, 55 people successcampus复数fully participated in blood donation within 6 housource命令rs, collectin童话故事g 19,300 milliliters of blood. During the activity, lion friends not only encouraged peoplcostume什么意思e arcampus复数ound them to donate blood, but also joined the bloodthough donation team themselvecampus的中文意思s.

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