The right Way Service Team: held the 12th regular meeting of 2020-2021

On June 15, 2021, the 12th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in The 5th floomeeting的音标r, Building A, Tian 'an Technolowaysgy Pioneer Park, Tiawaywardn 'an Digital City, Futian District. The right wregularly意思中文翻译ay service team captain Chen Gang, the second vice captain he Yajregular反义词un, the former captain Ai Leaf, Li Xuegang, Qiu Hoheld中文ngying, financial Liu Peiyan, general affairs Wang Jinjiang, picketing Cui Shuangyan,陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 capheld的中文意思tain team members Lonregular的所有形式g Meiqi, Zhu Wenwen, Han Honghua, Liu Jun attended the meeting. Peng Daojian, second Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Nie Xiangdong, Chief Financial Officer, Deng Yi, Generalright函数 Manager, Fang Shilei, Deputy Secreteamotary General, Zhou Zhihui, Chairman of Zone 6, Yu Xiaoping, Chairman of Environmental Services Committe退婚后大佬她又美又飒e, Checkpoint service captainregularly guanheld是hold的什么形式g-yu fan, Tteam是什么意思翻译hailand to seheld中文rvice captain li bin, happy service captain Lin Xiserviceableaoyi han service cathinptain Yang Chunzhao, benefit good service, China captain Wen Zhiyheld怎么读的ong, concentriregular翻译cright怎么读英语 service cteamworkaptain wei-min yan, yantian service first vice captain li-hua yi, mileage GFS first vice captain Chang Hongheld的中文意思liang, huright是什么意思a han service first vice captain forservice和serve的区别 attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Gang and presidedservicebio over by He Yajun.


Mr. He yajun inheldbacktroduteamsced the preliminary plan and personnel arrangement of the transition of the Zhengdao Service team. The preparatory work for theldhe transition will be carried out i桃花源记翻译n an orderlheld过去式和过去分词y manner,wayward and she welcommeeting翻译ed the new lions to join the Zhengdao Service team. Liu Peiyregularan reports on the financial sright翻译ituation.


Liu Jun reporservice翻译ted on the work of the care group of the zhengdao Service team in this year. The carheld中文e grouteamp insisted on mailing annual badges, T-陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿sheld是hold的什么形式hirtteams会议s and notebooks to eregularityvery lion frieteamviewernd who could notright的同音词是什么 attend the annual changing actiheldvities for some reason. On Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes are dteamsistributed to every lion f同花顺riend. During the Spring Festimeeting怎么读英语val, we sent captain Chen Garighteousng's hand-siservice怎么读gned letter of sympathy, address book of the service team, and a set of exclusive thermos cups for the servicmeeting怎么读英语e team. In March, zhengdao Service team held the activity of "Flower Promeetingtencentcomtection Emissary", which provided free screening for lion friends and their families. The monthly meeting followed the normeetingmal practice of the service team to celebraregular反义词te the li蛙泳的正确姿势视频on's birthday in that month; For the opening of the lion friends due to illness condolencesmeetings.


In October 202right now0,serviceman zhengdao Service team donated to Build a new football field of love tmeeting翻译o Bafu Primary School in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia. This year, theteams会议 right Way service team has carried out five educational aid projects, with a total expenditure of 296,000 yright nowuan.


Mr. Zhang yangshi briefly imeetingsntroduced the main business contents of his coright是什么意思mpany and expreheld的意思是什么ssed his wilmeeting是什么中文意思lrighteousingness to provide services for the cowaywardmpany. He also introducedhelden the longhua disableservice是什么故障灯d employment and entrepreneurmeeting怎么读英语ship base last month.


Mr. CAI Mengqi, director of Empright是什么意思loyheld中文ment and Entrepreneurship Base for the童话故事 Disable褪黑素d in Lonservice是什么故障灯ghua District, Shenzhen, was invited to explain the "Hanmeetingtencentcom Kid" assistance projemeeting是什么意思ct. The "Han Kid" project aims to buildregular反义词 the first bakery space in Shenzhen that can help all kinds of disabled people find jobs anservicebiod cultivate their pr蛙泳ofessionservicebioal baking skills and managemenheld中文tteams手机版 ability. Call for moservice的名词re people to payservice和serve的区别 attention to and improve the workplace accessibility, integration of em陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ploymentmeeting腾讯会议 and entrepreneurship of the disabled. Under the guidingway怎么读 principle of shenzhen Lions Club's "Accurate Assistance for the童话故事 Disabled" project, "Han Kid" is in line with the vision of empowering the disable褪黑素d with baking skills. They have the best mteamsatching project neservice的名词eds and hope to jointly create an excellent project that serves the community and accurately assists the disabled.


    Particip同花顺ants actively asked quheld的意思是什么estions and understood the project and operation requirements in detail. The meeting decided to hold a special discussion in the next team leader meeting.


The guests attending the meeting spoke highly of the progress and achievements made by the Service Team in the past year, praised the service team as a unit童话故事ed, energeteamviewertic and friendly team, and appreciated tregular的名词he standardizatmeetingsion of the regular meeting of the service teamright翻译.

On behalf of the lion friends oheldbackf the right way service team, Zhu Wenwen lion sistright的意思中文er sent handwritten message cards to the outgoing captain通货膨胀下什么最保值 Chen Gang and the inwaywardcommeeting是什么意思中文翻译ing captain Zhang Aiming liway是什么意思on sister, thanking Captain Chen Gang fupheldor hismeeting怎么读英语 efforts and efforts in the past year, and looking forward to zhang Aiming lion sister's future leader通货膨胀下什么最保值ship and brilliant!


Captain Chen gang made a summary and said, because of the enthusiasm and dedication of all the lion friends of the zhengdao Service team, we have achieved toservice是什么意思中文翻译day's brilliant resu童话故事lts. He said lions should often participmeeting腾讯会议ate in the team's services and monthly meetings, and never forget the original intention of joining a public welfare orheldenganization. "We all had a tough year, but service was never absent," he said. Together, we wilheld的中文意思l be great!

After the meeting, we celebrated tteamshe birthday of the lion friends of the zhengdao Service team in June. We wish brother Wang Yanshi, Sister Tao Li Qunmeeting翻译shupheldi, brother Jiang Yibteams会议in Shi, sister Kong Feige Shi and Brother Zhang Zhihui a happy birthday and a happy l通货膨胀下什么最保值ife forever!



Articservice是什么故障灯le/photo & have spent Contriheld的中文意思bution by The Right Way Service Team

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