Mingjia Good Product Service Team: 2018-2019 inauguration ceremony and Dongguan Senior Respect Activity was successfully held

Mingjia Good Product Service Team: 2018-2019 Inaugural Ceremony of the change of leadership

andDongguan Senior Activities held smoothly

In summer, the Lions Club of Shenzhen ushered in the annual changing season.productivity翻译

On July 20, 2018, the sun was shining brightly. Early in the morning, more than 20 lteamproion friends of The Mingjia Good prteamooduct service team, accompanied by Peng Daojian, the chief inspector of the 2018-2019 Shenzhen Lions Club, Nie Xiangdong, the chairman of the second zone, Wen Yaoli, the chairman of the fifth zone and Cao Yan, took a bus to The Town of Tieyong in Dongguan city to comfort 30 elderly lonely people in the elderly home of Tieyong town in Dongguangoodleplay商店 City. And in the seteamorvice actiserviceablevities afterceremony造句 the transition ceremoceremony和celebration的区别ny.

The 30 elderly people are more thaproduction是什么意思啊n 75 years old alone old people, including 6 old people living igoodbyen a nursing home, childless, life is comservice怎么读pletely unable to take care oservicef themselves. Lion friends will donate 1 aiproductivityr conditioner quilinauguration翻译t and 500 y明家三兄弟uan to each old man, and the service fund is 22,000 yuan. Yang Shihua, the 2018-2019 leader of the Mingjia Charity Service Team, made a wservice怎么读arm speech at the simpl明教第一任教主e donation ceremonyproduct函数, saying that he would cateam是什么意思翻译re about the lives of the elderly for a long time.

Old people tremble and vicissitudes of hands, took over this share of love; Our warm and sincere hands, passing love,team什么意思 lion friends bit by bit to pay for the elderly to prop up thproducte beautiful名将三国 blue sky.

After the event, the lion friends came to the venue for the inauguration and carriedproduct苹果红色后面 out a simple and solemn inauguration ceremony. Maservice是什么故障灯 Min, the 2018-2019 president of Shenzhen Lions Club, rushed to the scene toproductive suppoceremony同义词rt her.

Liu Ziproduction是什么意思啊fei, chairman ofceremony造句 the conference and first vice captain of the Mingjiceremony复数形式a Good Produinauguration翻译ct Service team, introducedproduct函数 the guests and gave a welcomeservice speech.

Mingjia good product service team 2017-2018 captain Yang Yanye for the annual work repceremonyort, to everyone sugoodlebmitted an excellent report card. Frmingjiaom his simpserviceablele words, we feel a sincergoodnotes软件下载e responsibility. The financiceremony翻译al report is concise and toceremony同义词 the point, showing that the service team's annual perteamo capita service funds amountedteams手机版 to 16,000 yuan. Captain Yang Yanye comceremony怎么读mended the lion friends who made outstanding contributions in 2017-2018 andinauguration thanked them for their support and dedication to pubceremony是什么意思lic welfarproduct苹果红色后面e.

New and old captain handover, Yang Yanye will symbolize responsibility and mission ribbon and mace handegood的比较级d over to Yang Shihua. The two hugged and exchanged gifts. Captain Yeung Sai-wah made his inaugural speech, saying that he would lead theserviceman lions to continue their efforts to complete the annual sceremony的音标ervice activities plaproductivity翻译n of the Service Team. The new team leader takes the stage and makes his inaugural pledge.

Ma Min, president of the Miproduct什么意思ngjia Shanpin service team sent deep expectations and blessings, hope that mingjia Shanpin all lion friends firm faith, in the roadproducts of lion love better and better!

Article/photo Contributed by Mingjia Shanpin Service Team

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