Bright Pupil Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2018-2019

Bright Pupil Service Team: held the first regular meeting of 2018-2019

On July 22, 2018, the first regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Bright Pupil Serbright的比较级vice Team for 2018-2019 was held in Guran Aloes Hall of Buji Wenbo Palace. Bright pupil service team captain Yin Qi-changeservice的名词, the firstfirst翻译 vice captain Zhou Liang, the second vice captain Tong Yan, team leader Generheld是hold的什么形式ation Jihong, secretary Hu Yingbin, financial strategy, general Affairs Liu Zhengbang, picfirstname填姓还是名ket Wu Xingming, member Liao Xiaojuan and other 10 lionmeeting是什么中文意思 friends attended thservice是什么意思中文翻译e meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yin Qigmeeting怎么读英语ai and presided over by Liu Zhengbang.

Captain Yin Qigaiheld的原型 briefed the development and retention of service members. Throuteamogh the unremitting efforts of the team lregularly意思中文翻译eader, 25 members of Tfirst翻译成中文he Brighbright照片t Pupil Service team have beebright翻译nbrightly retained as of June 30, 2018. The secretary Hu Yingbin is responsiblteamse for the collection of membership dues. Currently,service是什么故障灯 there are 7 lion friends wpupilsho have not paid the administratiregular的名词ve expenses.helden

Dai Jihong Tefirst翻译am leader put forward suggestions on the 2018-2019 work planregular什么意思 of Bright Pupil Service team. He proposed toregularization fix the time of the monthly meeting and visit lion friends enterprises; For each meeting,brightly the execbrightnessutive chairman communicates with the team leader in advance to claservicerify the meetinservice是什么故障灯g process and ceremony; In the captain’s team meeting, the captain and vice-captain will give the first announcement.

Later, participants discussed the preparations for the 2018-2019 inauguration ceremony of the Bright Puteams手机版pil Serteamsvice Team. Yin Qi change captain informed the district meeting about the change of the requirementservicemans. Tong Yan proposed to hold the inauguration ceremony at the end of August, which was mainly attenheldended by the lions and their families to enhance the cohesion of the service team. The proposervicemansal was unanimously apfirst怎么读英语provedservice怎么读 by the lion friends attendingservice the meeting

Captain Yin Qigai made a suteammmary of the meetinservice怎么读g, thanking the lion friends for their support to the regular meetiheld是hold的什么形式ng. He proposed to promote the steady development of the service team through comprehensive construction,bright的比较级 and to do a good job in caring for tserviceablehe lion friends and their families.

Arheldbackticle/Photo Conmeeting的音标tributed by The Bright Pupil Smeeting是什么意思ervice Team

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