Change of Leadership Season to Welcome Service Season

Change of Leadership Season to Welcome Service Season

Deng Pu-fang, honorary president of the Nationalservicebio Lions Association, once said tchangeshat the cause of the Lions Club is a beautiful cause. On July 1, 2018, Lions Cwelcomeback什么意思lub Shenzhen entered the first year of the new century of “Lion Show new momentum, Sharseason翻译e the new Lion generation”, and entered the 16th year of the organization’s development. It also ushered in an unprecedented period of development and faced with new oservice和serve的区别pportunities and challenges.

The annual “Lunzhuang Culture”service和serve的区别 continues the shining point of the history of lions Club, injecting innovative elements into the inheritance, and constantly movchangeing towards new glory. With the beginning of the New Year, the new team leaders will lead the lions club memberswelcome的过去式 on a new journwelcome音标ey to embrace the “service season” that best demservicemanonstrates the charm of the Lions Club.

The “changing season” f嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射ocuses on standardized management

At the beginning of each year, there is a busy transition season. In the “transition season”, the transition of service teams is more conwelcome中文翻译怎么说centrated and lasts a long time. In order to shorten the cycle of service transition, put focus on service, Ma Min chairman at the beginning of the annual plan is pointchangeedseason复数 out that the serservice是什么故障灯vic嫦娥奔月的故事e transition in the party should be held before the August 31,servicebio after September 1, barring special circservice翻译umstances, diswelcometrict council, member of the board of supervisors in principle no longer attend the service transitiseason翻译on. At the same time, it is proposed that all service teams carr嫦娥古诗y out joint reelection and change their terms in service. Thwelcome的过去式e Lions Club of Shenzhen timely isswelcomeback什么意思ued the “Notice on the Annual Changserviceablee of service Team”welcome的过去式 to give guidance to the change of service team and the ceremony; For the problems and matters needing attention in the service tewelcome的用法小结am transition, the district Office will timelchange什么意思y release warm tipswelcome怎么读 on the wechat group. Theswelcome翻译e measuservice是什么意思res have received positive response from the service teams.

In ordeleadership需要具备哪些能力r to thank the service team for its great support to the work of the disseasons攻略trict committee, President Ma Mwelcome壁纸in proposed that all the service teams who changed their terms according to the requirements would be given a beautiful prservice和serve的区别esileadership翻译dent fseason复数lag and aservice和serve的区别 card嫦娥奔月的读音 signed by the pleadership需要具备哪些能力resident. The district will give two boxchangedes of badges to the service team that changes rankleadership英文解释s alone; The district will givleadership的四种类型e exquisite gifts as gifts tserviceableo the service teams that carry out joint transition and servicseasone transitileadership的定义onleadership英语作文. Ma Min are too many when changes a sessiseason是什么意思中文翻译on on the same day, the President of overall arrseasons歌曲angement area will be exseasons英语怎么读ecutive membeservice怎么读rs and council membchangeders to attend the service transition, ensure each field service transition zone will lead lion friends to attendservice是什么意思中文翻译, partition the chairman or the chairman of the zone to give guidance to the service transition process ahead of time, it also greatly encouraged the service response area will be called for, as scheduled, specification.

Accordchangedingwelcome用法 to the statistics of the District Office, as of the date of publication, 109 service techange什么意思ams ha嫦娥五号ve completwelcome壁纸ed the transition, and the servservice和serve的区别ice teams that haveserviceman completed the transition can basically complete the transition in accordance with the requirements of the District Office in嫦娥奔月的故事 a standaservice翻译rdized, rigorous and efficient process. Among them, 43 service teawelcome的过去式msserviceable were replaced in the service, achange什么意思nd more than 1.16 mileadership的定义llion yuan of service funds were invested; Joint reelection of 14 service teams; Fifty-two service teams were replaced sepaseason怎么读rately in non-service.

“Service Season” cchangesonveys the spirit of service

Service is thservice是什么意思中文翻译e soul on whicchangeh lions club lives, deveseasons攻略lops and grows. “We serve”seasons英语怎么读 is the eternaservice翻译l theme of lions club. After the “changing of leadership season”, Shenzhchangeen Lions club usheleadership的四种类型red inservice the “service season”. This yewelcome是什么意思ar, in accordance with the arrseasons英语怎么读angement of the annual work plan, The Lionseason是什么意思中文翻译s Club of Shenzhen proposed “Persisting in servingseason怎么读 the community, persisting in poverty alleviation”, and promoting the power of culture, develoleadership是什么意思pmenseasoningt and service.

In order to iwelcome音标mprove members’ participation in service activities and per capita eleadership英文解释xpenditure of serviservice翻译ce funds, President Ma Min advocated “public welfare for everyone, public welfarewelcome的用法小结 for the common people”, and pservice的名词roposed that “annual service expenditure should not be less than 6000 yleadership英文解释uan per capita, andchange什么意思 membership donation participation rate should not be less than 95%”, which was taken as the standard of quantitative assessment of the service team. The Awards and Honors Committee will further imp嫦娥古诗rove the criteria for the evaluation of vaseason怎么读rious honors, and timely recowelcome的过去式gnize the outstanding performance of regions, districts, service teams and lions.season是什么意思中文翻译 In order to ensure the effective use of funds, the OFFICE will make public s嫦娥奔月tleadershipatistical reports on lion activities in a timely manner starting from Septemleadership翻译ber.

At the same time, Lions Club shenzhen will advocate localization, localichangeszation and community of service. On the basis of inherits the original brand projservice怎么读ects, lions Cluwelcome用法b Shenzhe嫦娥五号n will absservicemanorb some representative service projects of the service team, such as “the most beautiful Sanitation Worker” proj嫦娥四号探测器在哪发射ect, promote the diversification of service projects and service forms, aseasons攻略nd providechanges more choices for the service team.

Disaster merciless, deep lion love, recently by the impact oservice是什么故障灯f heavyleadership是什么意思 rainfall, manwelcome的过去式y places in eastern Guangseason是什么意思英语dong have different degrees of flooding,seasons英语怎么读 causing serious losses of life and property in the disastservice和serve的区别er areas. In order to help the affected people resume normal production and life as soon as possible and rebuild their homes, the Shenzhen Lions Club Emeleadership需要具备哪些能力rgency Rescue education Center immediatleadership怎么读ely launchwelcome翻译ed a donation. As of pressservice怎么读 date, a total of 123 services participateservice和serve的区别d in the donatseasons攻略ion, the total amount of donations reached more than 1.0712 million yuan, which is also a good start for lleadership的四种类型ion friends to successfullleadership怎么读y open the door of the “service season”.

Let us stride foservice是什么故障灯rward on the new journey, coagulate ouseasons什么意思r hearts and gather our streserviceablength, give full play to the power of service, and carry forward this beautiful cause嫦娥奔月!

season是什么意思中文翻译 Text 】 Shenshi News Agency zhao Annie

[Edit] Jiang Xiezhen, Shenshi News Agency; Office Ma Huijuan, Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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