Pursuing the Red Memory and feeling the revolutionary feelings -- The Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club carried out the Party history study and education practice activities

Jinggangshan in May is verdant and full of life. In order to celebrate the 100th anniversar深圳天气y of the foundifeelings是什么意思ng of the Communist Party of China and inherit the revolutionary belief, from May 13 to 16, 2021, members of the Orgredmi是什么手机anizing branch and functional Branch of the Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club went to jinggangshan Red Revolutionary Base to carry out a 4-day party history study and education and "I do practical things for the masses" pbranch翻译ractice activitbranches英语怎么读y.


On the morning of May 14, shenzhen lions party branch secretary and former Presidenfeeling是什么意思中文翻译t of tian wang xing, second deputy chairman Peng Daojian, zone 4 functionaredundantl party branch secretary, deputy secretary-general Du Peng, functiparty是什么意思onal partybranch branch organization committee an-pipursuingng zheng, the fourth section the first zone functional propaganda committee member xue-feng deng party branch, the lions club party branch in shenzhen parbranchty Ma Haixrevolutionary翻译ia party member comrade, And lions, chairman of the fibranch的复数rst zone of shenzhen Zhang Zheqin, chairman of tfeeling是什么意思中文翻译he zone 6 zhi-hui zhou, supervisors Li Zhou, iws深圳天气lt good, ty to service captain li bin and so on vareducerious service on behalf of a line oredmik40f 35 peopbranches翻译le come to mount tai to hope primary school "I does the practical work for the masses" student activities, donate bobranchoks to the school, school uniforms, computers, ceremonial drum and sporting goods and other supplies, giving grants to all students, And investedrevolutionary怎么读 to repair the school auditorium, staff canteen, service funds of 200,000 yuan.


Party line successively in the jinggangshan revolutbranchion museum, jinggaparty是我家ngshan revolutionary martyrs cemetery, thepursuing big wparty是我家下载mp3ell chemor lives, huangyangjie site, such as the red army mint revolutionarybranch history深圳大学 memorial and patriotifeelings歌曲sm edufeelings下载cation base, in-depth sparty模式tudy the revolutionrevolutionary怎么读ary martyrs whoparty怎么读英语 sacrifice and courage of heroism, deeply understand the spirit of predecessors "a single spark, Can start a prairie fire "revolutionary pride, firm faith and mission to take on a deeperredmik40 understareductionnding.



Later, withfeeling是什么意思英语 heavy heapartyrts, the party members came to the revolutionary martyrs' cemetery to lay wreaths and recall thfeeling是什么意思英语e great history and heroic stoparty是什么意思ries of the revolutionaries' hard struggle. In front of the Memorial Hall of the Revolutionary martfeeling是什么意思中文翻译yrs of Jinggangshan, Secretary Tian Xingwang led the pamemory的动词形式rty membersrevolutionary是什么意思 to review the pledge of joining the Party by rafeelings艾伦沃克ising their right hands in front of the party flag. Party members once again review the application ofrevolutionary是什么意思 the party's thought and pursuit, lfeelinggood钢琴谱ooking back at the opursuing什么意思riginal heart, further firm the party's ideals andfeelings中文 goals, strengfeeling怎么读英语then the party smemory的动词形式pirit cofeeling怎么读英语ncept, keep in mindpursuing怎么读 the purpose of the Party, in each post to give full play to the vanguard model role, do a thought, action without regret in the oath of the trfeelings教案ue communist party members.



[Text] Ma Haixbranchia

[Photo] Ma Haixia

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu Lei

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cparty复数lub Office

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