Adhere to standards and Fulfill Responsibilities — Shenzhen Lions Club 2017 — 2018 Supervisors’ Seminar was successfully held

Stick to the rules. Perform their duties

— Shenzhen Lions Club held the seminar for supervisors designate 2017-2018 successfully

On Mayclubman 13, shenzhen Lions Club held a seminar for supervisors ffulfillingor 2017-2018 ilions是什么意思n Cuigu Building, Silver Lake. The meeting discussed the diadherentvilions是什么意思sion of work of the Board of Supervisors in this year, and discussed the confide深圳ntiality commitmenfulfillst, structure setting, activity fund charging standard and other matters. Wu Xiaolions是什么意思ming, the supervisor desigstandard-setternate, said that the members of the board of Supe深圳疫情rvisors should adhe深圳市最新疫情re to the three plions怎么读rinciples of “no off-sidstandard是什么意思中文翻译e”, “no vacancy” and “gofulfilling什么意思od position”, and conscifulfilling翻译entiously perform their duties to promote the healthy development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

The meetinstandard是什么牌子g discussed and approved the division of work of the supervisory board this year. Wu Xiaoming was apstandard是什么意思翻译pointed as the chairman of the Board of Supervisors in full charge of the daily work of the Board of Supervisors, Liao Ronghui was appointed as thlion是什么意思中文翻译e deputy Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to assist the chairman in the work, Luoclubmed Junping was appointed as the chairman of the Supervi深证指数sion Committee of conference affairs and Foreign Exchanges, Zhang Li was appoilions读音nted as the chairman of the Financial Supervision Committee, Li Chaofulfilling什么意思 was appointestandard是什么牌子d aresponsibilitiess the chairman of the Elect深圳市最新疫情ionresponsibilities翻译 Sresponsibilities怎么读upervision Committee, Chen Zong wa深圳地铁线路图s appointed as the chairman of the Complaint Processing Committee. Zhang Hongxiang, Chen Qiufen, Cao Haihong, Liu Quanshi and Liao Ronghui are in charge of the service and security work from zone 1 to Zone 5 respectively. Zhang Li was appointed secretary general of the Board of Supervisors, responsible for coordination of the Board of Supervisors. The meeting discussed the confidenadherentstiality commitment, structure setting, activity fund charging standard, division of labor for attending counlions是什么意思cil meeting, and annual work plan, etc. The supervisors who attended the meeting made positive sstandardscaler函数uggestions and suggestions, and put forward manylions valuable suggeslionsgatetifulfillons for the work of the Board of Supervisors in the New Yearresponsibilities怎么读.

Mr. Tian thanked the Board of Supervisors for their support during the year. He hopeclub是什么酒d that in the New Year, thadhere/stick to翻译e members of the board of Supervisors woulfulfilled翻译d make concertadhere和stick的区别ed efforts to protect shenzhen Lions Club.

Wu Xiaoming said that the b深圳疫情最新消息oard of Supervisors should take coadherencemmunication as a brclub怎么读iadhere to是什么意思dge and listen to the opinions of lclubman是什么牌子车ion friends. Learn froadherencem the work experience of the previous boards of supervisors, actively cooperaclub怎么读te with tstandard是什么意思翻译he work of the board, andclub是什么意思 solve problems for the service team; Strictfulfill翻译ly follow the rufulfilled翻译les and regulatiofulfill翻译ns of Sclub是什么酒henzhen Lions Club to carry out the work, adhere to the standards, fulfill the responsibilities, and promote the healthy development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

The meeting was chaired by Wu Xiaoming. Nine persons, including Wu Xiaoming, Deputy Director liao Ronghui, and Zhang Hongxiang, Chen Zong, Chen Qifulfilledufen, Liu Quanshi, Zhang Li, Li Chao and Luo Junping, were presenstandardscalert at the meeting. Tianadherence Xingwang, chairadhere to是什么意思man designstandards翻译ate of Lions Clu深圳市最新疫情b of Shenzhen for 2017-2018, was present as a non-voting member.

[Text] Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Du Shaoheng

[Editor] Maresponsibilities怎么读 Huijuan Lresponsibilities翻译in Yanfulfilled翻译fen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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