Guo Keli, deputy secretary of the international Department of the official Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation and the Joint branch Committee of the Chinese Lions Association, investigated the party building work of The Lions Club in Shenzhen

On May 13, 2021, Guo Keli, deputy Secretary of the international Department of the official Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation and the Jolions英语怎么读int Braofficial的形容词nch Cofficialheimiommittee of the Chinese Lions Association, asecretary和assistant有什么区别nd his delegation investigated the worklions英语怎么读 of克丽奥佩脱拉 "two coverage" in party constrdeputy和vice的区别uction of th克林霉素磷酸酯凝胶e Party branch of The Lions Club in Shenzhen. The inveinternational英语stigation meeting was held in conference Room 902 of shenzhen Codepartmentstore怎么读音发音mprehensive Service Center f国家关于打麻将的规定or tdepartment英语he Disabled. Guo Yongyong,克里米亚 the first viclions翻译中文e President of shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021, Wu Xiaoming, former president of Shenzhen Lions Club Psecretary什么意思arty Branch discipline inspection Committee, ainternational labour day翻译nd克里米亚 Lai Zhuoni, organlions翻译中文ization committee member, Publicity committee member and secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club Party Branch attended the symposium, whichinese意思ch was prdepartment英语esiinternationalismded over by Wu Xiaoming.

Conference overview. JPG

Wu Xiaoming introduced the coversecretary中文翻译age of the party organization construction, the role of the Party organization and the plan of the next step of the party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club. He said that the Party branch of Lions Club shenzhen will be guided by the spirit of the research work instructions of lions Club shenzhen, closely centered on lions Club Shenzhen, combined with the actual work of Party buildsecretary和assistant有什么区别ing, strengthen th国家为什么禁止珠心算e construction of functional party branch, serious inner-party political life, and develdepartment storeop a positive and hea过的笔顺lthy inner-party posecretary是什么意思英语litical culture; Strengthen the education of party members; Carry out party branch volunteer activities and themed Party Day activities; In accordance with the "party lion welcome friends, social organization neeofficialwebsiteds, higherlions读音 organizationslions的音标 agreed to support", closely around the service wodepartmentstore怎么读音发音rk of lions, flexible to carrydepartment out the party's activities, promote to build new mode "party + liondeputy和vice的区别 service", has played a positivesecretary role in public welfare undertakdeputy是什么意思ings important force, give full play to the social political leading party constrlionsuction, quality policy, lions, the role克林霉素 of the servinternationalice, Fulfill your responsibilities.

Wu xm. JPG

Selion是什么意思中文翻译cretary Gsecretary-generaleneral Lai Zhuodepartment英语nisecretary是什么意思英语 reported to the Party branch of Shenzh国家反诈中心en Ldepartment翻译ions Club on the verification and statistics of the information of Lion Friends. By April 30, 2021, each service team ha克林顿d registered 159 pieces of information of Lion Friends. Secretary General Lai Zhuoni said that the Party braofficial的形容词nch of Shenzhen Lions Club will carry out party building work strictly iinternational怎么读n accordance with the specific guidance of Secretary Guo Keli at the symposium. Strengthen the manageminternational翻译ent of the party membinternational labour day翻译ers of Shenzhen Lions Club, strengthen the supervision and management of the party activities indeplions读音endently carried out by the functional party brachinese读音nch, guide and urge the service team to establ克里斯汀斯图尔特ish the party group struinternational英语cture, and further promote the party building of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Secretary general. JPG

Guosecretary什么意思翻译 Yongyong, the first vice Chairman of CCNA, said that it would strdepartment的意思ive to promote the construcchinese读音tion of a new model of "Party building + service", and encourage secretaries of functional Party brlions英语怎么读anches to guide thlion是什么意思e activities of special zones and service teams; Urge the service teams that have noofficial名词t met the conditions for the establishment of the party group to set up a joint partydepartment翻译 group;chinese读音 To carry out extensive party affairs study with克里斯汀斯图尔特in the Association. Plan to do the following work in the next year: a leader, adheinternationalre to the leadership of the Communist Party; Two, to improve the quality of publicity reports andofficial的形容词 activities; Three optimization, optimize the membersinternational是什么意思hip, service team, traindepartment怎么读ing and learning quality; Four kinds of service activities wsecretary怎么读ere maguoinly carried out, namely, locally based activities for assisting the disabled, jointly carrying out eyesight care activi可莉的恶作剧ties for the克里斯汀斯图尔特 elderly with the Municipal Disabled persons' Federation, continuing to promotdepartment缩写e the first aiddepartments knowledge training of lion friends, and doinofficial的形容词g a good job in caring for sanitation workers.

Guo Yongyong JPG.

In the seminar, Guo Keli expressed his gratitudeofficially to the Municipal Disabled Persons' F克里米亚ederation for supporting the party building work of Shenzhen Lions Club,克丽奥佩脱拉 fully affirmed the work of "two coveragdeputye" and the "1+5" model of party buildepartment怎么读ding, and highly pralions翻译中文ised the "four out" spirit oguof lionchinese new year Friends members who actively engaged in public welfare and charity. According to the actual work of the federation, Secofficial是什么意思啊retary Guo Keli put forward three suggestions: First, encourage and guide shiydepartmentstore怎么读音发音ou members to participate in volunteer actiinternational怎么读vities carried out by party organizations, participate i过的笔顺n social welfare activitiinternationally歌曲es, carry out voluntary activities by themselvesdepartment怎么读, and supervise functional Party branches to carry out service activities; 2 it is to focus on strengthening its construction, strengthen party member's education, encouraging the lion friends dosecretary什么意思 the backbone in the service of party members, sent lions friends party member to the service guide, support s克林顿ervice activities, in functional party branchdepartment organinternationalization committee member and publicity member, according to the lion be adjusting functional party branch secretary, member of arsecretary什么意思翻译chitecturofficiale, to ensure that the party organization's effecofficialheimitive coverage; Third, we supported the Activitieinternationals of the Lions Club and, in conjunction with thechinese意思 ongoing party history study and education campaign, made solid progress in stofficial的形容词udying the history ofsecretary什么意思 the Party, understanding ideas, doing practical things, and opening new offices.

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[Text] Zhang Chenxi

[Photo] Zhang Chenxi

【 Ediinternational labour day翻译t 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu Lei

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office


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