Notice | about shenzhen lions the 19th held the member representative assembly

Dear Member Representative,

The 19th Lions Club Congress will be held on May 23, 2021 at Kylin Villa,upheld Shenzhen. The me陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿eting will review the annual work report, work report of tmembers是什么意思he Board of Sumember怎么读pervisors, financial work report, annotice的固定搭配d elect members of the深圳大学 Board of Supervisors and the Board of Supervisors for 2021-2022. In order to make preparations for the 19th General Assembly, theld的原型he relevant arrangements fo深圳r this general Assembassembly软件ly are hereby notified as follows:

I. Meeting time: 8:00-18:00, May 23, 2021 (Sunday)

(Sign in aupheldt 7:15 and start arepresentatives翻译t 8:00)

Venue: Kylin Hall, 2nd Floor, VIP Building, Kylinotice过去式n Villa, Shenzhen

Please bring your ID cardmember怎么读 or valid id card with photo to verify the identity of member representative before entering.

4. Costume: Red Lion costume.

5. Dinner: The lunch break and lunch time are onllionsgatey 1 hour, the conference will arrange participants to have a buffet in the Kylin Villa restaurant, and the meal expense will be borne by the districmembershipt Association. In order to avoid waste, if there are special circumstances that can not eat innotice翻译 the venue, please reply to the regional office officer before 12:00 on May 18.

The first zone: Ke Wuyue 25688195, the second zone: Du Shaoheng 25688980, the third zonabout是介词吗e: Li Jiangping 25688576, the fourth zone: Zhang Chenxi 25689752, the fifth zone: Zhou Wenguang 25688930, the sixth zoheld怎么读的ne深证指数: Yang Xin 25688590

Group photo: After the meeting on the morning of 23rd, w深圳天气e will have a group photo at the door steps of the hotel,representative怎么读 and then have labout是介词吗unch. Therepresentative和representation district will provide each representative with a beautiful glions英语怎么读roup photoabout怎么读语音.

7. Transportation: Please navigate to the VIP building of Kynotice过去式lin Villa and park your car in the parking lot (there are plenty of parking Spaabout是什么意思ces on weekends).

The seat number is on the representative card, and the seat map is in the materials compilation. Pleaabout是什么意思se sit according to the seat number.

Ix. During theldenhe epidemic period, member representatives are requested to wear masks and do well深圳天气 in personal prothintection and disinfection. Keep the meetnotice是什么意思ing room clean, no smheld是hold的什么形式okilions读音ng, no spitting, no litter, etc. Take good care of all kinds of facilities and equipment in the crepresentative和representationonference room. After the meeting, please bring your personal belonginassemblygs and water bottle to leaveabout翻译.

The meeting is important. Please attach great impthoughortance toassemblyloadcontext it, fulfill ylions英语怎么读our duties as representativeabout翻译s and attend ahelds scheduled.

Thank you for your support for this year's work!



Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021

Lu Zhiqiang, President

District annunotice同义词al meeting commaboutittee chairman Wu Xiao桃花源记ming

May 14, 2021

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