Travel world, peace of mind —- step-up service team successfully held the regular meeting and parent-child activity in November 2013

Travel the world, peace of mind
  —- stepup service team successfully held the regularstepped meeting and parent-child activity in November 2013

            In the season of crisp autumn and sweet pomelo, upstep Service team held the November 2013 regular meeting and annual parent-child apeace&love啥意思ctivity in Pinghe County, Zhangzhou, Fujian province. Mr. Zhong Yunshi, chairman of the 2013-2014 First member Management Committeams手机版tee of Shenzhen Lions Club, attended this activity with hiteam什么意思s family.
            On Novtravelledember 29th, lion friends with friends and family more than 20 people have arrived in Xiamen, under thsuccessfully怎么读e careful arrangement of Liao Maohua lion brother, Jin Jie litravelon sister, Ding Yihao lion brother, the regularunsuccessfully meeting was held in pinghe County East Lakesteph grapefruit factory conferencepeacebird是什么牌子 room on the third floor. This meeting was atteuppernded by 14 members of tupdatehe first step Service Team (note: other members attended the sichuan Yastep文件用什么软件打开 ‘an Student assistance activity atstepn the same time). As the president of the confe民的笔顺rence, Jinjie Shi Jie presided over the meeting. The meeting voted on two resolutions of charitable activities, and reported the progress of the charitableworldtalk activities one by one. In the meeting, under the initiative of brother Chen Shaohua, the upstep service team pledged 10 Huashi awards and 15 Maowesuccessfully是什么意思n Zhongshi awards this year. Up to now, the number of members who have pledged the Mervyn Award has reached 80%!
      &nbsservice的名词p;     Under the careful arrangement ofupdate huang County magistrate of Pinghe County, lion friends visisuccessfully翻译ted the beautiful national AAAA scenic spot —-“ Three flat temple & thro民的拼音ughout; , weworldbox最新破解版 enjoyed the unique local culture of Southern Fujian;worldbox最新破解版 By observing ttravelerhe world cultural masters & LDquo; Lin Yutang Memorial Hall & RDquo; And the Qing Dynasty Qianlong “ Wu Second eye official residence ” , and hakka earth buildings built more than 200 years ago. The simpservicemanle folk customs and profound cultural heritage come to us, leaving us with a lasting impressioworldwide翻译n.
The most exciting thing forworldbox最新破解版 the ch民的笔顺ildren is to pick the yellow and heavy pomelo in the greenteampro pomelo garden and experience the joy of harvest.
&nservice和serve的区别bsp;           In the east Lake pomelo processing plant, lion friends see a fresh and full pomelo in the modern produc民调局异闻录之勉传tion line,stepn itravel是什么意思t carries the peace of the county of thousands of fruit farmers better future and hope!
    &nworldboxbsp;       Lion friends said, peace with its naturpeacemakeral, simple, itraveledndifferent, washing our restless heart,upset this peaceful mood, we will treasure well. Gteamworkoodbye peacetraveled! Happy charity walks with you and me!


Article/photo Provided by tupperhe service team


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