The Peace Poster Committee held the 2020-2021 Award Ceremony and the launching ceremony of the collection of works of the national Children and Youth World Peace Poster in Shenzhen Exhibition Area in 2021

On September 25, 2021, the prize presentation ceremony of the Peace Poster Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club and the launching ceremony of the collection of workaward的用法s of the national Children’speace&love啥意思 World Peace Poster shenzhen Exhibition Area in 2021 was held in Fenpeaceful是什么意思ggang Keqpeaceful是什么意思iao Park, Donggheldbackuan city.


Li Yu, vice presposter中文翻译ident of Dongguan Fenggang Art Association, Luo Liuzhen, direpeacector of Dongguan Fenggang Calligraphy Association, Li Miaochan, director of Keqiaoyuan Creative culture sharing space, Han Yunping, regional manager of Shenzhen National Art Grading Office, Cui Xianfeng, chairman of the peace六安城南疫情 Posteceremony翻译r Committee of The Shenzhen Lions Club, Wei Qiaozhu, Execuheldentive Chairman of the Peace Poster Committee of tlaunching翻译he Shenzhen Lions Club, Li Hui (Yu Tong), leader of the Zimeng Seheld中文rvice Team in 2021-2022, Bao Reheld的意思是什么njie, former leader of The Zimeng Service Team, Kou Ke, Lei Tao, Mo Shaojuan, Huang Zhaoyi, Huang Lin, Lai Yingni, More than 100 people, including Zhaposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文ng Yan, peace poster member of Zimeng Service Teawardedam, lion friends, guests, caring enterprises, caring personage,poster海报 award-winning teacheposterrs, students and parents, attended the evepeace&love啥意思nt. The event was presided over by Zhang Yan as the chairman of the conference, and Licheng as the executive chairman, presided over by Libiao.


Lcommittee造句i Hui (Yu Tong) captain gheld是hold的什么形式ave a speech of welcome, a warm welcome to everyone’s arrival.

Li Hui (Yutong) 2. JPG

The Executive Chairman of the Confereupheldnce, Keiko, introduced the theme and purpose of this year’s peace poster. This year, the peaaward的用法和搭配ce poster activity will focus on the theme of “Our hearts and hands are linked”, cultivate the栾城 concept of loving the harmonious life of the global village and show the children’s desire and vision fceremony是什么意思or world peace. To pawardedromote world peaceremony的名词ce poster activities, aimed at cultivating children’s creativity, establish public welfare thinking; One of the ways and directions of cultural aid is to culti六安城南疫情vate children’s global awareness, popularize the concept of peace to society and promote lion culture. She said that the peace poster uses painting techniques and popeacebird是什么牌子ster forms to encourage participants to have rich imaginatio栾城天气n and promote the improvement ofawarded painting skills. Therefore,committee翻译 children who participate in the activity will be the first to benefit fromheld this actpostern下载ivity. Then, I would like to give a brief explanation on the work planning, organizational structure, selection and award setting of peace poster works. She highly praised and affirmed the serious, responsible and efficient wo栾城rking attitude ofpeaceful是什么意思 zimeng Sceremony的名词ervice peace Postepeacebird是什么品牌衣服r Team.

Permits. JPG

President Cui Xianfeng pointed out that the peace poster is an icommittee和councilmportant service project of Lions Club, lions friends should actively promoceremony同义词te and g栾城uide children to activelyceremony participate in the peace poster activiaward的用法ty, becommittee和councilcause it can not only improve children’s art creation level, but acommittee和commissionlscommittee怎么读o cultivate children’s conaward的用法cept of global peace, which will greatly improve children’s vision乱成语 and pattecommittee中文意思rn. He pointed out that the peace posterpeace翻译 team should, as always, uphold a serious anlaunching翻译d responsible attitude, impostern下载pcommittee怎么读rove the position of the peace poster business, optimize its work methods and methods, anlaunching翻译d take winning the “Glceremony同义词obal Excposterellent Work Award” as ipeace&love啥意思ts strategic goal. At the same time, he also expressed hiceremony造句s heartfelt thanks to all the leaders who particpeaceful是什么意思ipated in the peace poster work last year.

Cui Xianfeng JPG.

On behcommittee怎么读alf of the Ppeaceecommittee是什么意思ace Poster Committee, Ms. Wei qiaozhu thanked dongguan Fenggang Propagandaaward, Eaward是什么意思英语ducation, Culture and Sports Bureau for their support, and the sponsors for their trust and dedication. She said that after years of inceremony同义词tensive effoceremony翻译rts, the Peace poster project of Shenzhen Lions Club has now ushered in a golden autumn yeceremony的音标ar and achheld过去式和过去分词ieved many successes in China and even internationally. She called on the children pceremony复数形式resent to draw beautiful peace posters with their faith, so that the whole world can know their wish for peace.

Wei Qiaozhu JPG.

In the exciting awarding session, the leawardingader of lion Friends presented the certificates of honor to the winnceremony是什么意思ing unheldits and individuals inaward怎么读 the 2020-2021 National Children’s Peace poster wheld怎么读的orks Solicitat栾城北部新城规划图ion. All the stacommittee翻译ff toheld的原型ok a photo with their certificates.

Later, under the witness of lion friends apeacebird是什么品牌衣服nd guests, the collection of works of 2021 National Childreheldbackn’s Worldheld中文 Peace Poster shenzhen Exhibition Area wacommittee是单数还是复数s officially launched.

 Put the last group photo 1.jpg

2. JPG


[Text] Lai Longsceremony造句heng

[Photo] Lai Longsheng

【 Edlaunching翻译it 】 Ma Huijuan Hu & NBSP;   grey

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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