The 2012 — 2013 term change and establishment ceremony of the Elite Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held

Shenzhen Lions Club Land King Service Team The inauguration ceremony of the elite Service Team was held iestablishmentn 2013

&nbsteamsp;     &elite翻译nbsp;   &terminalnbsp; On the evening of Julestablishment翻译y 29th, 2012, Shenzhen Lions Club Land King Service Team 2012& MDash; The inauguration cereterm翻译mony of the elite Service team in 2013 was held inelite dameisha Yacht Clelite是什么意思ub wteamviewerith beautiful scenery. More than 200 guests, friends and caring personage from shenzhen Lions club and brother service team gatheliteered together with the lion friends of Diwang and the elite Service team, witnessing the emergence of the new leadership of Diwang and the solemn establishment of the elite service team.
  &reestablishmentnbsp; &serviceablenbsp;       Zhang Zhenjiang, Chairmceremonyan of CCPIT Xiamen, commented on testablishment翻译he meeting. The work of 2012 was summarized, and secretary Huang Xuelan shi Jteamworkie reported 2011. 2012 Annual Financial report. In this year, through the joint effortsteam andtermux efforts of all lion friends, the Earth King Servielitepain鞭打俱乐部12ce team has achieved a lot of excellent results.
    &elite翻译nbsp;       At the Lions Club in Shenzhen. In the presenchange什么意思ce of Wu Xiaoming, the first deputy director of 2013, and Wanestablishment是什么意思g Jinliang, the former director, zhang Zhenjiang and 2012& MDash; 2013 Chairman Guo Xiaolin completed the handover ceremony. Chairman Guo Xieliteaolin said that he would adteamviewerhere to and carry forward as always. We serve ” The spirit of lions, with their own actions to infect people around, wilservice是什么意思l spread the chceremonyarity, let more capable, caring people to join the Lions club. The newterminology council members were also introduced.
            Elite service is led by Yestablishment翻译ang ping lion elder sister from diwang GFSservice derived, theelite inaugural ceremony in front of the first deputy director wu xm and director of tterm是什么意思he testimony of jiteams手机版n-liang wang held a solemn, unteams手机版der the leadservicemaners and guests to witness, the fceremony怎么读irst deputy director wu xm brought the oath, the newterm是什么意思 lion friends to complete the new members join ceremony, elite service was formally establceremony同义词isheceremonyd. Lceremony复数形式ater, wu Xiaoming, the first deputy director, and Wangceremony的音标 Jinliang, the former director, both spoke highly of the uniqueness and innovation of the party.

Article by Tudiwang Service Team


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